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    Planet Nero: A Modern Twist

    Planet Nero: A Modern Twist

    Planet Nero is a planet that has two extreme climates and kingdoms. The kingdom to the South is called Fotia and is mainly desert. It has blistering heat. The kingdom to the North is called Pagos and is full of snow and ice. It has freezing temperatures. The citizens of both kingdoms have long since gotten used to the climates. For much of Nero's history the kingdoms of Fotia and Pagos would go to war. This ended 25 years ago because of the Great War. Fotia and Pagos had a war so horrible and bloody it almost destroyed the planet. Children were orphaned and it was hard to find someone who had not lost a least one loved one because of it. Queen Ember of Fotia and King Lars of Pagos called a truce. Both had lost their families and almost their own lives in a war they couldn't even remember why it started. In the Mountains of Mesos, they built the City of Eirini. Built perfectly halfway between both kingdoms, it serves as a peaceful meeting point for the rulers and a place of trade between the kingdoms. Over time the wounds of the past have slowly healed the kingdoms live peacefully with each other until recently.

    Previously on Nero:

    Meyer Elan made a deal with the Gatekeeper that ran the Thirteen Hells to send the Firsts of Nero to it. Gwynn, Angel, Barrett, and Selene were all sent there. Gwynn was captured by the Gatekeeper's minions, the jailers, and horribly tortured. Angel was also taken and Selene and Barrett tried to fight their way through the Hells, finding them and also rescuing innocent people who had been trapped there along the way. Back on Nero, the Firsts' loved ones were determined to get them back. With Maverik's help, Cam and Milson went with the Hunter to rescue the Firsts. Brutus, the God of Shadows, hates Cam with a passion and to try and get to him, he kidnapped Liam and tried to kill Garnet. He failed in the end. Meanwhile Geoffers adopted two orphan teens, Rionna and Orion, while Barrett and Selene are taking in a boy named Cephas they found in the Hells.
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    Home, it was wonderful to be home. Selene had been surprised to learn that Gwynn had been returned home before she, Barrett, Cam, and Angel had made it home themselves. Those monsters...Selene would gladly kill them all over again for what they had done to Gwynn. It didn't surprise Selene at all that Geoffers cared nothing for whatever physical scars that Gwynn would have for the rest of her life at their abuse, all he cared was that she was home. Selene and Barrett saw to it that the people they rescued from the Hells had food to eat and places to sleep. Tomorrow they would see to helping them start new lives in Nero. Selene was surprised and happy to learn that she and Barrett now had a niece and nephew. They welcomed to Orion and Rionna to their home and were introducing Cephas as their new son to their family and friends in the palace. She thought that Cephas seemed a little overwhelmed to learn that this place was one of the Royal Family's homes and that he was going to be considered a prince. Speaking of princes, Selene couldn't wait to see Liam. For a while she was feared she'd never see him again. She kissed her little boy and showed him to Cephas.

    "Cephas, this is your baby brother, Liam."

    Thankfully Liam was unaware that his parents and aunt had been missing and he might have never seem them again. Selene told Liam.

    "Mommy and Daddy missed you."

    Luca smiled seeing the Royal Family reunited and felt a little bad that she had to interrupt the moment. Selene and Barrett would instantly know something was wrong, she addressed them formally and that didn't happen unless she was worried how they'd take news she had to give them.

    "Your highnesses...I..."

    "Luca, we've told you many times you are family to us. There's no need formalities."

    Selene told her and Luca nodded her head.

    "I know. I...When you were gone Liam was kidnapped by a First named Brutus-"


    Selene yelled in shock and instantly felt bad because her reaction scared Liam a little. She lowered her voice as she soothed her younger son.

    "What happened?"

    "He was trying to get back at Cam by hurting Garnet. He used Liam as bait..."

    Luca explained what happened and Selene was angry and she could tell Barrett was too.

    "Barrett? What do you want to do?"
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    It was good to be home. Barrett was sure the people they had rescued from the Hells would like it here. If any wanted to return to their homes they were taken from, then he and Selene would see to it. If they had no where to go, then Nero would become their home. Barrett was thrilled to be an uncle to Gwynn and Geoffers children and to be a father again. Although his new son was older then his firstborn. He made sure it was clear to everyone that he and Selene were adopting Cephas. That he would be considered their son and be loved as equally as Liam. Barrett was sure some nosy lords would make a huge deal about heirs and such, but Barrett didn't care. Sometimes the best thing about being a king was having the last say. Cephas was now a prince and he would be treated the same as Liam. Barrett was thrilled to see Liam. He had missed his young son very much and thought it was a blessing that the baby did not even know his parents had been missing. Barrett could tell something was troubling Luca, she had long since given up addressing him and Selene so formally. When she told him what happened while they were away, his eyes turned red in anger. His hands were balled into fists with fire starting to circle them. He wanted that bastard in front him and to make Brutus pay for trying to harm one of his sisters and daring to touch his child.

    "We're going to show him that it isn't wise to mess with our family."

    He'd make this Brutus show himself and he would pay for what he had done. Maverik might not like it but Barrett didn't give a crap what the Hunter always thought. Especially when it involved his loved ones. He did realize that Cephas might be a little scared to see him and Selene angry. It was hard for the God of Fire to control his temper. He gave Cephas a smile.

    "We have something to take care of but I'm sure Luca would be happy to show you around for a little while."

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    "That's what I was hoping you would say."

    Selene told her husband. He looked as angry as she felt. She hoped Cephas wasn't too scared. This Brutus needed to be taken care of. Cam hadn't told them about his problems, if he had, she and Barrett would have helped him with this God of Shadows sooner. Luca nodded her head to Barrett.

    "I'd be happy to. Liam can help."

    Not that the baby could be much of a tour guide but Luca didn't want the king and queen to worry about their baby while they dealt with this dangerous First. Selene handed Luca the baby as she said.

    "I'm sure he will."

    She and Barrett told Cephas they would be back soon and Luca told him.

    "Don't be scared, they don't get angry too often. They are just very protective of the ones they love."
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    "Alright," Cephas told Barrett and Selene. "Just... stay safe, okay?"

    He knew that his new parents were doing the right thing, going after Brutus. That didn't mean that he wouldn't worry about them, though. He didn't know them very well yet, but he already cared about them. He didn't want to lose his new family as soon as he'd found them.

    Cephas regarded his new little brother with interest and curiosity. He hadn't spent much time around babies. Hopefully Liam would learn to like him.

    He shook his head when Luca told him not to be scared. "I'm not," he said. "They saved my life and brought me here. I know they're kind. I just don't want anything bad to happen to them."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    ::Home, it was so wonderful to be home. Angel was exhausted from her ordeal in the Hells and from healing the people the Firsts had found there but she couldn't sleep just yet when they returned to Nero. She had missed her children so much, all she wanted to do was hug them all. She knew Cephas would be very happy becoming Selene and Barrett's son and she was surprised but also happy that Geoffers and Gwynn had become parents as well.::

    Soon I'll have to bring the kids over for a visit.

    ::Angel suggested, her own children enjoyed spending time with the Royal Family. A few were close in age to the new members of the Royal Family and all her kids loved to make new friends. She was sure it would be good for all three children and make transitioning to school much easier. Milson nodded his head in agreement and added.::

    Definitely, once Angel gets so much needed sleep.

    ::He knew his wife's powers drained her and she needed to rest. She put her hand on his shoulder and said.::

    I'll sleep soon, after I give our kids hugs and kisses.

    ::Milson smiled at her and replied.::

    I expected no less. We'll see you all soon and let us know if we can be of any help with helping the new arrivals get settled.

    ::Milson offered the Royal Family. Both Angel and Milson knew lots of people around Nero and would be more then happy to help the new arrivals to Nero settle in and make Nero a home. Milson ended up having to carry Angel home. By the time she left the palace, she was exhausted. Too exhausted to use her powers to make a portal. She took a small nap when he carried her but seemed to instantly to know when they were back at the orphanage. She woke up and insisted she could walk in. Her children were thrilled to see her. All them ran over to hug both their parents.::

    I missed you all. I love all of you so much.

    ::She told them and was told she was loved in return. She thank Marta for all her hard work while she was away and eventually got some much needed sleep.::
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr
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    "We will."

    Selene told Cephas with a smile. She and Barrett would try their best to be careful but Brutus would have to be taught a lesson. One did not mess with their family and get away with it. Selene offered Cephas a hug and thanked Luca for looking after him and Liam. Before the news of Brutus had arrived, Selene had told Angel and Milson they were thankful for their offer with helping the survivors and that she was sure Cephas, Orion, and Rionna could all benefit from meeting their children. The two families would have to make plans to meet up soon, after everyone recovered from what happened in the Hells. Selene was pretty tired from it all herself but Brutus had to be dealt with first.

    "How do you want to do this?"

    She asked her husband quietly. Meanwhile, Luca told Cephas.

    "After everything those two have been through, I wouldn't be too worried."

    Since the Firsts had awakened on Nero, a lot of stuff had happened and Selene and Barrett always seemed to survive it. Luca wasn't too worried about it but she could see why Cephas would be.

    "Where would you like to begin the tour of your new home?"
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    Barrett appreciated Angel and Milson's offer to help with the survivors and thought their children meeting the new members of his own family would be good. They would definitely have to plan something after everyone got some rest and after Brutus was dealt with. He gave Cephas a smile and nodded in agreement that they would be safe. Brutus was the one who should be worried. Although Barrett knew Maverik would be angry if he knew what Barrett had planned. Well, right now, he didn't care. Brutus kidnapped his infant son and tried to kill his sister, he wasn't in the mood to play nice or even let the Hunter take care of this First. If Cam had told them about his problem before, Barrett and Selene would have helped him then. Cam wanted to deal with it on his own and now Brutus had crossed the line in his revenge. When Selene asked what he had planned, he replied.

    "We'll draw him out and confront him. Of course...Garnet might not like that I want to use Cam as bait."

    Barrett didn't hate his sister's boyfriend but Cam would be the best way to draw out the God of Shadows.
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    "Oh, I'm sure she won't like that."

    Selene replied when Barrett told her he wanted to use Cam as bait. Despite the things the jailers and that First Cam had encountered in the Hells had tried to tell him, Garnet didn't hate him. He also was pretty beaten up from that trip to find them. Of course, being beaten up could lure Brutus out. He might risk going into their home if he thought he could get to Cam and kill him easily. Even when the palace was full of people who wanted to take him out.

    "We'd better tell her first, before you just grab Cam and offer him up to this Brutus."

    Cam had been in a great of pain when he returned from the Hells and was sedated with pain killers in his room.
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    "Yeah, we probably should."

    Not that Barrett was going to let anything bad happen to Cam. Overall, he liked the other First and Cam mattered to Garnet and that was all that was important to Barrett. Still, Brutus might let his guard down if he thought he could kill Cam and that was a chance Barrett was willing to take. He and Selene found Garnet and Barrett told her.

    "After what Brutus did to you and Liam, he has to pay. I truly think the best chance of doing that is using Cam as bait. I won't let him get hurt."

    Especially since Cam wouldn't be able to protect himself very much, not when he was recovering from what had happened in the Hells.
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