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    Quote Originally Posted by kulit View Post
    sounds good. XD

    Jenny, can we also edit your first post to include a "table of contents"? Basically list and link to the specific bio post so we only edit our original post and we all can still access them when this thread goes crazy?

    Coz like, the original bio thread, I can't even find myself anymore! LOL

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    Name: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears to be in her late teens.
    Status: Secundae
    Home World: The Saber Vortex
    Hair: Long blond hair with curls at the ends
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: About 5' 5"
    Built: Slender built
    Abilities: Angel is a healer but it comes at a cost. She needs to "recharge" herself after healing by taking the energy from others. Her hands glow yellow when she heals and glows red when she absorbs energy. She is starting to learn telepathy and teleportation but has not mastered either yet.
    Weapon of choice: Staff
    Family: Father: Optimus, Mother: Sojourn, Brother: Reiss, Grandfather: Mattson. Great Uncle: Cid
    Personality: Angel is a kind person and tries to help others out. She does have a short temper, like her father, and doesn't like if her loved ones are threatened.
    Brief History: Angel is the daughter of Optimus and Sojourn. She is still discovering her powers and her parents sent her to school. She is of dating age but her suitors don't last too long thanks to her family. Her current suitor is named Eli, who casted an amnesia spell on her parents to have a date alone with her. Angel and Eli met at the school. She and Eli were going to go on a date but mysteriously appeared at the Inn.

    Things that changed: Angel is no longer a First. I changed her family tree to reflect the changes made to her family and she is single Secundae again. Without Millennium right now, I didn't want Angel tied down to being married or having kids. Things could change depending if he ever returns.
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    Name: Maxie Deloria Fontaine Martin Ber'u Cassaine Welseley
    Gender: Female
    Age: Maxie appears as young as she feels she needs to look, she's vain.
    Status: First
    Home World: Elysia, currently traveling the galaxy.
    Hair: Shoulder length red hair that is naturally wavy.
    Eyes: Green
    Height: About 5' 7"
    Built: Hourglass figure, most of the time she has the body of a movie star or a supermodel, whichever is considered more lovely to whoever she is trying to impress.
    Abilities: While Maxie appears to have magical powers of an unknown variety and capacity, she is really an illusion-wielder who is able to create illusions that are so strong that she has yet to find anyone who is able to see through the illusion.
    Weapon of choice: None.
    Family: None, at the moment.
    Personality: Maxie is very hedonistic. She enjoys the finest things in life, and she is a generally happy person as long as things go her way. Though she is of House Sinister, she is not inherently evil. She is just a person who thinks of herself first.
    Brief History: Maxie is a member of the First. She was around when the rift occurred. Before the rift, Maxie made waves by seducing and going after every male she was attracted to no matter whether they had a mate or not. After the rift, she chose to become more low-key because she didn't want to get involved in another war or someone else's power grab. Over time, she would become involved in one adventure or another, but she always bailed before things could hurt her.
    Things that changed: Nothing has changed except that I'm making her past encounters with others vague or won't mention them at all. (This is mostly because I've forgotten a whole lot of what I did with Maxie.)
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    Name: Eli
    Gender: Male
    Age: Appears to be in his late teens.
    Status: Secundae
    Home World: Elysia
    Hair: Short brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: About 5' 9"
    Built: Slim but muscular
    Abilities: Eli is starting to discover his powers. He is capable of casting spells with great ease. He is also starting to learn telepathy and teleportation but has not mastered either yet.
    Weapon of choice: Short swords
    Family: Mother: Maxie, Father: Eliord. Eli just discovered his parents, Maxie gave him for adoption when he was a baby and Eli was raised at the orphanage in Elysia.
    Personality: Eli seems to be relatively smart and cares about other people. While he did cast the amnesia spell on Sojourn and Optimus he did not do anything malicious to them when he could have. Instead, he just wanted to spend time with Angel, alone. He seems to be relatively brave, especially given that he is trying to date a girl with an very protective family.
    Brief History: Like many Secundae, Eli had no idea who his parents are until very recently. He was left at the orphanage in Elysia as a baby and was raised there. When he came of age, he was sent to school to discover his powers and at the school he met Angel. He has done better then her previous suitors, he has lasted until date number three so far. While he respects how protective Angel's family is of her, he also really likes her and wants to get to know her better with her parents harassing them. So he casted an amnesia spell on them, so his and Angel's next date could be alone. However, he did not plan on them going to the mysterious Inn, they just arrived there.

    Note: Eli is a new character that I had not used in our previous Crossgen stories.
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    Name: Lord Mattson
    Gender: Male
    Age: Appears to be in his 30s
    Status: First
    Home World: None any more
    Hair: Whitish Blonde hair
    Eyes: Blue but shift red when upset
    Height: usually around 6ft but can shift it around
    Built: Athletic but not large
    Abilities: Teleportals, manipulation of space and perhaps time, illusions, sight based detection of magics, energies, and relevant information
    Weapon of choice: Whatever he decides to pull out of a safe house
    Family: Daughter: Sojourn Fan, Son-in-law: Optimus Prime, Granddaughter: Honor's Angel, Creation: Ruri
    Personality: Smart mouthed, caring for family, distant with most other First
    Brief History: Mattson departed Elysia a time back and even worked himself out of realms he once ruled. Much of this is due to frustration from trying to hold things together. He has been on vacation since then and only returned as he found himself in the Inn. He may have developed new powers during his self-imposed exile.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Name: Kapo
    Gender: Male (Presumably)
    Age: Young (Presumably)
    Race: Moogle
    Home World: Unknown
    Description: Small, white fur, small pink wings, red pom.
    Can transport things into and out a pocket dimension, including himself and others. He can use this to teleport to other locations.
    Can somewhat enforce what he wants through his pom, such as creating the temporary silence in the room when he needed everyone to listen. It affects areas, not individuals, so the silence was in the room, not because the people couldn't talk.
    Indescribable cuteness - Already cute, his pom can enhance his cuteness if needed, to almost act as a charm type of effect on those looking at or listening to him. The effect is stronger if they are both looking and listening.
    Personality: Sweet, innocent, bubbly, and quite naive. He desires to become the "manager to the stars," the greatest of all managers, despite the fact that he has no experience at being a manager.
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    Name: Cid, formerly known as Zeus
    Gender: Male
    Age: Appears to be in his fifties
    Status: Ancient God
    Title: God of the Sky and Thunder, King of the Olympian Gods
    Home World: Now The Saber Vortex, before Mount Olympus
    Hair: Short greying hair, with a matching grey beard
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: About 6'
    Built: Muscular built
    Abilities: Cid still has his powers as an Ancient God. He can create storms and is very fond of thunder and thunderbolts in general. He also is capable of teleportation and can mimic other's voices and shape shift.
    Weapon of choice: None but will shoot someone down with a thunderbolt
    Family: Nephew: Optimus, Niece: Sojourn, Great-Nephew: Reiss, Great-Niece: Angel. Cid also has fathered a great deal of Ancient Olympian Gods with various lovers and his estranged wife Hera.
    Personality: Cid has a carefree, easy going personality. Although he is protective of those he considers his family and sometimes can be unpredictable.
    Brief History: Cid was once Zeus, the king of all Olympian Gods. He ruled over them but over time grew bored of their petty fights and needed to get away. He decided to seek a new life and traveled for many years until he found an orphaned young girl. Her name was Rora and he took her in as his little sister. Thinking he could this time things would be better then the life he left behind. He grew to love Rora as his own blood and that love continued onto to her son, Optimus and his family. Some things about Cid has not changed since his time as Zeus, including his love life. He was having a grand time with a beautiful young woman when he appeared at the Inn.

    Things that changed: Cid hasn't died in this reality and thus never got turned into a cat.
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    Name: Hera
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears to be in her thirties
    Status: Ancient God
    Title: Goddess of Marriage, Queen of the Olympian Gods
    Home World: None, before Mount Olympus
    Hair: Shoulder length black hair
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Height: About 5' 8"
    Built: Hourglass built
    Abilities: Hera can create energy bolts and teleport
    Weapon of choice: None but will attack with energy bolts
    Family: Children that Zeus had fathered at Mount Olympus. She has many step children thanks to her husband's affairs but refusing to acknowledge any of them.
    Personality: Hera has a vengeful and hateful nature. Although Queen of the Olympian Gods, her husband, Zeus, often made a fool of her. Flaunting his affairs and made her hatred grow and grow for him over the years. She also believes she is always right and is arrogant.
    Brief History: Hera and Zeus have a bad relationship and while it make sense to most people to divorce a husband who flaunts his mistresses and love children, Hera will not. She hates Zeus so much that she forces him to remain married to her. Even if they both are unhappy. She will not give him the satisfaction of being "free" of her. She is also the Goddess of Marriage and thus doesn't believe in divorce. Plus, she loves power and the status that came with being a queen. When Zeus left Mount Olympus, Hera continued to rule until it became clear the Ancient Olympian Gods were a lost cause. She was a worse at ruling then Zeus was but she'd never admit that. Instead, she left behind Mount Olympus and went to find Zeus and punish him for everything he had done to her.

    Things that changed: Hera's not dead in this reality nor has she taken on the name Celeste.
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    Name: Eris
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears to be in her late twenties
    Status: Ancient God
    Title: Goddess of Discord
    Home World: None, before Mount Olympus
    Hair: Long black curly hair
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: About 5' 9"
    Built: Athletic built
    Abilities: Eris can create energy bolts and is capable of teleportation. She is a naturally gifted athlete.
    Weapon of choice: Prefers swords
    Family: Eris is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She is the sibling of all the children Zeus has produced.
    Personality: Eris enjoys chaos and is vindictive like her mother, Hera.
    Brief History: The daughter of Hera and Zeus, Eris is the Goddess of Discord. She enjoys chaos and warfare. In her parents' fights, she has always taken her mother's side and is angry at her father for leaving Mount Olympus and having a new family.

    Things that changed: Eris is actually a new character for me.

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    Name: Hebe
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears to be in her early twenties
    Status: Ancient God
    Title: Goddess of Youth
    Home World: None, before Mount Olympus
    Hair: Long brown curly hair
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: About 5' 4"
    Built: Hourglass built
    Abilities: Eris can create energy bolts to defend herself and is capable of teleportation. She rarely uses her powers, though.
    Weapon of choice: None
    Family: Hebe is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She is the sibling of all the children Zeus has produced.
    Personality: Hebe is a kindhearted and shy.
    Brief History: The daughter of Hera and Zeus, Hebe is the Goddess of Youth. She prefers to stay in the background and out of godly battles. In her parents' fights, she tried to never take a side. However, when Zeus left, she remained with Hera and Eris. She doesn't hate her father like Hera and Eris do but she is also afraid of them and doesn't stand up to them either.

    Things that changed: Hebe is actually a new character for me.
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