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    Prompt Game: an item

    Prompt Game: an item

    Okay... I want to play a prompt game to warm up my writing. If it doesn't help my roleplaying, maybe it will help me get this year's holiday story written before the holidays are entirely over.

    I put it here because the prompt games I prefer have a bit of performance art in them. Somehow a theatre seems appropriate.

    So what I need from willing participants are writing prompts. The explanation that finally made sense to Dad last night was that a writing prompt is a word or phrase that fits the parameters the person who calls for them puts on the game.

    This time, I'm calling for items, so if you'd like, give me a word or phrase that is an item.

    Then I'll do my part: I'll try to write a story or vignette that features the item in some way. If I come up with something, I'll post it. You can expect it to be original fantasy, because I'm all thumbs with fan fiction, realistic fiction, and even science fiction. I'm good with non-fiction, too, but I'm not looking to write that at the moment.

    This being a community, if anyone finds a prompt inspiring, I'm happy to share. I suspect we'd get rather different stories out of this.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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    I think I understand what you are requesting. Since you mentioned the holidays and today is Christmas Eve, please write something about reindeer.

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    Thanks, Corey. I meant to post an example last night, but time got away from me. You do have the right idea.

    I'll work on that reindeer soon.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    Well, I'm a little disappointed I didn't come up with something more original. However, this is a game, a warm-up... and I have a sneaking suspicion these characters might come up with something more interesting later. {chuckle, Amused Smile}

    In the meantime, here's what I came up with involving a Reindeer for Corey. {Smile}

    A Reindeer

    by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    An item prompt from Corey

    Characters: Karin and the reindeer

    Karin sighed, and sat down heavily on a stump, ignoring the snow on it. She’d only meant to get a few berries at the edge of the forest. But she’d spotted some more berries just slightly further in, and some more slightly further in than that, and… and after quite a few berry bushes she was well and truly lost. She didn’t want to cry – it wouldn’t help – but she couldn’t help herself.

    A crack nearby startled her out of her tears. It sounded like it was just behind a particularly dense copse of pine trees. Now distracted and curious, she got up, quietly went over to the trees, and peeked thru the branches cautiously, dislodging some snow. A reindeer!

    “Oh dear. You’ve got your antlers stuck in that bush,” she murmured. “Just a moment; maybe I can free you if I’m careful. It wouldn’t do to let you starve, after all.”

    Karolyn crept to the opposite side of the bush, and started tugging on branches. She didn’t want to get too close to a wild animal, but she wanted to free the reindeer. Besides, it would distract her from thinking about being lost. She paused, figuring out which branch to pull next. If she pulled this one, then that one, then the one over there… one antler was soon free. The other antler was more stubborn, but Karin could be stubborn, too. Eventually she got it free, then scurried back to keep out of the reindeer’s way.

    The reindeer backed off and shook his head. Then he looked piercingly at Karin, and said, “Thank you. There was some very tasty lichen at the base of the bush. I was so busy trying to eat all of it, I didn’t realize my antlers had gotten stuck.

    “Y-You speak?” Karin asked in surprise.

    “When I have reason to. Thanking you seemed reason enough.” The Reindeer paused to study Karin. “Have you been crying?”

    “What?” Karin asked, still surprised to hear a reindeer talk, “Well, yes, I guess I was crying before I found you.”

    “Why?” asked the reindeer. Somehow he looked concerned, tho Karin had no idea how she could recognize expressions so quickly on the first reindeer she’d seen this close.

    “Because I’m lost. I was just eating a few berries, and now I don’t know how to get out of the forest.”

    “If you just want to get out of the forest, line up three trees, walk to the middle one, line up another tree with the two still in front, walk to the next one, and so on. Eventually you’ll run out of trees. Then you’ll be out of the forest. Tho if you find a road before you run out of trees, it might be better to follow that. You’re human, so the road should take you to more humans.”

    “Th-thank you,” Karin stammered, “I think my father said something like that, but I’d forgotten.”

    “You’re welcome,” The reindeer paused. “That only helps you find an edge to the forest, tho. It doesn’t help you pick which edge you come out by. Where are you from?”

    “My parents and I live in Linaalv. We moved there recently to be closer to my grandparents.”

    “Linaalv.” The reindeer looked thoughtful. “Yes, I think I know where that is. Please follow me.” He turned slightly, leading Karin thru the forest past trees Karin could have sworn she’d never seen.

    “Hey, I think I see a steeple!” Karin pointed ahead.

    “That should be Linaalv. Go ahead and make sure,” the reindeer said.

    Karin ran ahead, and peeked thru the trees. “Yes, that’s Linaalv. I recognize some of the houses.”

    “Good. You should be able to get home from here now.”

    “Oh yes. Thank you so much for helping me find my home!”

    “Thank you for helping me get free of the bush.” The reindeer sounded happy.

    Karin ran to the edge of the edge of the forest. Then she turned and waved. “Goodbye! I hope we meet again someday!”

    “Goodbye! Take care of yourself!” The reindeer called back. He watched her run to one of the houses. When a lady answered the door, he turned and went deeper into the forest. Time to look for some more lichen to eat. This time he’d try to find some that wasn’t under a bush.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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    That was a cute little short story. How about you write something about a dancer?
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr

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    Yeah, the story is cute if a little trite. I prefer more original stuff, but I figure this is okay for a prompt game.

    A dancer? I'll see what I can do.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    Okay, I came up with something about a dancer. I hope you like it. I expected a different dancer than I ended up with, myself.

    A Dancer

    by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    An item prompt from Honor’s Angel

    Characters: Mie and five fauns

    Mie peeked out her bedroom window admiring the full moon. It was just high enough to be silver. It made the back yard gleam like a silver lake…

    The temptation was too much. Mie climbed out the window, spreading her arms to catch the moonlight.

    She was so caught up in enjoying her freedom, she wasn’t aware of the music at first. But there it was… someone was playing pipes; more than one someone, by the sound. She followed the sound around the house, and into the forest. The sound led her to a little clearing where four little men sat on logs around edges, playing panpipes.

    In the middle of the clearing was… he wasn’t a man. Neither were the others, now that she looked at them again. Oh, they looked very human from the waist up, but below that they looked more like some kind of grazing animal; maybe deer or goats. Not that she wanted to figure it out. The… fellow in the middle of the clearing was stamping his feet very rhythmically, clapping his hands and snapping his fingers, as he circled and posed. Why, he was dancing! Mie had never seen a dance like this, but he was dancing!

    She watched, mesmerized, as dance number followed dance number. When the moon had arced high and dipped low again, the dancer and the musicians finally finished with an energetic finale followed by a bow. Then the dancer straightened, and the musicians rose to their feet. They turned to face Mie, and bowed again. Then they quietly went off into the forest.

    She stood for a moment, then turned to go back home. She wondered if those fellows would be back. If so, she wanted to watch them again. That had been quite a performance!

    Thanks. These are fun.
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    I like the little short stories you've been writing. Since mine and Corey's son had us watching "Happy Feet" tonight, how about the next prompt be about a penguin.

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    Thanks, Jenny. It's good to hear you're enjoying these.

    A penguin? I'll see what I can do.

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    Okay, I came up with something about a penguin for Jenny. I doubt you were thinking of Galapagos penguins, but they do exist.

    Oddly enough, it's not quite fantasy.

    A Penguin Finds Ice Cubes

    by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    An item prompt from Jenny

    Character: Pegi the penguin

    Pegi blinked. He saw something across the beach. Part of it was white, and part of it was shiny. He started to waddle across the rounded pebbles of the beach. He needed to take a closer look at this!

    When he got there, the white turned out to be one of those things the humans often leave behind after they’ve eaten. Instead of food, out of it spilled glistening, clear pebbles. Since when were pebbles clear like water? He leaned over to look more closely, then cautiously touched one with his beak. It moved like a pebble.

    Pegi straightened up, and prodded the pebbles with one webbed foot. It was cold! It was wet, too, but that was no surprise on a beach. However, it was terribly cold! He backed up quickly, glaring at the nasty cold things on his nice beach. No penguin in the Galapagos Islands should have to meet anything that cold!

    Pegi quickly turned around, and waddled quickly towards the water. He’d better go swim. The ocean would certainly be warmer than that nasty cold stuff.

    P.S. I don't know why these are getting shorter. I suspect they'll start getting longer again soon.
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