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    Azra Fox

    Azra climbed down out of the truck. She held her hand out to Dagny for the fire ax. Dagny reluctantly handed it to her. Azra silently followed a few steps behind Abby. She wanted to make sure Mike had his space.

    She moved quietly in the other direction from Abby and Mike, toward the other bathroom. A dragger lurched toward her and she swiftly sliced its head with the ax. The ax stuck, and she yanked it back, a splatter of gore coming with it. She shook the ax, trying to clean it, as another dragger crawled slowly across the floor. Its legs were almost entirely gone. Azra made a face at the sight of it. It was horrible.

    She lifted her boot up and brought it down on the thing's head. She realized then how angry she was. She was crying, hot tears on her face. She stopped, the ax hanging limp in her hand. Why? she asked herself. She hadn't lost anyone like everyone else. Her whole family had been gone. She had no one when all of this started.

    And then it finally occurred to her that she was mad about Dylan's death. She had no one when this started, but now she had this little family of people who had made it through so much in such a short time. And one of them was dead. And that made her angry. A dragger hissed and grabbed at her, appearing from out of a utility closet near her. She grunted and swung the ax at it, smashing it's face. Wiping her eyes with the her sleeve, she spat on it. "That's for Dylan, you piece of ****."

    Azra leaned heavily against the wall, waiting to see if any other draggers would reveal themselves before she went into the bathroom to clear out the stalls. She breathed and settled herself. She was so angry that Dylan had died. But she would make sure that his death wasn't for nothing. They would find a way to cure this thing and keep his family safe.
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    Steve Doakes

    Steve got out the car when Tomas parked it.

    "I'll be-"

    He was reaching for his gun when he hissed in pain for moving his shoulder. Okay...with the adrenaline wearing off, the pain was more obvious.

    "It hurts like a...witch but I can wait."

    He told Tomas, switching out the word he really wanted to say since Freya and Sam were nearby. He watched Azra follow Mike and Abby in and figured the three of them could clear two bathrooms and a small room okay. It didn't take too long for their friends to clear the rest stop. Mike dragged the walkers outside once they were finished clearing the building. No need to keep them around. He then used the crowbar to pry open the vending machine so they could have snacks and drinks. Steve grabbed a bag of chips and sat down with it. He wondered if anyone from his base had survived and if so...Would they be angry that he wasn't with them...Mike knew he should tell everyone what happened but realized that this room wasn't exactly the most comfortable place to sleep.

    "We should do a supply run. There was a Walmart up the road. A few of us could go and grab some food and maybe sleeping bags."

    "That's a good idea."

    Steve replied. Especially if they might have to camp outside eventually...Depending where they went next. He wondered where they would go...He had no idea and realized he didn't like not knowing what was supposed to come next. Every since he was a teenager he had an idea in plan for his life. He graduated school and joined the Army. He always knew what to expect next and now he had no idea.

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    Dagny and Tomas Bloom

    "I'll go," Dagny volunteered quickly. She looked at Steve. "You can't go because of your shoulder. I'll go and get some tools, and my dad can fix you up."

    Tomas opened his mouth to object, but saw the look in his daughter's eyes and knew it would be useless. She was going unless Mike told her that she couldn't. He liked seeing her take charge of a situation and stand up for herself.

    Dagny looked hopefully at Mike. Tomas was right to think that she would be going unless Mike said no. And she really hoped he wouldn't say no.
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    Azra Fox

    Azra glanced over at Dagny. She could see the resolve on the young girl's face. It was refreshing to see.

    "I'll go too," she said, looking at Tomas. She wanted him to know that she would take care of Dagny. And that he should stay to take care of things at the rest stop.
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    Abby Hall

    "I'll go too."

    Abby said when Mike suggested a supply run to the Walmart. It was a good idea, they would need supplies. Things like food, medical supplies, even sleeping bags. Who knew when, if ever, they would find a safe place to sleep. They thought the base would be safe...She looked over at Steve and saw he didn't like the idea of staying behind and told him.

    "Dagny's right, you should stay. You can help Tomas and Katie protect the kids."

    She hoped the rest stop would be a safe place but with draggers everywhere, Abby had no idea what was safe anymore.
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    Steve Doakes

    Steve was about to volunteer himself to go when Dagny shot that idea down. It was true he was hurt but he didn't like the idea of her going. Although he also knew Abby was right, he could be useful here.

    "All right."

    He said and Mike nodded his head. Dagny had proven she could take care of herself and the more people grabbing supplies, the faster they could come back.

    "It's fine with me. We should go."

    Mike told him and he told Tomas quietly.

    "I'll look out for her."

    He had no doubt that Tomas would be worried about his daughter but she was old enough to make her own decisions. Mike would look out for her, just like he'd look out for Azra and Abby as well.
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    Dagny and Tomas Bloom

    Dagny put her hand on Steve's unwounded shoulder and stood on her tiptoes, kissing his cheek. She looked at her dad and held her hand out for one of the guns he had.

    Tomas nodded to her and handed the gun over. Dagny smiled at him and took it, going over to stand by Azra.

    When Mike quietly spoke to him, Tomas nodded again. "Thank you," he replied softly. He knew Mike would keep his word.
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    Mike Brooks

    "You're welcome."

    Mike replied quietly to Tomas. He'd be damned if he lost another person of this group. Dagny wasn't biologically related to him but Mike would protect her just as much as he'd protect his own family. He'd do the same for Azra and Abby too while they were on the supply run. Steve wished he could go but knew it wasn't smart. He was hurt and could be dragger bait until Tomas was able to properly take care of his shoulder. He gave Dagny a small smile and hoped she and the others would be back soon. Mike gave Sam a hug and told him.

    "Help Tomas and Steve take good care of your mom and Freya."

    He told the others bye and headed with Azra, Abby, and Dagny to one of the cars. The Walmart wasn't far from the rest stop but when they pulled into the parking lot, it was obvious that the draggers had overtaken this place. Debris and abandoned cars littered the parking lot and the store's lights flickered on and off.

    "We should stick together."

    He told the ladies. It would take longer but it was a large store and Mike didn't want someone to get separated from the group and hurt. Getting separated had cost Dylan his life...Mike jumped a little as he walked past a van and a dragger banged on the window. It was trapped inside and growled that four living people were walking pass it and it couldn't attack them.
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    Abby Hall

    "I will, Uncle Mike."

    Sam promised his uncle. He was still upset that his father had died but he would try his best to help Steve and Tomas protect Katie and Freya while the others were gone. Katie gave Mike a hug before he left and said.

    "Be careful. All of you."

    She added with a smile to Abby, Azra, and Dagny. Abby knew it was silly to think the store would actually have live people in it. People working, people buying things. For it to be normal...Like how life used to be. When she saw the state of the store when the parked, her heart sank a little. She wondered if life would ever go back to how it used to be. She missed the normal, mundane things of life. She nodded her head to Mike.

    "Sounds good."

    It would take longer but she felt there was safety in numbers.
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    Azra Fox and Dagny Bloom

    Azra nodded. She stayed close to Dagny as the group walked slowly toward the Wal-Mart. Patience was key. If any of them got greedy and tried to rush off, or bring back more than they could easily carry, they'd be in greater danger than they already were. The walk across the parking lot seemed like an eternity. She was vigilant for draggers as they walked. It was strangely quiet. She wondered if the store would be thoroughly picked over or if they would actually be able to find a few useful things. It had been several weeks now. People certainly would have been to the Wal-Mart ahead of them. Anxiety creeped over Azra. What if they got inside only to find that everything was gone? And what if draggers had completely taken over? Then they would be in great danger and would come away with no reward.

    Azra took a deep breath and focused. She was still shadowing Dagny, walking just a few steps behind the girl.


    Dagny's heart raced as she nodded to Mike. As they crossed the parking lot and neared the Wal-Mart, she felt a creeping regret that she had come along. She had felt so strongly back at the rest stop that she could go instead of Steve. But now that they were actually here, she worried that if they got attacked she wouldn't be ready.

    Azra's presence at her side helped her breathe more evenly. She knew that Azra would help her if things got ugly. It was a slight reassurance. She could tell that the other's were uneasy too. It was the first time they had gone on a supply run, and they weren't sure of each other as a group. It made sense that they would be a little nervous. Dagny tried to calm herself as they got closer to the Wal-Mart.
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