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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattson View Post
    Mattson smiles either missing the sarcasm or ignoring it. "Fantastic. Now deliver this to the man in the toga." He pulls out a box containing a pink inflatable throne. "He should have enough hot air to fill it."

    Ruri looks at the box and her 'creator' for several moments. "Computer upgrades and that new virtual singing program." She says as she grabs the box.

    "Fine." Mattson replies back as Ruri heads off.
    As Meteoro saw Ruri approaching his eyes started to shine sinister red.

    "Kid, I'm in one of those moods. You know, killing, beheading, maiming mood. I hope whatever you bring will give me joy and take me far away from this depression that has been eating me from the inside... On the other hand, I said too much. Maybe I should cut your tongue so you don't repeat my words. I wouldn't want to be embarrassed, now would I?"

    Meteoro was about to proceed when something else caught his attention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post

    "You got the lazy part right."

    Optimus told Meteoro with a smirk.
    Meteoro looked at Optimus Prime and, for the first time since he arrived, he smiled.

    "Do you want to be my mortal enemy? I think having one would definitely improve my mood."

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Sanborn View Post


    His gaze finally stops on the Sinister God of Falling Rocks, his father. Releasing the crystal, he walked over to the table where Meteoro was sitting and sat down across from him.

    "Hello, Father. It has been a long time."
    Meteoro opened his eyes big. "Son?" He stood up and stared at his son, as if studying him from head to toe. "I'd like to kill you but... but..." He just jumped over him and gave him such a heartfelt hug that he would be embarrassed about this encounter for eons to come.

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    Mattson closes the book he was reading and it falls into a teleportal second later. He stands and surveys the room. His eyes glow faintly as he reads over the energies of the room extrapolating details about those moving around. It wouldn't be too hard to untangle the magics around ST and Optimus but its more interesting to see how it plays for the moment. It does seem fairly safe here so he'll let them slide.... ahhh but whats this? Someone new and with a death wish. He casually heads towards HA and Eli. "Well well well, someone has been playing with magic. Relax, kid. I've got your measurements already and a nice plot next to her other suitors."

    Across the room, Ruri just rolled her eyes. "Baka. I come with something for you when you're done hugging. I'll leave it here as I am sure someone else is suffering a fate worse than death." She turns to the Clone and Optimus. "I do not know a Pete. And I would not trust coleslaw he left out. Can you tell me your name?" She tries to ignore the clone's ramblings but she finally says "Greetings, master of fools. I see you remain to vex sanity."

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    Optimus was about to respond to Meteoro when Cloney distracted him. Any smart aleck remark Optimus might have come up in response to Meteoro's comment about being mortal enemies, was quickly forgotten. He glared at Cloney, the clone was distracting him from far more important things.

    "My name is not Pete."

    His eyes darkened in anger that very dirty water got on his clothes and he was having a very hard not setting this annoying thing on fire. He looked over at the far more sane woman who joined them.

    "I don't think I'd trust anything he gives out."

    He replied to Ruri when she said to not trust the coleslaw. He didn't remember Cloney at all right now but his gut told him to not trust anything this moron gave away.

    "I think my name is Optimus."

    He replied after a moment. He had to think what his name was and that name sounded right to him. Much better then Pete did.

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    Outside the inn there were three large, red dragons. They were far too large to fit inside the inn but they were called here and they knew why. He was here...The evil Giant Orange. None of them could remember why they hated him so much, it was so long ago, and they were often distracted by shiny things. The point was they did hate him and he needed to die and yet...The Giant Orange seemed impossible to kill. They took turns looking through the windows of the inn and saw the Giant Orange harassing one of their friends.

    "Giant Orange need to dies."

    Proclaimed Grimlock and Swoop nodded her head.

    "Yeah! Me hates Giant Orange. How we gets in? We too bigs."

    There was no way the three large creatures could fit through the door. Drags, the leader of the trio thought a moment and grinned when he saw Mattson approaching Eli and Angel. He pointed his claw at the young god.

    "Him. He is we ways in."


    Replied Swoop, confused how the young god would be any help.

    "He useded magic. He helps us."

    Grimlock didn't fully believe Drags and asked.

    "But he supper soons. Why he helps we?"

    "You sees."

    Drags replied and wrote a letter to Eli. He carefully tied it to a small rock and threw it through the window and at Eli's head. When he opened his letter, it would read:

    "You helps we, we helps yous. Meet we outside or we eats you sooners."
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    It does not take Cloney long to realize what is going on.

    "Not Pete? Oh, I get it! You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit and you're on the run from the law too? Yeah, I know what that's like," Cloney replies to Optimus. "Okay, 'Not-Peter-Cullen,' I'll let you get back to avoiding the 5-O. Don't worry, I won't admit that I'm not knowing where I didn't see you aren't being."

    Again, Cloney gives another ineffective wink. He then walks past the angry god and approaches the bar where Ruri is greeting him. Cloney places his dish towel onto the bar and gives Ruri a warm smile.

    "I'm so glad you're finally here, Ruri. I thought you would never get all of those phone messages I kept leaving for you."

    Somewhere, the voicemail of Mini-Juno is filled with many months of the nonsensical ramblings of a frantic clone.

    Unaware that his thousands of messages had never reached Ruri, Cloney continues,
    "I've been lying low for months now. I think I lost those Void Knight jerks, no thanks to Qwaring and his stupid Trans-cosm Vanguard of stupid stuff. I delivered all of those power icons for him, and what does he do? He moved the whole galaxy before I get back. He thinks he's so special just because he bottled up the Bolt of Inspiration and used it to create his own Oasis of Realms, but really he's just a stinky-face. Now, I'm looking for the one armed man, avoiding smokey, and more importantly... I plan on winning employee of the month!"

    Cloney lets out a sigh and slumps down onto a barstool. Years of running across the multiverse, playing delivery boy for a technocratic god, avoiding hostile entities from beyond visible reality, and wearing very tight bellbottoms, while pretending to be a busboy, all seems to weigh upon the orange man for a moment. But only a moment. Cloney's cheerfulness swiftly returns as he basks in the presence of his good, trusted friend.

    "Now that you're here, everything is going to be great!" Cloney grins at Ruri. He's completely unaware of the trio of massive beasts that take turns glaring at him from the window directly behind him.

    "Nothing can possibly go wrong," Cloney says with a laugh, still oblivious to the savage threat that stands just outside.

    "I don't see anything but happiness from this moment forward," he continues to- Really? He still doesn't see the huge dragons?!

    "That employee of the month is sure to be mine." What? They're right over there, you idiot! Just turn your head slightly to the left!

    "Yep, good times." Look right there! They're casting giant dragon-like shadows! What is wrong with you!?!

    "So, anyway, how have you been, Ruri?"

    Sigh. I give up. At this point, he deserves to be eaten.
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    Angel & Eli

    ::For a very brief moment, everything was right in Eli's world. Angel's parents had no idea who they were and it was just the two of them. It felt like heaven. He could enjoy Angel's wonderful company without angry parents watching him like a hawk. He lifted Angel's hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it.::

    Angel, you're so beautiful. I-

    ::Although it was crazy, Eli felt he was in already in love with her. Even though it was only their third date and her parents would be probably feed him to their dragons once the amnesia spell wore off. Just as the young god was about to clear his love, they were interrupted and his bliss was destroyed.::

    Hi, Grandpa!

    ::Angel told Mattson in excitement, freeing her hand from Eli and quickly getting out of her seat and giving her grandfather a hug. Eli gulped at what Mattson and Angel told her date.::

    Grandpa, this is Eli.

    ::She didn't say boyfriend. Angel might get to go on a date or two but no one had yet to survive her family long enough to be considered a boyfriend. She liked Eli but she wasn't ready to say it was that serious yet.::

    Eli, this is my grandfather, Mattson. He is my mother's father.

    Nice to meet you, sir. I heard many things about you.

    ::Not all good, he thought but didn't add. There were plenty of stories around the universe about Mattson. That the reason Optimus was so cruel to potential suitors to his daughter was because Mattson had been even worse to him before blessing his and Sojourn's relationship. Angel was thrilled to see her grandfather but Eli was not at all. He thought with out the parents, he and Angel could have a nice, romantic night. Her grandfather would probably make sure that didn't happen.::


    ::Eli proclaimed when a rock suddenly hit him in the side of the head. Angel frowned at him.::

    Are you okay?


    ::Eli said, rubbing his head, and saw the note attached to the rock.::

    I just need to use the restroom. Excuse me.

    Oh, okay.

    ::Angel replied with a shrug and turned to her grandfather.::

    So, what are you doing here?

    ::Eli quickly asked one of the waitresses were the restrooms were and rushed in there. He read the note and gulped again. Although it wasn't signed, it was obviously from the dragons. Optimus and Sojourn had already threatened to feed him to them, he had the feeling if he didn't agree to do whatever they wanted, they would eat him. He sneaked outside and found the three very large creatures.::

    I'm here, what is you want me to help you with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny View Post

    It bothered the goddess greatly that she didn't remember how she got here or the names of the two people she had been with before she was suddenly here. Where ever here was...She looked up when MC approached her.

    "Yeah, sure."

    She replied and looked at him carefully. She should know his name, Sojourn was certain of that, but like just about everything else right now, Sojourn didn't remember. Just like she was sure she knew the name of the very old and overweight god who was making a scene about a throne now.

    "We've met before, right?"

    She asked and realized how odd that must have sounded.

    "I don't remember very much right now. Sorry."

    MC took the seat next to Sojourn gracefully keeping a watching eye on Meteoro. He was sure that if anyone was going to start trouble, it would be the self-proclaimed god of fallen rocks. When Sojourn asked if they knew each other, MC slipped his hood back just a bit to show her some of his facial features in the hopes that it might jog her memory. He debated what he should say. Something was telling him that it might be a good thing that Sojourn didn't remember much. He'd heard of people losing their memories due to a terrible trauma. It was the only way that their minds could process the trauma without driving them insane. MC decided to go with a noncommittal answer, "We do know each, my friend, but unfortunately, I can't say we were very close. Let's just say we ran in similar circles that would meet every now and again. I must admit to being a little unclear how I got to this Inn, so I can't say anything about how anyone else might have arrived here."


    Berchnal let out a snort when he heard Cloney's comment about being employee of the month. "I hope you weren't talking about this job because I don't take favoritism over any of my employees. If you do hard work, then your only reward is that you get to keep your job, which I might add you're doing a poor job of right now. Stop harassing my waitresses and get to clearing tables."
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    'Yeah, whatever you say, moron."

    Optimus replied to Cloney. Clearly this...thing was insane and Optimus wondered why Ruri would put up with him. She was far more sane then the orange man. Optimus quickly realized letting Cloney believe whatever he wanted was easier then arguing and he felt a little bad that Ruri would be dealing with him next. He headed over to the bar to get something to drink. Now that Cloney was out of his hair, maybe he could try to remember things.

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    The dragons knew Eli would come, given what Drags had written, he would be stupid to refuse them. Since Grimlock and Swoop had no idea why their leader felt Eli could help them get closer to killing the Giant Orange, they let Drags do the talking.

    "Me needs you to cast spell on we."

    Drags told Eli and used his tail to toss a spell book at Eli's chest. There was a bookmark in it and the page it marked would be the spell the dragon leader wanted Eli to cast on them.

    "You does that for we, then we helps you get alone times with Angel."

    Swoop and Grimlock both looked at Drags in surprise. Usually their duty was to prevent alone time, not make it happen. Drags had a plan and he growled at them to keep quiet. He turned back to Eli and asked.

    "We haves deal?"

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    Sojourn carefully studied MC's face, he seemed familiar to her but she didn't remember his name. She sighed that he couldn't say how he had even got to this inn. Sojourn just wished she remembered where she had been before she arrived at this inn and who she was with. Not knowing was killing her.

    "I see. I suppose it is good to be with friends, though."

    She looked over at Cloney, who had angered Optimus. Her eyes peaked with interest seeing him.

    "You said we ran in the same circles, do I know him? Not the orange idiot, the man he made angry."

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