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    My forray into calligraphy

    Talking My forray into calligraphy

    I've never been thought of as an "artistic" person. Crafty, yes, but not artistic. But for the longest time, I was super excited about the idea of improving my penmanship (despite my age XD), which was when I got exposed to calligraphy.

    So last year, I attempted a personal challenge and this blog was the result of that: http://kulitandcalligraphy.tumblr.com/

    Here's a few more info about this challenge, and below would be one of my first attempts, followed by one of my latest ones.

    Feel free to feed the Kulit!

    @kulit: Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | @drealkulit: Instagram | Flickr

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    That's quite fancy writing, especially in the second picture. I definitely see the improvement there. {SMILE}

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    Thank you, Anne!!! That was roughly 90 practice days in between. I'm just glad there was an improvement. Hehee.

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    Looks like you're on a good track, Kulit. Caligraphy takes a lot of practice to master. Did you keep up with that hobby or have any more pics to share?

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    Hello, Simon! It looks like you're new to the forum!

    Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride.

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