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    What a great idea Anne! I really like this warm up method. While I'm at writing here, I'll tell you the first item I thought of: a wooden spoon. Maybe you could give it a whirl?
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    Thanks, Quaxo. This has been a favorite writing warm up and practice since it helped me get back into creative writing after grad school fried my brain.

    I hope you enjoy them, too. {Smile}

    A wooden spoon? Dave (yes, Daveosaurus/SouthernDave) gave me a sink plunger once. That one was fun; I'm sure this will be, too.

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    Quaxo? I'm sorry the spoon is taking a while. An established character grabbed the spoon and insists it's hers. (She would. )

    She also insists it fits into a slightly more complicated but still short story. I wrote the first scene today, but there should be a few more scenes, too.

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    Ooo! How exciting! I love it (read: actually sometimes hate it) when a character demands something and won't move until you let them have their way. Take your time! I'm looking forward to the outcome!

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    Thanks, Quaxo. Emilia Brock, the character who grabbed the spoon is being Difficult. Not that that's unusual for her. She has a forceful personality, and tends to keep working at things -- and people -- until she gets her way.

    However, I thought... well, she's dragging her eldest son and a client of his plumbing business into the story. They got their start when Dave handed me a sink plunger in a similar prompt game on LiveJournal a few years ago. I thought maybe I could share their first appearance here. It's more the opening to a longer story that I haven't gotten around to finishing than anything that stands on it's own, but it's still a way to meet them. {shrug, }

    Acknowledgments: I would like to thank my parents for their help.

    For Dave Joll (southerndave or Daveosaurus) A sink plunger... ]


    by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    Tammi pushed down on the sink plunger again. A large bunch of bubbles came up, along with a moan like all the dead who’d ever lived.

    She removed the plunger, and glared at the sink. That couldn’t be right. Surely the dead could find a better place for a convention than her kitchen sink’s drain. Even if they couldn’t, they should have made arrangements with her first.

    Tammi decided she needed help. She set the plunger down on the drain board, and went to get the phone book. She sat down at the kitchen counter, and turned to the yellow pages. “Construction, Plumbing” seemed as good a place to start as any.

    Soon she spotted a little rectangle in the upper right corner that said:

    Brock’s Pipe Repair
    We do it all:
    Plumbing, Exorcism
    If your pipes are broke,
    Call Brock’s

    That sounded perfect, Tammi mused as she reached for the phone.

    She got an answering machine, of course. What else would you get on Saturday evening, especially on a holiday weekend? So she left a Priority message; that should get his attention quickly.

    Ten minutes later, the phone rang. “Hello,” Tammy said as she picked it up.

    “Hello, this is Emmanuel Brock of Brock’s Pipe Repair. I have a priority message from a Tammi Overhind?”

    “This is Tammi Oberheim,” she replied, sighing inwardly. That wasn’t the most original way to mangle her last name.

    “What’s your problem?”

    “My kitchen sink is completely clogged, and when I try to clear it with a plunger, it moans to high heaven,” she explained.

    “I’ll have to see it to be sure, but it sounds like you’ve got some magical critters in there. I can set you up with an appointment to clear them out next Tuesday…”

    “I’d really like to get this done faster. That’s two and a half days when I couldn’t use my sink, and I wouldn’t know what further damage they might be doing in there.”

    “It would cost you quite a bit of money, you know. This is a weekend, and a holiday weekend at that.”

    “I have an exorcism and magical pest rider on my home owner’s insurance.”

    “What? It’s insured? I’ll come right over. Let me find a pad and pencil, so you can give me the directions.”

    Tammi smiled to herself. Grandma Sal was right again. While words may be magic, Some words are more magical than Others.

    Now to get Manny's mother and her wooden spoon sorted out.
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    Haha! I love it! Maybe I should get that insurance...you never know...

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    Eeek... I have been asked to contribute a word but am really behind in my reading of anything much so don't know what's already been used... but here goes a word in case. "Sphere"

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    Thanks, Dave. I'll see what Kili and Carmello decide to do with a sphere.

    (Kili and Carmello are an elven prince and a dwarven princess who seem to be Dave's favorites of the characters I've come up with, so I try to get them to take his prompts. )

    And no, there's no problem with having more than one prompt outstanding at once. I find it can help to have something to switch off to if one gets stuck.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    Quaxo? Emilia Brock is still being both determined and difficult with her spoon. However, I've gotten far enough to know that one other very short story I wrote about these characters is more than slightly relevant. One might even consider it good backstory. So... here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

    Acknowledgments: Betaed by writan_bur and Jennifer. I would also like to thank my parents for their help. (Yes, I know that's a lot of help. I was worried it was missing something.... {rueful smile})

    Warnings: none.

    by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    “Miss Oberheim? I found the problem with your washing machine. The outflow pipe is so rusty, it clogs very easily,” Manny Brock reported as he entered the dining room where the young woman waited for him.

    “Then you can fix it?” she asked anxiously.

    “Hey, this is so easy, you could fix it yourself,” Manny replied, “This isn’t like the gremlin removal I did in the kitchen. All you have to do is take off the old pipe and put on a new one.”

    “You’ve obviously never seen me with a wrench,” she chuckled wryly, “I’d rather pay you to fix it now than after I’ve messed everything up.”

    “If you say so, Miss Oberheim,” Manny laughed. Then he paused. “Umm... I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what’s your first name? This is the second job you’ve hired me for in just over a month, and I do like to know who I’m working for.”

    Miss Oberheim paused thoughtfully, “I’m not offended by your question... but my first name is highly embarrassing.”

    “So?” Manny asked, “Can it be worse than the ‘Emmanuel’ my parents stuck me with?”

    “Well... maybe not,” she decided. She got up, walked around the dining room table, and stuck out her hand. “Mr. Emmanuel Brock? I am Miss Tamarin Oberheim.”

    “Pleased to meet you, Miss Tamarin Oberheim,” Manny said, taking her hand and shaking it formally, “Tamarin, tamarin... isn’t that some kind of fruit?”

    “You’re thinking of the tamarind, with a ‘d’ on the end,” she replied automatically, “No, the tamarin, without a ‘d,’ is a kind of small monkey.”

    “A monkey?” Manny chuckled.

    “Yes, a cute little monkey,” she smiled wryly.

    “I’ll have to find a picture. I bet they aren’t as cute as you are,” Manny said. Then he froze, clapped his hands over his mouth, and blushed beet red. “I don’t believe I said that.”

    “I don’t either,” Tamarin replied, also blushing furiously.

    “I feel like I owe you something for that.... I know! Miss Oberheim?”

    She looked curious. “Yes?” she finally asked.

    “You may call me ‘Emmanuel,’” Manny said, bowing with a flourish, “And nobody calls me ‘Emmanuel,’ not even my family.”

    She blushed again, “Then you must call me ‘Tamarin,’” she replied, “My parents do call me ‘Tamarin,’ but they’re the only ones.”

    “It’s a deal, Tamarin.”

    “Very good, Emmanuel.”

    And with that, they shook hands on the deal.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    Okay, Quaxo's wooden spoon has me stumped. Yes, a character took it, but she won't finish her story, and the only other character interested in it isn't ready to tell her story either. So I open the microphone. If you have an idea, you have my blessings to grab the spoon and run with it.

    Further more, all future prompts are open from the start. If you get an idea, please feel free. If we end up with three stories about a boat {spread hands} then we have more stories to read, don't we?

    Now, to see if I can do something with Dave's sphere. I'd forgotten about that one. Maybe it will even jar the spoon loose; stranger things have happened.

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