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    I thought reindeer might be on a better continent for you.

    I think a sledge doesn't need snow as much, which makes it more useful around here. Tho sometimes a sleigh could be used on Mauna Kea, I don't go up there too much. The air is uncomfortably thin at elevations where you find enough snow for a sleigh.



    New Year's Day?

    (Since those are the biggest two holidays in modern Hawai'i, I think of them as going together. )

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    Christmas! I always feel bad for my doggy during New Year's. And this country hasn't moved on a lot from firecrackers so there's a lot on injuries and fire during that time. :\





    (What happened to the other thread?)
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    Yeah, pets in Hilo have trouble with all the fireworks on New Year's, too. Hawai'i has enough Asian influence, we go in pretty big for fireworks considering we're in the US. A friend used to insist he'd heard folks compare it to being in a war zone, between the noise and smoke. I doubt you'd be as impressed, tho. Many houses don't shoot any off, or only shoot off the pretty fireworks like fountains, not the noisy firecrackers. I don't think we get too many injuries, oddly enough, but there are always a few fires, especially on the islands that like wooden roofs. Escaped pets and asthma are big problems most years, too. So Christmas is a less problematic holiday here, too.

    Normally I prefer evenings for exercise; it's easier to wait for the evening to cool off than to get up before the morning warms up. Right now. it's too hot for exercise anywhere but in air conditioning anyway. Silly heatwave. {lop-sided smile}

    (What other thread? It should still be here somewhere. {pause} I think the King or Queen thread you liked will be 5 from the top when I'm done, the Banning game you also liked will be 17 or so from the top, and the first part of this thread will be just before the Banning Game. Site Chronicler decided we needed a part 2 for this game; I guess over 100 screens of answers is a bit much. )

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    Once a thread gets to 100 pages long the Site Chronicler (splendid fellow!) locks it and starts a new thread on the same subject. Saves server /processing time and helps the board run smoother and faster.

    Your choice


    Sworn, bloody!


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    Oops! I forgot again, didn't I?

    Mine I guess, so...




    (And thanks for explaining the Site Chronicler starting new threads. I've wondered how and why that works. )

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    Classical (not that I've anything against Baroque)




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    Picasso. Not that Dali doesn't have his points, but Picasso.

    George Seurat (since the song in that game was from Sunday in the Park with George. )


    Pierre-Auguste Renoir? (Yes, I had to look him up. )

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    Renoir's the only one I knew before so I'll go with him




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    Sculpture. I see more paintings, and they are nice, but sculptures grab my attention far better.

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    And your choice?

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