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Thread: The Early Years

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    Chase Bardou

    Chase knew Rachel didn't get it. He actually like kids, he'd love to have kids with Rachel but first he needed to be cured. She deserved better then a Lycan husband and so did those future kids. Yes, he did understand from her perspective that she felt time was ticking but he refused to budge on his belief he needed to be cured before starting a family. He tried to explain his position to Rachel many times but it eventually felt useless. Like he was talking to a brick wall. They truly could bring out the best and worst in each other and after they had been married for five years, the worst was definitely coming out more and more. Chase didn't even remember ten minutes after the huge blow up at the party what caused it. Looking back, he was sure it was just like all their other fights. Started over something stupid and had escalated from there. He and Rachel's personalities were similar sometimes. They had been together for nine years, it was unavoidable. When one started to push, the other pushed back. Usually they kept that in the privacy of their home, keeping up the happy facade in public. Tonight, though, it didn't happen. Chase growled back at Rachel in angry.

    "Good, I am too!"

    He yelled, not bothering to stop her from leaving. He saw everyone staring at them and barked.

    "What the hell are you all looking at?"

    He wasn't normally that rude to his friends but right now he was angry and he didn't give a shit what any of them thought. He was going to go home and pack. He was just as done as Rachel was. He loved her but he couldn't live like this anymore. They had come together in their car, he wasn't a total asshole, he'd let her take it and take a cab back home to pack. He was reaching for his cell phone as he headed for the door when his mother stopped him.

    "Chase James Bardou, what the hell was that all about?"

    She was shocked and angry over what happened. She loved Rachel like a daughter and thought she just saw the breakup of her son's marriage.

    "It's been a long time coming, Mom."

    He told her and that was true. The fights have been more and more frequent. He and Rachel couldn't have go more then a few days without getting into some stupid fight. Serena replied.

    "Every couple has arguments, Chase. Your father and I don't get along every single day but you don't just throw it all away over a fight."

    Chase sighed and looked at her.

    "It's been more then just one fight, Mom..."

    He knew his mother loved them but right now he didn't want to talk about it. No, he'd pack a bag and think what he should do.

    "We'll talk more later. I need to be alone right now."

    He said and headed out the door before Serena could stop him. He was only five feet from the door when he heard Rachel and Spencer talking. He was mad that Spencer was butting his nose in their business, this didn't concern him. But before he told Spencer where he could, he heard what Rachel said about him. It hurt that she thought he was so selfish that she didn't what she wanted mattered. It hurt even more seeing that she was trying not to cry. He never wanted to make her cry.

    "Rachel...you are the most important person in the world to me. If you wanted the moon, I'd get it for you. I'd walk through hell and back for you...I'd love to have kids with you. You'd be a wonderful mother but I can't give you that....not until I'm cured."

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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel looked at Chase and knew he meant what he said. Despite all the fights, she did know he loved her and that she loved him but...Maybe love wasn't always enough. She replied.

    "And I-"

    Spencer, who felt a little awkward being in the middle, interrupted her.

    "Actually I know a place that might help."

    Rachel looked at him in confusion.

    "You do? Where?"

    "When Izzy and I were in Europe, we found put about a clinic in Budapest that takes care of immortals and is working on medical advances. Helping people with AIDS and stuff. I don't know if they handle curing the viruses that make one a Vampire or a Lycan but they might know if it is even possible. It couldn't hurt to ask them and....This is probably unwanted advice, but it sounds like you two could use a vacation."

    Rachel looked over at Chase and said.

    "I'm willing to go if you are."

    She truly did not believe that Chase needed to be cured but she felt he needed to know. If he knew one way or another, then they could work out the rest of their problems. Either by staying together or...
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase was glad that Spencer had interrupted Rachel, he was sure whatever had been on her mind would have killed him to hear. He was surprised that Spencer and Isabelle had heard about a clinic for immortals. He had been trying to find a cure for himself but it was hard. He had a job to do and could only work on it during his free time. Even if this place hadn't had a cure yet, if it was possible, maybe they'd let him work on it. He could volunteer his time and expertise to help in them out. He had weeks of vacation time built up, he and Rachel hadn't went anywhere since their honeymoon and even that had not been a far trip. Just to Auckland since Nathan was still running around. It was risky to leave the safety of their home but no one had heard or seen Nathan since the war ended, they couldn't live their lives always afraid of him. He nodded his head to Rachel.

    "I'm willing to go."

    He was, he wanted to know if being a Lycan could be cured. It was caused by a virus and in theory it should have a cure or at least he hoped...If not....Well, he didn't know what he and Rachel would do next. Spencer gave them the details and it took Chase and Rachel about two weeks to plan the trip. He could stay there for two months with pay thanks to all the vacation time he had built up and never used. Rachel hadn't been feeling well the last few days and Chase knocked on the bathroom door.

    "Rach, are you okay? We can postpone the trip if you want."

    Despite her thinking he was selfish at times, he truly loved her and tried to put her needs before his own. They were supposed to leave for Budapest today but if she wanted to wait until she felt better, then he'd understand.
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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel smiled when Chase said he was willing to find this place in Budapest. She felt bad that in her anger she had called him selfish. He wasn't truly selfish, other then his stance about having a family, he was a good man and a good husband. Spencer was glad to help and Rachel appreciated it. Rachel wasn't sure what came over as her as they planned their trip to Europe. While Budapest, Hungary was their main goal, they figured why not make it second honeymoon and visit other places before they found the clinic. She was normally a pretty healthy person but the last week or so had made her feel bad. Since she was a writer, she could write anywhere in the world and could leave at a moment's notice, Chase couldn't do that, though. The last day Chase was working at his job before they left, Rachel was researching pregnancy symptoms online and realized she could self diagnose herself with a lot of them. She discreetly bought a pregnancy test and hid it from Chase when he came home. They were going to leave first thing in the morning for the airport. For a woman who wanted so badly to have a family but had a husband who insisted on doing everything short of abstinence to prevent a pregnancy, Rachel was shocked to read the test and see it was positive. She was excited but nervous at the same time. She wasn't sure how Chase would react. He didn't want kids until he was cured and now she was carrying a Lycan child....She heard him knock and hid the test under the sink.

    "Yeah, I'm okay."

    She replied. While a huge part of her wanted to tell him they were going to be parents, another part of her said to wait. Let him talk to the those people in Budapest first and go from there. She finished brushing her hair and told him as she exited the bathroom.

    "Hey, Chase....What will you do if those people don't give you the news you want?"
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase thought it was a great idea for him and Rachel to take a real vacation in Europe. Explore some other countries together and not just leave New Zealand to just find the clinic in Budapest. Chase didn't think Rachel was as okay as she claimed but he didn't push her. She'd tell him if she was really sick, that he was sure of. Neither of them had been on a plane before, so he thought maybe that was what she was nervous about. It never crossed his mind that she was carrying their child. He took her hand and said.

    "Then I guess I learn to accept it. I won't like it but I love you and I don't want what we have to end. I know we've been fighting a lot but you are my wife, my best friend, my soul mate...I love you with all my heart and I still want to be with you forever."

    He told her with a smile.
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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel didn't like keeping the pregnancy from Chase but she waited to tell him. She wanted to hear what the people in Budapest told him before she announced to him that she was having their baby. She hoped it would all go okay. She squeezed his hand.

    "You are all that to me too. I love you and I want what we have to never end."

    She replied, giving him a kiss before they grabbed their bags and headed out of their home for the airport.

    ((The End. Please read Wicked Deeds to continue Rachel, Chase, and Nathan's stories.))
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