"Spending the day with our family sounds perfect to me."

Selene didn't just mean their sons but also their sisters, Geoffers, their new niece and nephew, and also Cam, Jared, and Luca. Both Jared and Luca were like family to them. They could even invite Angel and her family too. She'd get Luca to start helping to plan a circus right away. There were lots of people with many talents in Nero, it could be a grand event. Maybe even an annual one if it really took off and was successful. They could donate any money made to the orphanage. She was sure when Cam was fully healed, he would take part in their circus. Probably being one of the lions this time, not just taming them. She grinned at Barrett after she returned his kiss.

"I love you too."

She was glad to be home. Where they belonged.

The End

(Unless the other players return someday.)