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Thread: The Early Years

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    Chase Bardou

    "Perhaps, but then I'm not them."

    The professor replied in an arrogant voice. He walked over to the door and grabbed a hold of the doorknob, ready to close it. Chase grabbed a hold of the door to stop him. The professor glared when Chase preventing him from closing it.

    "So, you aren't going to let us in?"

    "No. You two want to attend this class, you come on time. Let go of the door or I'll tell report you to the dean."

    "For what?"

    Chase asked, confused what he had possibly done to deserve that. The professor gave him only one word for a reply.


    "You can't be serious."

    "I am dead serious. Now, excuse me while I get back to teaching my class for students who were on time."

    Then lowered his voice for Chase and Rachel's ears only.

    "Oh, and just so you two know, if you want to get a medical degree in this university, you'll have to get through me. I'm the only professor in the whole school who teaches this class and you need it to graduate. So, I'm going to make it very hard for both of you now."

    "Is that a threat?"

    Chase said trying to control his temper, it was tempting to change into his Lycan form and tear this puny human professor apart. The professor was going bald and wore big glasses. He was also shorter and heavier then Chase, so it wouldn't be hard to kill him. He couldn't, though. One, because his family didn't harm humans that didn't truly deserve it. The professor was pissing him off but not harming him or Rachel. And two, because that would be suicide in the city but still he could wish a piano would drop on his head.

    "Oh, I don't threaten Mister Bardou, it's a promise."

    The professor said and slammed the door in their faces.


    Chase said to the door. He was sure his parents wouldn't be too happy about him missing his first class. Although, they should be proud he didn't give into his anger either. This wasn't a total loss, he thought. He could spend time with Rachel. He liked but that was also dangerous. She was a human and he was a Lycan. If she knew what he was...She'd probably at best run for the hills. At worst...He tried to not to think about it. He remembered the comment that the professor made her parents and asked her.

    "So, I take it your parents are pretty famous around here?"

    He took a seat on the steps, there was no point of standing by a locked door.

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    Rachel Connor


    Rachel said as the door slammed in her face. Aunt Emma and Marc probably wouldn't too thrilled to learn about this. Although, knowing her aunt, she'd probably come and yell at the professor for acting like that. Now she had nothing to do for an hour. However, that wasn't that horrible...She liked Chase and wouldn't mind getting to know him better. She sat down next to him on the steps.

    "They were famous doctors in the city. They died three years ago..."

    It still hurt that they were gone. Wasn't it supposed to get easier with time? That's what everyone said and yet...It didn't seem her parents died three years ago.

    "I'm sure he only knew my parents in passing, because they never would have associated with someone like him."

    Rachel told Chase and deciding that she didn't want to talk about their jerk of a professor, she asked.

    "You aren't from Radiance City, are you?"

    She didn't think he was. She was sure she would have remembering seeing him before.
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    Chase Bardou

    "Oh...I'm sorry, I'm sure you miss them very much."

    Chase told Rachel when she said her parents were dead. He could tell that she had loved them and was still mourning the loss. He almost reached out and to put his arm around her to comfort her but stopped himself because he had just met her. He shook his head at her question.

    "No, actually this is the first time I've ever been in the city. My family is from-"

    He almost said the woods and stopped himself.

    "...the country. We live out there."

    Not wanting to talk about himself because he might slip up and say he was a Lycan, he turned the conversation back to Rachel.

    "So, are you taking classes here to become a doctor like your parents?"
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    Rachel Connor

    "Thanks, I know it's been three years and it's hard some days that they are gone."

    Rachel knew that people said after time it would get easier but there were days when it still felt like she was fifteen and found out her parents died. Wanting to get her mind off her sorrow, she decided to change the subject and ask questions about Chase to learn more about him.

    "You live in the country? Isn't that dangerous since Lycans live there?"

    Rachel asked. She had been raised to believe that Lycans were vivacious beasts that would eat you. Just like you weren't supposed to cross the bridge and go into Neshephton. If you did, then the Vampires would drain you of all your blood. When Chase asked her about her studies, she replied.

    "Yeah, I...I want to make them proud..."

    She said, looking down. She wanted her parents to be proud of her. Surely becoming a doctor would do that. Although she wasn't a hundred percent sure if that's what she wanted to do with her life. She liked helping people but not everyone was meant to be a doctor. Of course, it was almost expected of her since she had been her parents only child. Not by Aunt Emma, she told Rachel she could do whatever she wanted with her life, but other people in the city that had known her parents.

    "What about you? I mean you're older than the other first year medical students, so didn't know you know what you wanted to do with your life?"
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    Chase Bardou

    "I'm sure it is."

    Chase told Rachel. He might argue with his dad sometimes but Chase couldn't imagine him being gone.

    "It's not that bad, my family and I can take care of ourselves."

    Chase replied when Rachel asked if living out in the country was dangerous because of Lycans. He should stop talking to her. He was just setting himself for disappointment. Either she'd freak out if she knew he was a Lycan or he'd spend all his time lying to her. He didn't like the idea of lying to her.

    "I'm sure they'll be proud of you. No matter what you do."

    Chase said with a smile and groaned in his mind when she asked about him again. He supposed that was friends did, although being a friend with a human was dangerous. He shook his head.

    "No. I've known what I've wanted to do with my life for a long time. I want to be a doctor to cure things that people get that they can't control. Like diseases and traits passed through their bloodlines..."

    Like how he been born a Lycan because his father was one and the virus had been passed to him. He couldn't tell Rachel that, though.

    "It just took a while to convince my father that this is what I wanted to do."

    And figuring that Rachel would probably question him about that as well, Chase added.

    "He's always wanted me to stay close to the family...business."
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    Rachel Connor

    "Ah, I see. Well, at least you were finally able to convince him."

    Although she did wonder what Chase's family business was. But since he seemed quick to change the topic any time it referred to his family she let it go. She assumed that family was a tough subject for Chase. Her aunt Emma always supported her and her parents had before that. Rachel wasn't sure what to say to someone having to fight a parent about pursuing a dream.She told Chase a little about her aunt who was taking care of her since her parents died and asked.

    "What about your cousin? Does he study anything at the university?"
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase nodded his head in agreement when Rachel said it was good he was finally able to convince his father to let him attend classes. He smiled as she talked about her aunt that she was clearly close to. He was enjoying talking to her. Logic told him it was stupid but he didn't care about logic at the moment. When she asked about Jackson, he replied.

    "Well, my uncle Harold tried to talk him into taking classes but he wasn't interested. He just came along with me to Radiance City to make sure I didn't run into any trouble."
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    Rachel Connor

    "Well, I guess he didn't do a good job at that considering what the professor said to us."

    Rachel looked at Chase with concerned eyes. She remembered what that professor had said and she wondered if he would make it impossible to pass their class. That wasn't ethical but he seemed like the type to hold a grudge.

    "Do you think that man will make it impossible for us to pass his class?"
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    Chase Bardou

    "He'll probably try but I wouldn't worry about him. I have a feeling his bark is far worser than his bite."

    Chase said giving Rachel a smile. He wasn't too upset about missing the first day of that class since he was talking to Rachel. He liked her, a lot. She was pretty, smart, nice, and...he was so stupid to be forming a crush on a human. She seemed to like him but he was sure if she ever caught him in his Lycan form, that would change real fast. Their talking made the hour they missed of that class go fast. He told her to have a good day and was pleasantly surprised to see Rachel in another one of his classes. He headed to Emma's tavern after class was over. That's where he and Jackson said they would meet up. The food smelled great and Rachel had told him her aunt was a good cook. Of course, she could have been just praising her aunt but Chase didn't think that was all of it. The place seemed to have a steady amount of customers. He smiled seeing Rachel coming.

    "Hey Rachel, I guess we just keep running into each other today."
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    Rachel Connor

    "You're probably right."

    Rachel replied to Chase with a smile. She wasn't too upset to have missed that class now. Talking with Chase was more fun then hearing that professor talk. Time with him went fast and she felt like she had known him a lot longer then just the morning. Although Rachel had been late for her first class, she hadn't for the rest of them. She was pleasantly surprised to find out Chase was in another one of her classes as well. "Too bad he wasn't in all of them," she thought. Of course, that was probably best, he was a nice distraction. Honestly she thought the writing and history classes were going to be more interesting then the science ones. Her only worry today was that she hadn't seen her friend Anna at all. They were supposed to be in two classes together. Anna wasn't answering her phone. Maybe she was just busy...Met a guy or something...Rachel hoped to hear from her soon. She smiled seeing Chase at the tavern.

    "What are you doing here?"

    She had told him how good her aunt's food was but she didn't expect to see him after the classes had let out for the day.
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