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    Man, those were some fun, crazy times. Especially with posters like Q and M.

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    Aye, or Kdogg7 or Sprouse & his Doritos.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Wow, Just took a trip down everyone's memory lane.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime
    So I have to marry her....Hehe cool.

    He heard the rest of the sentence.

    Oh crap. I better get ready for this.

    He went to prepare himself for the "tests" although they sounded more like torture to him.
    Get's what he wants.... well mostly....

    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime
    ((OOC: Nah, no maiming. My grandson needs a father and some siblings. ))
    Forgot there was more then HA & Raine.... Had to check my copies of the Family Bush...
    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime
    ::As OP's hand touches the jewel, the sides and top of the box fall away.::

    Congratulations. you've passed. I still get to torture you later for soiling my daughter, however.

    ::Quin folds into space::
    Now that's a true father....
    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime
    Well, it was going to be a test of your lateral thinking, as the original trail did continue on round the back of the mountain to this nice unguarded elevator here....

    Still, we'll write that one off as a test of physical strength then.
    lol, harsh...
    Last edited by Jacen Bell; 07-10-2017 at 06:48 PM.

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    Me eye's nearly popped out of me head when I saw the username listed next to
    mine.... Tiss the mother of all orphaned Secundae.....
    Welcome back Sil!

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    Wow, Jacen you found some real blasts from the past posts there. Good times, though.

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    Aye, I was going threw looking for something(don't remember what now.) didn't
    find it, but I came across your trial thread, was a really good read.

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