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    The Inn at the Edge of Everywhere

    The Inn at the Edge of Everywhere

    Somewhere between Then and Now, Here and There, rests an Inn. On the exterior, it would remind patrons of a quaint cottage in a quaint village. But no one ever sees the exterior, for to be on the outside of the Inn is to be floating aimlessly in the voids of space. There is no door or window that can be seen, but surely there must be one. How else would someone enter the inn to partake of the beverages and food that surely must reside inside?

    On the interior, there is a giant square room with shiny metallic silver walls, a shiny metallic silver ceiling, and a shiny metallic silver floor. There is no furniture in this room, and there is no one there. At first, then, suddenly there is a whirring sound as a portion of the back wall rises up and pushes out a big fireplace with a wooden hearth. The back wall also shifts shape a little as the surface of the wall turns into a wooden texture and then grows to envelope the other walls. Windows also appear along those walls showing a nice snowy scene outside with chirping birds and trees drooping from their snowy burden. If one were there to look outside one of the windows and were to look hard, they could spot a white hare dart out from behind a tree, raise up on it's hind legs and sniff the air before hopping to the next tree. That is if someone were there to witness this. Near the fireplace along the left wall, a bar with stools and all the furnishings of an old inn would need appear as if they were always there. The floor shimmers until it looks like a wooden floor with tiny gaps where the wooden planks don't quite meet.

    As if the activity triggered something, suddenly, the inn comes to life as tables and chair appear out of nowhere all throughout the room. A portly man with red hair and a long red moustache wearing plain brown trousers, a white shirt, and a greasy apron appears behind the inn and starts polishing off the counter top of the bar. A petite young girl, no more than sixteen, appears near one of the chairs and starts to brush away dust that has also just appeared out of nowhere. She wears a cotton dress with an apron tied around her waist, and her hair is done up under a white cotton scarf. She whistles a happy tune as she works. After a few minutes, she stops sweeping, leans on her broom and asks, "When do you think customers will arrive, father?"

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    As if in answer to the barmaid's question, the door opens and a gust of cold wintery air rushes in. A figure enveloped in a red cloak with a hood that covers most of his face walks through the door. One would have expected him to be covered in snow, but his red cloak and hood are completely dry. Keeping his hood up and covering his face, MystikChronicler strides over to a table and sits down.

    The young barmaid puts her broom behind the bar, wipes her hands on her apron and walks up to the only customer in the inn. "Welcome to The Inn, good traveler. My name is Justine, and that man is my father Berch. How may we be of service?"

    MC digs into a hidden pocket of his cloak and pulls out a pocketwatch. "Nothing for me at the moment. Is it okay if I sit here for awhile?"

    Justine flashes him a bright smile and says, "No problem, sir. You take all the time you need." She looks around at the big empty room and shrugs, "It's not like we need the table or anything."

    MC slyly leans back in his seat and places his templed fingers under his nose, "I have a feeling that will change and soon."

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    How did she get here? Sojourn couldn't remember. It was like she just appeared in front of this door and had no recollection of how she got here. She tried to think back and she couldn't remember. The last thing she did recall was that she was with a man and a young woman. Who were they? Sojourn frowned. Why didn't she remember? She was sure the man and the woman were very important to her. A blast of cold air made her shiver. She was not dressed for this weather. She was sure it wasn't winter before. She was wearing dark pants and a sleeveless grey top. She was usually smart enough to know how to dress. She crossed her arms against her chest and rubbed her bare arms. Maybe she'd find answers inside. It was better then standing outside in the cold and it wouldn't hurt to warm up. Sojourn was going to open the door when she realized she almost stepped on her golden bow. Funny, she didn't remember having that with her. She must have hit her head, Sojourn thought. She didn't even realize she had her quiver on her back either until just now. She sighed and bent down to retrieve her trusty weapon. With her bow in hand, Sojourn walked inside and was surprised to see only three other people inside the inn. You would think with the weather outside that this place would be busy. Thanks to the wind outside, her long blond hair was a mess but Sojourn didn't care.

    "Excuse me, miss? Where am I?"

    Sojourn asked Justine, assuming that since she was wearing an apron that the girl worked here.

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    An incredibly loud portal opened in the center of the room, sending vibrations that shook the chandeliers and most of the glasses. Nothing shattered, thankfully. But before the calm could return, a smell of brimstone came out of the portal, it was evident that a Boom Tube had materialized, just as a not very slender nor very young figure stepped out of it. He carried molten lava on his feet and it was innevitable that his footprints got burned over the rug.

    "Bow in front of Meteoro, God of Falling Rocks!" He looked around with an extremely severe look. "I said bow!" He yelled expecting immediate submission and then sighed.

    "Miss!" He waved a hand to the young girl in a way that didn't look as impressive as he would have wished. "I am hungry. I demand a feast. Now!" He sighed again. "I miss the old days so badly. People died of heart attacks just by looking at me. I so miss mass murder, beheadings, apocalypses..." And a little shy tear ran over his cheek.


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    Optimus didn't remember how he got here. It was just like he appeared in front of the inn's door and he didn't like that. He didn't like not knowing where he was or how he got here. He didn't even remember where he was from. Something or maybe it was someone was messing with him...Optimus never liked not knowing what was going or possibly being a pawn in someone's game. He felt like he was missing someone too. Two important someones. He remembered vaguely being with two women before, one younger then the other. Both important to him but he couldn't remember the exact reason why or their names right now. At least his black leather jacket was protecting him the cold wind that was blasting around. Not that his dark hair was protected from it, his hair looked like he had just woken up. The boom tube going off inside startled him out his thinking. He headed inside to see what caused it and laughed looking at Meteoro. He didn't remember his name but he seemed oddly familiar. Like Optimus knew him once...Maybe he had, if he could have remembered anything.

    "I think you might need to lay off on that feast."

    The man who made such a loud appearance looked like he'd die of heart attack instead of causing them if he didn't lay off the food. Meteoro certainly did not appear to be in good shape. Not like Optimus who was by no means a small man but at least he was muscular, not fat.

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    From one corner, a man looks up from a large book. He isn't a large man but he seems to carry a presence under is red long coat. What may be a suit is slightly visible under it but the boots, gloves and shades don't match yet somehow feel natural. He tilts his glasses down enough to look over them. "Well, someone let himself go. You do know its no shirt, no shoes, no service right?" He flicks a few motes of dust towards the loud mouth and an illusion washes over the naked godling. "There we go. That should be more pleasant." To the onlookers, it seems that M is suddenly clad in a sloppy toga and sandals.

    Before he settles back, he raises a glass. "Oh, waitress could you be a darling and bring me another of those apple cherry ciders?"

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    The Traveller

    A weird sound joined the chitter chatter of the people at the Inn. It slowly got louder, seemingly to be a cross between a high-pitched screech and cooing, and just about when everyone started to notice, an animal swooped in from one of the windows and flew around the cutomers' heads before perching itself on the bar. The creature, a bird with a broad head and impressive ruffles of white, gray and light brown feathers stared at everyone with its beady, yet squinty eyes. It paced the bar, only pausing as it tilted its head at the inn keeper and bar maiden, before heading of to continue the length of the bar.

    The door creaked open, and a female figure shook the snow out from her robes. Taking it off completely showed a woman, with gray and matte green hair, pale skin and impossibly black eyes. This pair of eyes surveyed the room and gave a mischievous smile as she spotted the creature walking up and about the bar area. She joined her companion creature and took a spot on one of the stools, motioning for the maiden.
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    The Innkeeper and His Daughter

    Berchnal let out a huge cough as he wiped the counter, but it wasn't dust that caused him to cough and almost choke. No, it was the arrival of the man in a red cloak. No matter how long it had been or how the man might appear to others, Berchnal would never be able to forget the god that gave him life. MystickChronicler was as his name might suggest a mysterious figure who often did things that were odd or confusing to others. His choice of avatars was no difference. Like his brother and sister avatars, Berchnal was one aspect of the First of House Sinister's personality. Berchnal would never be able to forgive MC for ruining his life and forcing him to run away where he found himself in the situation he was now in. As Justine attended to MC, Berchnal stepped away hoping to retreat before MC could notice him.

    Once he was safely in the kitchen, Berchnal stepped into the privy to check his appearance. Maybe he looked differently enough that MC would not notice him. Yes, the changes in his life and the scars he had developed should be enough to mask his identity. Once he was sure that he would not give himself away, Berchnal stepped back into the Inn. It was then that he noticed all the new arrivals. Smoothing over his apron, he stepped up to the lady at the bar and asked, "What can I get for you?"

    Justine shook her head at MC when he declined to order anything. It wasn't like the inn was very busy, so she didn't see it mattered much if he wanted to sit there without ordering anything. Nothing else, he might be needing a room for the night and they could certainly use the money. As she turned she saw newcomers, first the young lady who appeared to be confused about where she was. Justine walked up to her and asked her if she needed help. The rest would have to wait.


    When the first newcomer arrived, MC had perked up in the hopes that the new arrival would be the one that he was eager to see. It was discomforting for the God of Mysticism and Knowledge to be unaware of what was happening, but here he was in a situation where he couldn't remember how he got there and what he was supposed to be doing. The last thing he remembered was a great war between the firsts which had escalated to a personal civil war of his own when all his avatars had begun to rebel against him. After all, it was his right as the god he was and the creater of these aspects of himself to return one day to reclaim his avatars and restore the power that it had cost in their creation. Yet, the avatars had rebelled, and for him, the biggest pain of it all was knowing that Derec, his first and most faithful avatar had led the revolt. He had been forced to retreat from the War of the Firsts, and the only way he had known to do that was to withdraw from all space. That was the last thing he remembered before he had arrived in the Inn. The only other thing he knew was that he was missing at least 200 years of his life.

    As he had stepped through the door, he had become aware of one other thing. Someone had pulled him here, and that someone wanted a meeting with him. He had only to sit back and wait until that someone appeared. As each newcomer arrived, he hoped and waited to see if the new arrival was the one he sought, but each time he was disappointed. So, while he waited, he sat back and watched M, the braggart God of Falling Rocks declare his presence. M had always had a flair for the dramatic, and nothing appeared to have changed. Though he was hesitant to encounter a brother First especially in his state of disarray, he had to admit that it would be nice to catch up with his old friend.

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    Angel & Eli

    ::A young couple appeared at the front door of the inn. Both appeared to be in their late teens or possibly very early twenties. The cold wind was blowing around them and the young woman shuddered, pulling her red cloak tighter against her chest.::

    You didn't say we were going some where colder then home, Eli!

    ::She told her companion with a glare. It was quite cold outside and she wished she had dressed warmer. Her red dress, which matched her cloak, was pretty but more suited for warmer weather. Back home at the Saber Vortex, it was summer and Angel missed it already. She had never cared to much for the colder weather. Eli, a handsome man with tan skin and brown eyes, laughed.::

    It'll be warm inside, Angel.

    ::She rolled her blue eyes at him.::

    I would hope so! So, what exactly did you do to my parents to prevent them joining us this time?

    ::Angel asked and grumbled as she had to push her blond hair out of her face. The wind was making it a total mess and she felt she wasted twenty minutes of her life trying to make it look nice for their date. Her parents, Sojourn and Optimus, were pretty protective of her and her father insisted that she and her mother went on dates with them to chaperon. It was embarrassing but she knew that they meant well. Plus, she was sure someday she'd do the same or worse when she had children herself. Right now, she wasn't ready to get married or have kids. She'd like both someday but for now she was just enjoying dating. She and Eli had been on a total of two dates so far but never alone. Actually Eli was lasted longer then other guys she met. Most didn't come back for a second date thanks to her parents. Eli told her.::

    Oh, well, I just put a little spell on them...

    What kind of spell?

    ::Angel demanded to know. At her age, her parents' over-protectiveness was annoying at times but she loved her parents and wanted nothing bad to happen to them.::

    Just a little....amnesia spell...

    ::Eli replied sheepishly, knowing that Angel would be angry. Which she was. Her eyes turned a deep golden color as she yelled.::

    You what?!

    It'll wear off.

    How long?


    ::Eli wasn't exactly sure. He had just thought if Sojourn and Optimus didn't remember him, or Angel, or even each other for a little while, then he and Angel could have some nice time alone. He had found the spell in one of the books he was studying and had slipped the needed ingredients to cast it into the couple's drinks.::

    You don't know.

    All spells wear off eventually.

    ::Eli replied and Angel shook her head at him.::

    You had better hope it will or what they wanted to do to you tonight will seem like a walk in the park compared to what I will do.

    ::Angel told him angrily, looking exactly like her father did when he was angry. Eli didn't like that Angel was angry and honestly, he was a little scared too. She physically looked exactly like her mother but she also had her father's temper. Which was not a good thing. He wasn't Angel's first suitor and most didn't last too long. They were plenty of stories of "accidents" involving would be boyfriends of the young goddess.::

    I just wanted us to have a little time alone with out your dad trying to set me on fire or your mom trying to shoot apples off my head. Is that so wrong?

    ::Eli asked, giving her a sad puppy dog look. Angel thought a moment and sighed.::

    I guess not but if that spell doesn't wear off on its own fast, then you had better fix it.

    I will, I swear. Cross my heart and hope to die.

    I'll hold you to that.

    ::Angel replied with a smirk and Eli had a feeling she would. He suggested they head and they arrived in time to see lots of other travelers. At first neither one realized that Angel's parents were here and Eli suggested they get a table and wait for the waitress or the man tending the bar to come serve them.::
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    The Innkeeper and His Daughter

    Justine looked bewildered for a moment when she realized that there were more people arriving. She had been wishing they would have more customers, but suddenly, she wished she had help. As if the universe heard her wish and decided to grant it, a young girl dressed almost exactly like Justine with blonde hair, blue eyes appeared at the other side of the inn. She appeared out of nowhere, but yet, Justine knew exactly who she was. That was Maizee, she and her twin sister Daizee had arrived just a little while ago and had volunteered to help out. When both Berch and Justine had insisted they didn't need help, the petite girls pulled their blonde locks into a ponytail and replied in unison, "Oh, you're going to be busy quicker than you know it."

    Justine sighed with relief as Maizee began taking orders. Justine looked over and saw Daizee had also began taking orders. She shook her head a moment as the thought occurred to her that it had only been her and her father just moments ago, but how could that be? She had a vivid memory of the twins arriving and offering their services. They had even offered to work for only room and board, which had been a relief to the innkeeper and his daughter.

    (OOC: In hindsight, I should have thought about this. It might be a long time before I can respond to posts, so I'm doing a retconny thing. Feel free to use any of the barmaids as you desire. If your character needs something, please take the freedom to use whoever I've created for the inn help or come up with your own. This is a magical inn after all. :-P)

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