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    Jas and Kapo

    Kapo cried out as Drags grabbed him. "Kupo! Kupo! Kupo! I don't know, Kupo!" He cried out. His stars were getting mad at him. He was sure he was going to get fired. If he was fired, how could he become the manager to the stars.

    Jas turned his attention to Drags. He knew what was going on. He could see it in their minds. "You should probably let the little creature go. Holding him in such a way will not help find your book or your gold."

    "I can help you find it, kupo! I just need to keep looking, kupo!" The pom on Kapo's head glowed brightly as more junk was made to appear. "It's here somewhere." He had no idea if he even found the book or not, but if he could at least find the gold, maybe he could keep his job.

    "Relax, little one," Jas said calmly to Kapo. "Think about what you did, and maybe you can find it without bringing back all the debris."

    "Right, kupo. I just need to relax, kupo. Hard to relax when I'm being held like this, kupo." The pom glowed even more. "I'll concentrate on what I did, kupo. Let's see, kupo. I focused like this, kupo." He closed his eyes. "Then....." A puff of purple smoke cut off Kapo's words. When the smoke cleared, Jas, Kapo, the dragons, and anyone else too close, were gone.

    ((I'll post in Kapo's Dimension and link to that post later.))
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    Drags, Grimlock, & Swoop

    None of the dragons liked Kapo's answer. "I don't know" was not good enough for them. Especially when they wanted their gold and to be restored to their true forms. Being humans sucked and it hadn't even been worth it. The Giant Orange was gone once again...Drags' grip tightened around the little moogle and he said.

    "You betters-"

    Before he could voice his threat, Jas appeared and tried to a voice of reason. He would no doubt be able to clearly tell that the VD3 band was really the dragons from the Saber Vortex and they were not happy.

    "Looks harders."

    Drags replied and Grimlock and Swoop both nodded their heads in agreement. Drags angrily sighed as he released Kapo from his grip. It was hard for a dragon to not use force to get what they wanted, especially when they were angry. Nor did the three truly like being told what to do but since Jas might be able to help Kapo get back what belonged to them, Drags and his friends didn't growl at him for speaking to them in such a way. The three dragons let Kapo do what he needed to apparently do and disappeared with him and Jas in the cloud of purple smoke.
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