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    Please help concerning thread placement

    Please help concerning thread placement

    I've been looking over the role-playing games, and this is going to take some study before I jump in. While I'm working on that, I'd like to play a round or two of a prompt game, as a kind of warm up for writing and brainstorming. (They're a type of creative-writing based game some friends taught me a few years ago.) {Smile}

    The problem is, I can't decide whether it would go under "Game Hall," "Theatre of the Bards," or possibly some other place yet. It is a game, so I suppose it could fit in the Game Hall. But it's a game that produces vignettes and short stories which might be more at home in Theatre of the Bards. Then again, maybe there's some other place yet that someone would rather it went. I suppose you could even have me put the prompt calls (and prompts) in one place, and the vignettes and stories somewhere else. I'm not sure how that would work, but I won't rule it out. Anyway, I really don't care where it goes, as long as it stays put once I start it. The way the game goes, I ask for "prompts" of some particular type. Then others throw out ideas they think fit, and I try to write something for each idea. Having to suddenly hunt for the thread because it moved on me would complicate this in unnecessary ways. {lop-sided Smile}

    If I'm over-thinking this... I'm new, and still learning how this place works. {spread hands, shrug, Smile}

    Thanks for your help. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    I think either place you put it would be fine, it is up to you. We won't move it unless you request us to.

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    Thank you, Jenny. {SMILE}

    I was concerned because the kind of prompt game I prefer has a bit of performance art in it. Having the thread move while I'm playing would feel a bit like having a stage up and move to another building in the middle of a performance. {pause}

    That's just not the challenge I'm looking for here. {Chuckle, GRIN}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    We try to avoiding moving people's stages.

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    Thank you, Corey!

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    Well, the title fits for this new case of over-thinking something. I'm wondering where to put Dad's stories. I started posting stories of that type in the Inn, but I feel like they're threatening to either take over, or get lost there. I wonder if the Theatre of the Bards wouldn't be a better choice... and if so, how would I move the four Storytime posts in the Inn over to the Theatre, so they'll all be together, and none will get lost?

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    If you want them all over in the Theatre, I can move them for you, Anne. Either as separate threads or one thread. Just let know how you'd like done.

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    It sounds like you think one thread in the Theater might work better? I could handle that. Thanks.
    Last edited by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin; 02-24-2017 at 01:48 AM.

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    Well, I tried merging them in the Theater. I'm not quite sure how that turned out.

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    It looks good to me.

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