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    When it was too late to do anything about it, Garnet realized that Cam wasn't in on the plan.

    She was surprised, realizing it, then saw that she shouldn't be. If Brutus was monitoring Cam, no conversation with him would be safe. It made sense. Unfortunately, though, it wouldn't be good for Cam's morale if he thought they were really abandoning him. They needed him to be strong, and if he really thought they didn't care, he might just give up.

    Garnet decided to take a risk - but a lesser one, in her eyes, than letting Cam just give in to what he saw as inevitable death. Brutus might be watching Cam on Nero, but she didn't think another First would have been able to see into the Hells, given their their own difficulties with tracing, teleportation, and portals when it came to that dimension.

    "You double-crossed us one too many times, Cam," Garnet said coldly. "We had agreed to give you another chance, and then that cowardly performance in the Hells? Yeah, I heard everything that happened there. You couldn't turn on us fast enough when you thought it might save your own skin. You honestly thought we wouldn't hold that against you? We're sick of it, Cam. So we're going to show you the same loyalty you showed us in the Hells."

    Garnet figured it would be pretty easy for Brutus to believe Cam would turn on his friends. A show of loyalty would be more unexpected. Since Cam knew what had actually happened in the Hells, the "threat" Garnet made at the end would hopefully be a reassurance for him.
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    Orion and Rionna

    Orion and Rionna were quietly playing a board game in the family's living room when Luca and Cephas arrived. Their injuries had been tended. They'd had plenty of nutritious food to eat, and were wearing clean clothes. Even so, they had not yet shaken off the invisible scars of their past. That would take time - and it would never be as though the pain had never happened. Only a short time into their new life, it still felt very surreal and fragile, as if it could disappear at any moment like a dream.

    Both siblings looked up when the newcomers entered, but then Rionna's gaze dropped quickly to the floor again. She'd been conditioned that eye contact was unwise. She and her brother both alert for danger.

    Orion wondered what Cephas would be like. Was he a spoiled princeling who would look down on the other children adopted into the family? He didn't look it. Cephas looked entirely... ordinary. Which, in Orion's view, was a good thing. Everything was probably strange for Cephas, too. The other boy might feel very alone here, not having a sibling in the same boat.

    Orion smiled and said, "Nice to meet you, Cephas. Do you want to play?"

    He gestured to the game board, and Rionna gave Cephas a faint smile while still avoiding his eyes. When Cephas said he did, Orion scooted over to give him room at the table while Rionna set out the wooden pieces for a third player.
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    There had been no way to tell Cam about the plan. It had to be believable and Brutus always seemed to be watching the younger First. It was best he was left in the dark and truly thought they were going to hand him over to the Shadow God who couldn't let go of a grudge. Barrett grabbed Cam's arm and told him.

    "You heard her, let's go. The sooner you're gone, the better."

    Barrett kept a tight grip on Cam and forced him towards the ballroom.

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    Selene & Camillus

    Cam truly had no idea what the three were talking about. He frowned at Garnet.

    "What?! I never-"

    "Stop lying."

    Selene coldly cut Cam off. She was sure that if their plan worked against Brutus, Cam would later thank them for this. Right now, he was getting angry. He had only "back stabbed" them once, back when Dayana was still alive because he owed her a life debt. Even then, he had sided with the good guys in the end. At the Hells he had certainly never betrayed them. He went there to help Garnet's siblings. Cam could tell he'd get no where with Selene and Barrett. They always were a united front and right now that meant they wanted him gone. He tried to free his arm from Barrett's grip but Barrett was stronger then him. He tried to appeal to Garnet.

    "Garnet, please. I love you. You know I'd never hurt you or your family."

    Selene looked over at Garnet and hoped that she still continued to play along.
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    Luca smiled, seeing that three children play a game together. That would be a good start to forming a cousin bond. She told Liam.

    "While your big brother plays with your new cousins, let's see how Aunt Gwynn is doing."

    Liam seemed to agree with her. Well, he didn't cry at the idea, she thought. He was still too young to offer much of an opinion. She knocked quietly on Gwynn's door and saw that Geoffers had taken Lizard Dog for a walk.

    "Hi, Gwynn."

    Luca said, offering her a smile.
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    Garnet felt like she was stepping out onto very thin ice; one false move and everything would collapse.

    "How can you say that with how things are?" she asked. "With Brutus out there lurking? He could be watching us at this very minute! Did you even think of that?"

    She paused for just a moment to let that sink in. Come on, Cam! she thought silently. Put it together! She wished she could somehow beam understanding directly into his brain, to soothe the wounded look in his eyes.

    "We have to do something about that. You didn't think we could just live this way forever, did you? Giving you to Brutus is the only way we can get him to leave us alone."

    Any of us, Garnet added in her mind, hoping he'd get it now even if she couldn't say anything aloud.
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    Gwynn opened the door and stepped back so Luca could enter.

    "Hi, Luca," she said, and offered her a chair. "How are you?"

    It took effort for Gwynn to make eye contact and not look at the floor. She had to remind herself over and over that Luca didn't hate her. That had been a lie. The Hells had made her believe that no one wanted her around anymore, but that wasn't true. Everyone had been kind since she came back. She still had friends. Obviously Luca was one of them, since she had bothered to come here for a visit. Gwynn would be careful not to forget that, and not to let the lies of her tormentors ruin anything else.
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    When Cam proclaimed his love for Garnet, Barrett got worried that the whole plan would go up in flames. Brutus had proven he was constantly watching Cam, this wouldn't work if she replied she loved him back. Thankfully Garnet didn't say that, Barrett could tell she was trying to give Cam a hint but Barrett wasn't sure if the other First was picking up on it. They didn't have time for Cam to figure it out and Barrett grumbled.

    "Enough of this. You had your chance, you blew it. You're not our problem anymore."

    He forced Cam to walk towards the ballroom. It was a good open room. If a fight broke out, hopefully too many innocent people wouldn't get hurt and there wouldn't too much property damage.
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    Selene & Camillus


    Cam stumbled over his words hearing Garnet's reply. While he had not spent as long as Gwynn had in the Hells, the creatures there had tortured him. It was hard to remember what was real and what wasn't...Garnet being happy that he had returned had seemed real but obviously it wasn't. He had been in and out of it since the return but he thought he remembered her being happy he was back. That must have been wishful thinking. Selene coldly said.

    "You don't think, that's your problem."

    She did hope he could pick up on Garnet's hints but Cam seemed pretty upset at her reply that he was putting much else together. He looked down, depressed and defeated. He had screwed up his second chance and he wasn't going to get a third anywhere.

    "Let's go."

    He said, not fighting them anymore. He hoped Brutus would come quick and end his miserable life now.
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    Garnet sighed internally. She couldn't think of any other way to say it, and the message clearly hadn't gotten through.

    "Brutus better show up after all this," she said angrily under her breath. "We've already sold our souls, right? It had better be worth it."

    Of course, it would appear she meant by betraying a friend - well, for more than a friend, for her - but even though that wasn't true, she still felt like it. Cam would surely take this hard. Even when he was free of Brutus, he would probably now want anything to do with them after how it had happened.

    Well, she thought, it was nice while it lasted...
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