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Thread: The Early Years

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    Rachel Connor

    Rachel waved bye to Jackson as he left.

    "Right, but I don't think the professor will probably see it that way."

    Rachel said as she and Chase went off to attend the class they were now late for. She was sure the professor was going to be angry with them for being late for the first day of class. Especially since it was a medical class. Some how she didn't think he or she would like the idea of want to be doctors being late, even if doctors usually made people wait when they had appointments.
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    Emma Larkson

    It was going to be a busy day, Emma was sure of that. Her tavern was already busy and it wasn't even lunch time. It was good to have a popular place but there were some days, like today, that being slow wouldn't be a bad thing. She thanked a customer for the generous tip he had left after he enjoyed his meal. She quickly cleaned the table up to get it ready for the next round, when her cook stopped her.

    "Emma, I need to talk to you."

    "Can it wait, Jefferson? Because it's already been crazy today and the lunch rush will be starting-"

    Emma tried to be a good employer and listen to her employees. Days like this made her feel like she was a chicken running around with its head cut off. No offense, but Jefferson was picking the worst time to ask her something. Jefferson nodded his head.

    "Yes, it is."

    "Oh....All right."

    Emma said, seeing it was serious. She stopped what she was doing to give him her full attention. Jefferson asked if they could talk privately and Emma replied to come to her office. When they were alone and with the door closed, Emma asked.

    "What's on your mind?"

    "See I've been thinking about this for a while and know you've been really good to me, so this is hard for me to do. But I've been thinking hard and as nice as it is to work here, I don't want to do this for the rest of my life. There's something else I really want to do with it. So...I...I quit."

    "What?! Why?"

    Emma said in shock, whatever she expected Jefferson to tell her wasn't that. He seemed to like working here and while she understood not everyone wanting to work in the food industry all their lives, she didn't expect him to say he was quitting. Especially not on a very busy day and with hardly any notice. Jefferson continued.

    "I want to join the church, be a monk, and I can't dedicate myself to that and work here. Today I'm going to start my training. I'm sorry, Emma."

    Jefferson said as he handed her his apron and walked out of her office to gather his things and leave. She watched him leave and was dumbfounded. Jefferson had been her head cook for the last four years, what was she going to do now? She thought she was good boss, trying to work around people's schedules, let them have hours but also personal time. She'd let people leave early if their family needed them...If he wanted to quit, she wouldn't stop him, but couldn't he at least wait until his shift was over? Give her a few weeks or even a few days to find someone to replace him?


    She said finally, even though, he was long gone. A waitress popped her head in her office.

    "Emma, the orders are getting backed up and Jefferson just left."

    "...I know...I guess I'll doing the cooking today. When you get a chance, please post a help wanted sign."

    The waitress nodded her head and Emma threw the apron down on the floor in anger. Couldn't Jefferson waited to quit until after she had a new cook? She could understand him wanting to do something more with his life but you don't just quit before the lunch rush. Now she wished Rachel wasn't in classes because she was down a person and today was going to get even busier with the university having its first day back. She cursed Jefferson in her head as she headed towards the kitchen, if he ever stepped foot in the tavern again she would probably be tempted to tamper with his food and drink or possibly drop kick him in his face. Drop kicking him sounded more fun as she thought about it.
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    Jackson Bardou

    As much as Jackson hated to admit, maybe his Pack was right, he should have taken some classes. He was more interested in working with his hands, then formal studies, but he was already bored. There was only so much to do around the city. He was already bored and it would take years for Chase to become a doctor. Yeah, wandering around each day wasn't going to do, even if there were pretty girls to look at. If he did this every day he was sure people were going to think he was a creep or something else. He ended up walking around in a circle and was back at Emma's Tavern, which was busy and it wasn't even lunch. He saw the help wanted sign posted and thought to himself that could work. He liked to cook and having a job would make time pass faster while Chase was in class. He headed inside and got the attention of one of the waitresses.

    "Excuse me, I saw the sign on the door and I was going to inquire about the job."

    "You'll have to talk to Emma, she's the owner."

    The waitress pointed out Emma to him. She had to come out of the kitchen to pay for a delivery. Jackson thanked the waitress, who replied he was welcome and went back to serving her customers. Jackson walked over to Emma.

    "Hi, my name is Jackson Bardou. I'm interested in the cook job."

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    Emma Larkson

    Emma was stressed, it showed on her face, no matter how much she tried to hide it. The delivery driver told her to have a good day and she replied that she would when she went to bed tonight. She was closing the register when Jackson came up. "Please, please, be able to cook," Emma thought when Jackson told her why he was here. Maybe there was a God, maybe he sent her a new cook so she wouldn't truly go crazy.

    "Well, Jackson, as you can see I need help. My last cook just quit today on me with no notice. Of course, I hope you can cook. Obviously that would be a huge requirement for this job. Do me favor, grab one of the boxes and follow me into the kitchen."

    She asked Jackson, grabbing one box and had him grab the other. At least it wasn't food that needed put away. Just new menus that she had printed. Those could wait. She told Jackon where they could set the boxes down and told him.

    "Make me something to eat, anything you want. I'll try it and then I'll decide."

    She was starving anyway, it felt like forever since she ate herself. She gave Jackson a brief tour of the kitchen and worked on orders while he cooked. Normally she'd do an interview, check out past employers and references, right now all she cared about was if he could cook. She could handle the rest later. Besides her boyfriend was a cop. She could have Marc look into Jackson when this day from hell was over.
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    Jackson Bardou

    "I can cook. No one's died eating my cooking as far as I know."

    Jackson told Emma with a smile. Although he never cooked in a commercial kitchen before. It was obvious the woman was stressed and he tried to joke to ease the mood a little. He thought it was pretty shitty the last cook just up and quit. He wasn't used to interacting with humans but weren't they supposed to give notice or something? He easily carried the box Emma asked him to and got a little nervous seeing the kitchen. Shit...What if something was made of silver? Did humans use silver to cook with or was there other things? He had no idea and he thought it would seem really odd to ask. At least she wanted him to cook not wash dishes...He nodded his head to her.

    "Yes, ma'am."

    He told her when she said to make her something to eat. He made her a omelet and handed it to her when it was ready.

    "Well? What to do you think?"
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    Emma Larkson

    "That's good!"

    Emma said, laughing when Jackson said he hadn't killed anyone yet with his cooking. She certainly didn't want to kill her customers. When he had her omelet ready, she ate it and grinned. It was better then what Jefferson used to make.

    "Well, I think you got the job. You can start right now. We'll go over all the details once it slows down."

    She hoped it'd slow down but she didn't see that happening for a few hours. Emma had no time to work out pay, schedules, and other stuff with Jackson right now. She'd just give Jackson on the job training as they worked together in the kitchen. She hoped Rachel was having a better day at school then Emma was right now. Although having a new cook was making it a little better.
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    Anna Synder

    Although Caldorian Lucianos was crazy, there is one thing even his Coven could agree on. Humans couldn't be treated like slaves. The Dzpenias were full of themselves and felt that they could control the humans. The Lucianos were smart enough to realize that humans could reproduce faster then them. Not all humans could survive being turned. It wasn't long before humans were able to outnumber the Vampires. A scary thought since the Vampires could not go outside during the day but humans could. After taking control of the island, the Lucianos worked out an alliance with the humans. Lycans, although lower in numbers, were still a large fear to humans. In agreement to give the Vampires the blood needed to survive, the Vampires agreed to help protect the humans from Lycans. An agreement that has worked out for centuries until humans were able to create more advanced weapons. Now some humans aren't too happy with the alliance with Vampires. One such man, is Cardinal George Havaran, leader of the church. He was an average built man, with thinning brown hair. He didn't look like a threat but sometimes the ones to watch out for were the ones easily forgotten. Slowly the cardinal had been building power, convincing the mayor of Radiance City to allow him control of the police force. His next task was to convince the city council they did not need the protection clause with the Vampires. Their armory was advanced enough to fight the remaining Lycans into extinction. To break such an alliance would require an unanimous vote from the city council. Havaran was able to convince all but one man to break the alliance. Using fear and religion to motivate them to have a home with out the "demons" close by. Derek Synder was holding back on Havaran. He thought it was insane to break the alliance. Lycans were not be underestimated and Vampires generally did not harm them. Of course, there were rogue Vampires, just like there were human criminals, but the Lucianos kept their Vampires generally under control. Humans were generally not harmed, other then having to give their monthly blood donation. The two men were arguing in Derek's study at his home.

    "-You're insane, George."

    "No, you are, Derek! The Vampires-"

    "They leave us alone, they-"

    "They are demons, agents of Satan! They will kill us all, they-"

    Derek stared at Havaran in surprise. Was the Cardinal even listening to himself? Derek wasn't pleased with the recent changes in the government. He went to church as much as the next man but he believed that there should be a separation of church and state. He had been angry and tried to overturn the mayor's decision to allow the church access to the police force. Havaran had enough supporters on the council, though, that let the decision stand. Yelling was serving no purpose, so Derek tried reason instead.

    "George, please. Have you thought this through? You'll cause a war. You'll be-"

    "Setting us free! We are their slaves. They demand us to give our blood each month to keep them alive!"

    "It's better then them hunting!"

    Derek replied, his attempt to calm the cardinal down was lost and they were raising voices again. Havaran could see that Derek was never going to listen to him. He was too blind to realize what needed to be done. Vampires, just like Lycans, were evil. They worked for the Devil. By allowing them to survive, the people were letting the Devil win. The people depended on Havaran to save them and that's what he would do. Even if he needed to get his hands a little bloody to do it.

    "I'm sorry you cannot see the truth, Derek. When this is over, the people will thank me."

    He told Derek and stabbed him in the chest with the knife he had brought with him. Havaran had hoped it wouldn't come to this but had come prepared. Derek was shocked and briefly tried to fight back but Havaran had the upper hand. He repeatedly stabbed him until he was dead. Havaran reached into his pocket to call a cop to come, when he heard the door open.

    "Dad, I forgot to have you-Oh, my God!"

    Havaran turned and saw Anna Synder, Derek's only child in the doorway. She was a nineteen and starting school today at the university. She had forgotten to have Derek sign a paper for financial aid. She had hurried home to have him sign it and was shocked to see her father dead on the floor. Havaran panicked a little. Derek was a widower and Anna was supposed to be at school. He had planned to make Derek's death a terrible accident in a house fire. He hadn't expected his daughter to return home early.

    "Anna, my child, this isn't-"

    "You killed my father!"

    Anna screamed at him. There was no denying it. Her father's blood was all over the floor, on Havaran's clothes and face, and on the knife that he hadn't gotten rid of yet.

    "I can explain."

    "I'm calling the police!"

    She replied and dumped her purse out to find her phone. Havaran was in surprisingly good shape for his age. He grabbed the phone from her and threw it against the wall.

    "I did what was best for all of us. Your father couldn't see that. The Vampires are our enemies and he-"

    "Go to hell!"

    Anna yelled and was going to find the house phone. She just grabbed it when Havaran reached her and snatched it from her.

    "The police won't side with you. Now, be a good girl and-"

    Anna didn't believe anything the man had to say. He was a murderer and she wasn't going to "behave" for him. She kicked him in his shin to get away from him. He cursed and Anna could heard him yelling into his phone for any police officer that saw the young woman to arrest her. He arrived to find that she murdered her father. Anna ran out the door and was going to go to her car until she realized everyone would know what she was driving. That bastard! What kind of man of God killed a man and then said his child did it? What was she going to do? Her father had expressed some concerns with the recent changes in the government but she hadn't imagined that the city was giving all its control to one man. Obviously it was if Havaran was sure they'd side with him. There was one good cop, Marc Harlow, he'd believe her. He was dating her friend's aunt and was a good, honest cop. Of course, she didn't know his number and she didn't have access to a phone either. She'd call Rachel, eventually she'd be out of class and tell her what was going on. Rachel would help her get in touch with Marc and then he'd make sure Havaran was arrested for what he had done to her father. At least she hoped he would. If Havaran was truly in control of the city, then there might not be much he could do. She wondered where to run and thought of the Vampires. Havaran, in his craziness, said they were the enemies. Surely he planned to get rid of them. Maybe they would help her. It was a long shot. Anna knew nothing about Vampires, other then the basics and that everyone donated blood each month to keep them alive. Still, maybe they would provide a safe haven when she told them that Havaran was crazy and in control of the city. It was worth a try. She headed to a store to buy a change of clothes and a large hat. She needed to move, now, before the police came for her. In Neshephton, she'd try to get a hold of Rachel and Marc. Either Marc would be able to stop Havaran or maybe he'd get Rachel and her aunt out of the city before it went to hell. With a crazy man in charge, it easily could.
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    Rachel Connor

    "Of course they would have to put this class on the top floor, wouldn't they?"

    Rachel grumbled to Chase as they had to climb three flights of stairs in the main classroom building of the university to reach the room their first class was supposed to be. She was sure the professor might not like that they were late for the first day, but it was better late then never, right? Rachel was a little out of breath when they finally got to the door. She tried to open it but it wouldn't open at all.

    "It's locked."
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    Chase Bardou

    "But of course, they want to make sure us university students exercise everyday."

    Chase told Rachel with a smile.He was fast enough even in this form to have climbed them two times faster than he was but he didn't want to leave her behind. Plus, she might realize she wasn't with a normal human if he did that. Only immortals could run that fast and it wasn't night time for her to assume he was a Vampire. He didn't like the idea of deceiving her that he was human but he also barely knew Rachel. He couldn't just announce to everyone in this city that he was a Lycan. When she tried to open the door but couldn't Chase said.

    "Let me try."

    The door was indeed locked so he rammed his shoulder into the door, using his body weight to force it open. Doing so caused the door to open so fast and hard, it slammed into the wall. The professor and all the students jumped from the loud sound. The professor looked at Chase and Rachel in annoyance. Chase felt embarrassed.

    "Sorry...It was stuck...."

    "No it was locked. I take it you are Mister Bardou and Miss Connor?"

    "Ummm...yeah...So why was it locked?"

    "Because Mister Bardou class started 15 minutes ago! You see, I expect punctuality from my students. You are all medic students and wish to save lives someday, well, patients cannot afford for you to be late!"


    "I do not tolerate excuses. I would have expected that since your file says you are four years older than most of the other students you would be more responsible than what I'm used to dealing with but I see that was wrong."

    "Now, look-"

    Chase glared at the professor who didn't acknowledge that and then turned to Rachel.

    "And you Miss Connor I expected more from you seeing as how well respected your parents were. I guess sometimes the apple does fall from the tree."

    That remark caused Chase to growl quietly under his breath, granted he just met Rachel but he didn't like the professor saying that about her.
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    Rachel Connor

    When Chase caused the door to open, she covered her mouth in embarrassment at the loud noise it made. Everyone was staring at them as the professor decided to chew them out for being late. When he made a crack about her parents though, Rachel glared at him not noticing once again that Chase had growled under his breath. He was growling low enough only another immortal would be able to hear him. Although she could see he was just as angry as she was getting.

    "Actually, if you knew parents, you would know they understood that even the best of us make mistakes."
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