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    Zachary Zomp

    Gas stations were easy. They had lots of windows and were small. The windows allowed a good guess of what threats were inside and the small size meant less area for surprises to occur. Walmarts, Targets, Home Depots, etc were different. They only had windows at the entrance and exits and they were larger than gas stations. Their square footage to view-ability-through-window ratio rendered the building a giant concrete box with few breathing holes. Zachary Zomp had decided to open this box. Unfortunately, Schrodinger's cat was dead and dead no longer meant what it used to.

    The room was probably a break room. Round laminate tables filled the square room. Metal folding chairs ringed the tables.

    Zach threw his shoulder into the heavy door, dug his toes into threadbare carpet and braced himself. A fleshy arm, unaffected by the pain of being shut in door, pawed at the air a few inches from his side. The dragger the arm was attached to thudded against the door like a lazy battering ram. Luckily it had no concept of momentum or it would have ended the struggle a lot sooner. Still, it slammed into the door again pushing Zach back. The arm entered farther into the room and a bit of shoulder joined it in the door frame.

    "By all the..." Zachary stepped back and looked around. He grabbed a folding chair and collapsed it. His heart raced as he waited for the dragger to enter the room.

    Micheal: Sales Associate lumbered into the room. He stepped farther back, waiting. It came closer. Zachary swung, a metal ring sounded as the awkward club impacted the dragger's head. Micheal: Sales Associate didn't seem to care.

    Heart racing Zach swung again.



    Micheal: Sales Associate collapsed.

    Zachary jumped towards the door and slammed it closed as two more draggers appeared in the darkness. He wedged the chair under the doorknob to brace it. Two thumps shook the door as the draggers crashed into it like Windex birds.

    Zach stepped back and collapsed shakily into a metal chair. Sweat ran from his forehead and burned in the corner of his eyes. He breathed raggedly and slumped forward, letting his forehead rest against the cool plastic of the table.

    "Shelly, Jay..."
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    Mike Brooks

    When Mike entered the Walmart with Abby, Azra, and Dagny the horrible smell hit him immediately. He smelled rotten food and death...everywhere. The lights were flickering on and off and the store looked like a bomb had went off. Food and goods were scattered on the floor, trash was everywhere, and there were carts upturned. People had clearly ransacked this place after the outbreak had started. Mike wondered if they would find anything useful now...He hoped so, he hated the idea of putting his friends in danger for no reason. Especially when the three ladies with him weren't trained in combat.

    "Let's check out the food aisles for anything non-perishable and then we'll see if there's any weapons or medicine left."

    He suggested to the women. It seemed the best plan and they were nearest to food first. He grabbed a cart that had been slammed into the bakery counter and thought they might as well go shopping. It was a shame that the bakery goods had visible mold on them...He wouldn't have minded some cake or donuts right now.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby mentally prepared herself that the store would like look like a war had happened inside since the parking lot looked like one. It was worse then she thought it would be. It smelled horribly and Abby had cover her nose. A lot of the food had spoiled and the smell was there along with the smell of death that followed draggers everywhere they went. She nodded her head to Mike.

    "Sounds good. Maybe we should look for toys too. You know, so Sam and Freya have something to do."

    Something safer then trying to play outside. She wondered if everyone else would think that was silly to worry about toys when things like food, medicine, and weapons were far more important. But Sam and Freya were still kids and kids liked to play.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike's first thought was that Abby was silly for worrying about toys when they might get killed looking for a can of beans but then he realized she was right. Sam and Freya were still kids and they should have some safe indoor activities to do. Especially since there wasn't video games and television now.

    "Yeah, we should."

    Mike replied with a nod. Although the toys would be the last thing to look for. Mike lead his group towards the food aisles and they had to kill a few draggers along the way to find the canned foods aisle. Surprisingly there was some things left, not the most popular of foods but beggars couldn't be choosers.
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    Dagny Bloom

    Dagny held her nose as they walked through the food aisles. Clearly some of the freezer units had given out in the last few days and the food in them had begun to spoil.

    She was going to offer to go into the toy section quickly on her own so that they could be more efficient, but she knew that Mike would never go for that. Her father, she knew, had told Mike to be careful with her. She had seen them talking before they left for Wal-mart.

    She chewed on her lip and looked around as they continued on. There were fewer draggers in the store than she'd thought. She was grateful. Fighting their way through a dragger-infested Wal-mart was not something she had been looking forward to.
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    Zachary Zomp

    The door continued to shake as the zombies battered against it, relentless in their mindless purpose.

    He wanted a drink. Or a gun. Slowly Zach lifted his head and looked around the room. Somehow break rooms always depressed him. Maybe it was the forced cheerfulness mixed with open despair. The thoughts of those who received minimum wage and knew they had no prospects for advancement seemed to stick to the walls, the plastic chairs, and the threadbare carpet. The break room: graveyard of the dreams once held by the retail for lifers.

    The wood of the door slowly began to crack, jarring him from his thoughts.

    Was there another way out? There! A door in the corner of the room was partially hidden from his view by a refrigerator. Zach lunged, exhausted, to his feet. He grabbed his blood and brain crusted chair and made for the door.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby was glad that everyone agreed it would be a good idea to get the kids some toys. It was easy to forget in trying to survive that Sam and Freya were still children and kids liked to play. Some board games or Legos would be safer then them playing something outside. It made her a little sad that it was so dangerous that they couldn't play outside. Something she had taken for granted as a child. The rotten food made the store stink, and Abby had to hold her nose. After finding what they could of still edible food, the group headed towards the back of the store. From the layout of the store, they would be heading into baby supplies and children's toys before finding the sporting goods section. Another section they should check out for leftover weapons. The store was oddly low on draggers, which made Abby concerned. After all, shouldn't there be more? She frowned when she saw a dragger that been shot in the head by an arrow. Surely others had come before looking for supplies but...This kill looked rather fresh.


    She started to say when she heard a noises coming from the direction of the employee's break room.

    "There must be a lot of them and they are after something."

    She said, it sounded like draggers trying to break into a room. The only reason Abby thought that draggers would do that was because something or someone was alive.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike hoped that it was possible to cure what happened. If not, he wasn't sure how long life could go on like this. Something as simple as going to a store was life or death now. At least there was edible foods to be found. Although eating canned foods and pasta would get old fast. He found it odd himself there weren't more draggers, they multiplied so fast. At least Dagny hadn't tried to go off on her own. Sure the trip would be faster splitting up but it would be more dangerous. He promised her father he would protect her and he was going to keep that promise. He wouldn't lose anyone else like they had lost Dylan. He frowned along with Abby when they came across the freshly killed dragger. He hadn't heard or seen anyone else besides his own group since they entered the store. Granted, it was a large store but...

    "Or someone."

    He said to Abby, voicing her thought out loud when they heard the noise from the employee break room. Perhaps this was the person that had killed this dragger. Whoever that person was, it sounded like they were in danger.

    "We should try to help them."

    He told the ladies. He didn't who that person was but if they could help him or her, they should. Willing to trust Azra had helped his own family, as had Abby's willingness to trust Dagny. Although he wasn't naive. There were always bad people, an outbreak didn't change that. If that person was a threat to Mike's people, he would take him or her out himself.
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    William slid his mask down, there were humans here, and he would do his best to intimidate them. He cocked his shotgun - while empty - the threat was enough for him. If it truly came down to it he always had his bow and arrow. Of course he still wasn't a good shot with. Regardless, humans meant supplies. He brought up the courage he had to learn and walked confidently toward the humans he had heard

    "Drop everything you have, now." The mask distorted his voice hopefully making him sound gruffer and manlier than he truley was. He aimed the shotgun directly at them, his finger on the trigger as he was ready to fire at them. His mask hiding any anxiety his face might show.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby hoped the rest of their group was safe. After the fall of the military base, they had taken refuge in an old rest stop. It wasn't a permanent solution but it would do until they planned their next move. Mike and Abby had heard a noise and went to investigate it, they didn't expect to find a masked man holding a shot gun on them. Abby held her hands up and told him.

    "We don't want any trouble."

    Which was true, they just wanted to gather supplies for their little group and head back to them. She showed William her gun and placed in onto of the cart they had been pushing around. The cart was full of supplies they could have used but it wasn't worth fighting over.
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