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    Today didn't get the chance to watch it. I'll try tomorrow

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    Here's an initial draft of my character. I don't have description or background worked in yet, wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything from the stats. I'll be adding the rest later. (Updated in a later post)

    Name: Amber Artemis
    Concept: Carefree Archer Cat Faunus
    Passion: Compassion
    Symbol: Narrow slit cat's eye with two concentric rings in the center of the pupil (as if a target in the center of the eye)

    Trait 1 (Semblance): Enjoy life and all it has to offer
    Trait 2 (Complication): Prejudice from humans that take away the joy
    Trait 3 (PC Tie): [Not sure what this means]

    Skill Rank 4: Archery
    Skill Rank 3: Melee Weapons
    Skill Rank 2: Acrobatics

    Basic Stats:
    Wounds: 0 0 0 (how many hits you can take before being out of the fight)
    Action Limit: 10 (max number of dice in your Action Pool)
    Strike Limit: 6 (max number of Strike dice you can use at once)
    Charge Limit: 6 (max number of dice in your Charge Pool)
    Defense: 2 (number of successes needed to inflict a wound, succ/2 round down to get wounds)

    Power 1: Maneuver Boost
    Power 2: Resilience
    Power 3: Chain Lightning
    Power 4: Zap
    Power 5: Multisoul
    Power 6: Soulbound Weapon
    Power 7: Soulbound Weapon
    Power 8: Soulsmith
    Power 9: Immediate Imbuement

    Weapon: "Realta"
    Collapsed State (Non-weapon) - Folded over, hangs from belt
    Compound Bow State
    - Shock Aura
    Bladed Pole Arm State
    - Power Strike
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    For Traits, what I set up for guidelines was a line that would include your character's semblance in some way. From the Red Like Roses song, you could use 'Black the beast descends from shadows' as Blake's there. For the complication you got that one about perfect and to give another example of one 'sins of the father'. For the third, I was encouraging players to have ties to each other in some sort of broad way.

    Now what were you thinking for the weapon design? Soulsmith and Immediate Imbuement make a weapon that's rather like Weiss's - you reconfigure via dust to give it different properties. Multisoul gives you a transforming weapon.

    Also, I may have forgotten to mention there are more elements then in the book. Currently, I have established - fire, ice, lightning (ala the book) and added water, wind, and earth. I may be persuaded for more with good reason.

    And Faunus in general have Darksight.

    And as Liddle draws on Wonderland for mythos a good bit, Jas, I am sure you'll decipher who runs the Eat Me Drink Me Cafe.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Soulsmith and Immediate Imbuement were taken because I thought that was needed for the weapon powers. The weapon is transforming between the bow and the bladed pole arm. It also folds away, so I didn't think that required a multisoul for that. The view I had for the bow form was more like bolts of lightning that were shot from it, so she doesn't actually have arrows. The bow is the first state, and the polearm is a second state for melee combat, where the power strike comes into play. That's part of the reason for the speed and acrobatics as well, as she would need to keep some distance from her opponent in order to fight well, and using the polearm as part of her acrobatics. Close quarters she's at a disadvantage, of course.

    Since I don't need Soulsmith or Immediate Imbuement for the powers, I can swap those out with two others I was looking at. Or one, if Darksight isn't a racial bonus. The idea I had for her was lightning element, speed, and agility. She would have a carefree attitude very similar to Ruby's, but with hints of pain due to the prejudices she has experienced as a faunus. Her interaction with the team would be to try to bring unity and happiness to others.

    Obviously, still needs a bit of work, so I'll flesh it out more tomorrow and give more expansion to it.

    I would certainly guess the Mad Hatter for the proprietor.
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    Darksight isn't free. I do throw in either Quick Draw of Immediate Imbuement 1 free based on weapon design. Quick Draw +Multisoul lets you do the transforming weapon bit is how I've been running my game. Maybe something like Light up the room for her semblance line?
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    I FINISHED SEASON 2!!!! My girls! <3 <3 <3

    Not quite attached to any of the boys yet. I thought Neptune was going to be interesting, but not enough screen time. And Ren.

    Hoping to get my character at least started tonight. Lots to think about!

    And Matts, I like Nora, too, but she makes me so tired! LOL (Although I have friends who said she reminds them of me... O.o Ermm.. not quite sure what to think of that. Hahahaha!)
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    I love the RWBY verse! I bought season 1 as soon as it came out, and watched every episode of season II as Rooster Teeth revealed them. Such a great universe, and so complicated. Even better to do this as they released those short video explaining aspects of the world. Now just to think of the perfect character.
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    Hmm.I'm subscribed to get instant email notifications from this thread but I don't think they're coning through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattson View Post
    Darksight isn't free. I do throw in either Quick Draw of Immediate Imbuement 1 free based on weapon design. Quick Draw +Multisoul lets you do the transforming weapon bit is how I've been running my game. Maybe something like Light up the room for her semblance line?
    Also, if you buy soulbound weapon multiple times and get multi-soul, each weapon benefits from the total purchase. So your weapons have half the powers they should, at the moment.
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    Character WIP as of 12/11 - Feel free to give builds. Also included in Drive.

    Concept: Restless, thrill-seeking human

    Passion: I am still deciding between bloodlust, glory or self-loathing

    What complicates your life
    PC tie

    Rank 4: Courage
    Rank 3: Luck
    Rank 2: Still deciding between strength or acrobatics

    Squad Tactics
    Force Attack
    Leap Attack
    Maneuver Booster
    Achievement Boost

    Weapon 1 WIP:
    Mode 1: Doubled edged spear
    Mode 2: Crossbow

    Weapon 2 (?): throwing knives

    She’s still deciding her form in my head. I’ll get back to you.

    She was born into a normal family. They lived comfortably, with enough struggles to keep them strong, but never was in any form of unjust nor suffered any major loss. She's gifted with excellent genes, by nature strong and quick, by training even more so.

    As a student, she's quick to learn but even quicker to driff off. She never had to exert much effort to excel in anything, and mostly things just worked out enough in her favor.

    She joined Liddle because it's the closest thing to a challenge she can think of. And if she manages to do good along the way, why not.
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