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Thread: Book Binding

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    Book Binding

    Book Binding

    Two books I've bound.

    Yes, I bind books. Usually, the books I've bound have either stayed with the library who owns them, or they've gone to a friend or relative as a gift. I think I've kept three. Of those, I recently found two, and tried to take pictures of them. The picture I link to above turned out particularly well, so I've been showing it off this week.

    As I've repeated elsewhere, the book on the left is the first book I ever bound. Thankfully, this picture doesn't show all the mistakes I made all that well. It's done in the Occidental style, which is close to the glue-and-thread bindings still used in America on many but not all hardcovers and a few paperbacks.

    The book on the right is new. It's done in the Oriental side-sewn style, or rather my best approximation of it. I haven't found decent instructions for what they did, so I'm trying to make it up as I go along, and attempt to remember what's worked and what hasn't. {lop-sided smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    Those are very cool.
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    Thank you! I'm rather proud of how those books turned out, if I do say so myself.

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    Awesome! I've thought to get into book binding, but I have to many hobbies as it is. Let me get the kids off to college first, and then I'll get back to you for note comparisons.

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    Sounds good to me. I haven't done as much book binding as I'd like, but I expect to do more in the future. I'm discovering new incentives to take it up.

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    Very nice job, Anne.

    madkingchris01 to the forum.

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    Very cool, Anne.

    Welcome, madkingchris01.

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    Thanks, Jenny and Corey.

    I since re-bound the book on the right. The covers were so thin, they weren't wearing well at all. So I rebound it with slightly thicker covers. It now looks more like this.

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    I'm experimenting with a new sort of cover. They're called "limp bindings." As far as I can figure, that's what they called softcovers back before anyone really wanted to sell them to customers. The early ones were usually thin cardboard covered with leather. I'm trying to cover cardstock with bookbinder's cloth, because cardstock is easier to find than the slightly heavier stuff they used, and because cloth actually seems to last longer than leather here in the tropics. I hope to have pictures to share soon.

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    Now I've bound another book in a similar style. If you're curious about it, see here: http://aeb-anne.blogspot.com/2014/10...ound-book.html

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