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Thread: Planet Tarturus

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    Planet Tarturus

    Planet Tarturus

    From out of the mist appeared a decrepit figure in a dark robe, with a young teenager, between the ages of 14 and 16, hefted over his shoulder. The boy began to wake and feebly kick and squirm, but the figure maintained his grip. At a wave of his hand, a castle door swung open. The castle looked like it came out of a frankenstein horror movie. The front of the castle was in the shape of a skull with the mouth serving as the door and two windows for the eye sockets. The boards creaked under his weight as he strode into the castle. The castle was dank and musty with green algae and mold covering the entire structure.

    He carried his struggling captive down a long narrow hallway that starts to descend downward. The further down they go, the more dank and musty the air gets. By the time he stopped, there was no natural light. The only light came from a huge lava pit in the center of the room. Against a far wall hang rows of chains. Carrying the boy towards the row of chained, he threw the boy against the wall, holding him in place while attaching a set of chains to the boy's wrists and ankles. When he was done, he stepped back to admires his new treasure. Taking a great breath of air, the figure sniffed at the boy smiling with delight at the smells he experienced.

    "Mmm, I do so enjoy the smell of a pure soul that has been freshly touched by evil. It's so raw and rare, but then the blackness creeps in giving it that rancid smell of meat rotting," he remarks as he scraped a finger down the boys face, the long fingernails digging rivets into the boy's skin. The boy lets out a whimper and begs, "Please let me go. Please."

    The figure walked over to the table next to the lava pit and begins to inspect his tools. With a look of delight on his emaciated face, he stroked a branding iron and responded, "Now, boy, a deal is a deal. You gave me your soul in return for the pretty girl."

    The boy kicked and writhed against the chains as Lissix dunked his branding iron into the lava pit creating sizzles as the cold metal reacted to the hot liquid. Once the iron was the right temperature, Lissix rushed over to the boy and without any warning thrust the branding iron into the boy's skin. As the boy cried out in pain, Lissix let out a chuckle of pleasure. He so enjoyed his work.

    The only thing that was missing for the god of corruption was souls to torture. This boy he was torturing now had taken him far too long to locate, follow, tempt him to sell his soul, then collect. He needed lackeys. Minions. But, unfortunately for him, his minions had been destroyed the time he tried to corrupt MystikChronicler to join him in his crusade of corruption and torture. Oh, he still had a few, but he needed many more. Then, he could send them out to the farthest reaches of space and time and gather hundreds, no millions, of souls for him to torture. The thought both filled him with pleasure and depressed him at the same time.
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    As the sounds of torturing echoes through the chamber, a tall male figure enters through a side entrance long horns on his head scrape against rock as he ducks his head to enter the room. Lissix walks to the lava pit to reheat the branding iron when Renizus makes himself known. His face is covered in shadows with his white pupil-less eyes as the only light on his face. When he opens his mouth to speak, he shows off rows of sharp pointy teeth.

    "Master, I have word from Melicchior. She wishes to make an arrangement with you that will benefit us all."
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    Lissix growled and backhanded the demon.

    "Fool! I sent you out to collect souls for me, not broker worthless deals with one who thinks better of their station!"
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    Renizus rubbed his face where Lissix had slapped him, his skin sizzled from the acidic touch of the corrupt god.

    "I beg your pardon, my lord. I was out looking for ones to corrupt when I was captured by one of Melicchior's demons. He brought me before her, and she bid me deliver her proposal to you. May I tell you what she wants?"
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    Lissix pulled his hand back for another blow. He didn't have the patience for this creature's independent thinking. He had one task to do with was bring Lissix souls. That was all Lissix needed. All he cared for. He needed the souls, the source of his powers, before he was bled completely dry of all power. If only he was at his peak, he would blast this demon into tiny pieces then create a dozen more minions out of the energy expended by the beast's death.

    When Renizus mentioned Melicchior, he paused. What would that foul demon thing want witih him? The last he had heard, she was ruling over her hordes of demons on a distant moon close to the Matrix Quadrant. Why would she be interested in Lissix? What did he have that she would be willing to strike a deal? His curiosity got the better of him.

    "Get on with it! What does she want?"
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    Renizus rubbed his face where Lissix had slapped him, his skin sizzled from the acidic touch of the corrupt god.

    "I beg your pardon, my lord. I was out looking for ones to corrupt when I was captured by one of Melicchior's demons. He brought me before her, and she bid me deliver her proposal to you. May I tell you what she wants?"

    "See, she told you he'd be interested when you mentioned her name." a grotesque glob of ghostly slime that was all that remained of a foul being known as Ichor said when Lissix asked what Melicchior's message was.

    Renuzis glanced over at the foul creature who had assured him that even the god of corruption would be unable to see him. Inwardly, Ichor was thrilled to have the confirmation because it meant that Lissix truly was wasted away to almost nothing. When Melicchior had released Renuzis to deliver her proposal, she had commanded Ichor to travel along for "The safety of the demon", but in truth it was to make sure that the demon didn't try to make a run for it and hide somewhere.

    Lissix glared at Renuzis, so he hastened to replay his message. "Mellicchior bids you hello and hopes you are well. She has nothing but the highest regard for the horrible things you do and wants to see you able to torture and corrupt million more souls. She has become aware of your lack of help in raising up your army of tortured souls and is saddened to hear that you have fallen into such a state. Therefore she has a proposal for you. You desire a horde of lackeys under your control, which she has a multitude of, more than enough to spare for your needs. She is in need of space to house her horde. Unfortunately, the moon she has taken as her base has become unsuitable for them and is being forced to seek refuge somewhere else, and she is aware that your horribly dried husk of a planet has plenty of room to spare. Therefore, she proposes that you and she join forces. With the two of you working together, you will once again be strong and able to corrupt and torture countless souls that need torturing. As she stated in the beginning of this speech she bade me memorize, she holds you in the highest regard and would be honored if you would take her hand in marriage."
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    Lissix let out a laugh that was full of scorn. Who did Mellicchior think she was to present to him such a ridiculous proposal. And a marriage proposal on top of that. Yet, he had to stop and admit that her plan had some merit. He was sure that he could afford to give her a portion of his planet for her demonic beasts as long as he could make use of those beasts himself. He would handpick a few thousand for himself and train them in the art of corruption. Then he could send them out and gain back the full measure of his power. But, he wondered why she wanted to make it a marriage arrangement. Then he remembered who Mellicchior's father was. Lucifer was big on perverting traditions and ideals that his creator held in high regard. For Lucifer, of course, he would insist that any devious arrangement such as the one proposed by Mellicchior would be finalized through the bonds of matrimony. Lissix shrugged his shoulders. He might as well. It's not like anything romantic or involving love had to be included. Plus, if he set her up in the Swamp of Madness, he would hardly ever even have to see her.

    Unaware that Ichor was spying on him, Lissix strode over to his latest victim. He had wanted to prolong the boy's death because though his soul belonged to Lissix, as soon as soul he corrupts is separated from the body, it begins to deteriorate. He would be lucky to get a few months out of the boy's soul before it turned into dust and drifted into oblivion. However, he had no idea how long he would be gone, so he had not choice. He pulled out a longsword that was sharp yet rusty and drove it through the boy's chest. After a few agonizing moments for the boy, he passed on into death and his soul became unhinged from the body. As the boy's soul floated in the air, Lissix made some gestures at a large boulder, the boulder began to take on a humanoid shape. Once the shape was satisfactory, Lissix commanded the soul into the Golem. Turning to his other servant, he announced to Rezunis that he would accept Mellicchior's proposal. Let us be off. With a flash, they were gone.
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    Melicchior sat on her throne bored even as the sounds of tormented souls rose to her ears. Its been so long since she did anything interesting or new. Ever since she had been forced to take refuge on this dying moon, she had been wishing for something to happen so she could get out in the world and get involved in conquering something. Yet, things had been so quiet except for the turmoil of her current home crumbling around her.

    As if on key, a violent tremor shook knocking her throne over and sending her tumbling to the ground. With a curse, she kicked the throne as she ordered a minion to pick it up and put it back where it belonged. The minion complied while still maintaining a cowed expression in her presence. This minion knew what it took to survive. While she waited for her throne to be replaced, she paced back and forth flicking mud off her long yellow fingernails.

    What was causing Lissix so long to get back to her about her proposal. She turned her nose up at that. If it hadn't been for her father suggesting it, Melicchior would never have offered an alliance with the corrupt god. She knew that he was growing weak due to the lack of souls he had to torture. Surely she could mount up an attack using only 1% of her army and defeat the ancient god. She would have preferred to take his planet by force.

    It was Lucifer who had suggested the alliance. Her father was willing to let her rule her people as she saw fit, but he was always suggesting things and making decisions for her. She knew she could just tell him no, but unlike Lissix, her father's power was greater than her own. She knew he would squash her like a bug. She had no choice but to make this alliance with the god of torture and corruption. However, if he expected anything physical between them, he had another think coming.


    Lissix arrived at the edge of Melicchior's domain. It irked him to be compliant and subservient to anyone, but he knew that if he wanted this arrangement to go forward, he would have to treat the female demon lord with respect. So, instead of teleporting straight into her throne room where he knew she would be even now, he had shown up at the edge of her realm and waited for someone to take notice of him.


    Melicchior was delighted when a messenger arrived to let her know that Lissix was at the gate and waiting for her permission to enter. She had quickly assented and sent the messenger on his way. Soon, she sat provocatively on her throne as Lissix arrived. Once they were in her presence, she said.

    "Thank You, Ichor for your service, you may go now."

    A ghoulish spirit dripping of decay suddenly appeared between them. Lissix frowned briefly at having been spied upon by the ghoul. However, he quickly pushed his displeasure down as he bowed elegantly at the waist and then went to one knee as he addressed his bride-to-be.

    "Ah, Mellicchior, you are looking as despicable as ever. You have never looked more beautiful. I have arrived to inform you that I accept your proposal of marriage, but I do have a few items of my own to add, if you do not mind."

    Mellicchior did her best to hide her contempt at Lissix. Of course he would accept her proposal. How else did he hope to get his power back? Without her, he would likely never torture another soul. With the thought of tortured souls, she looked over at the golem. "Ah, I see you've created another of your delightful creatures," then with a slight puckering of her mouth to indicate she's unimpressed, she adds, "Only one?"

    Lissix smiled and said, "Yes, this was a poor boy who had the misfortune of crossing my paths one day. He was pining for a local girl of his village. I offered him the girl in exchange for his soul. It was just his bad luck that he didn't check to see if she was in good health or not. Alas, she had a sickness and was dead a few days later. Once she was dead, I arrived to take his soul. I only wished I could have taken more time in torturing him. The torture makes the soul taste that much sweeter."

    A flash of hatred made his eyes glow at Melicchior's barb about there only being one, "I'll have more soon. As soon as our arrangement can made."

    Melicchior listened to his response before flicking her fingers to dismiss the sentiment. "What are your terms in order to agree to our marriage?"

    "You will allow me to pick the location for you to set up your domain," he replied counting it off on his first finger.

    She nodded, "I assumed as much. Go on."

    He stuck his second finger out, "Secondly, that you will in no way attempt to interfere with my personal matters. This is an arrangement in name only. I do not wish to take you to my bed, nor do I wish to share my revelry with you."

    Melicchior's eyes flicked with a flash of hate. Who does he think he is? Doesn't he realize that she was the one with the power here? Yet, she let the hate go and nodded. "Agreed. What else?"

    Lissix straightened and pushed his shoulders back. "Lastly, you will gift me with a hundred thousand of your demons that I may train them to serve me in my way. You will give them to me as a gift and relinquish all hold over them."

    Melicchior's snarled at his request. "Who do you think you're dealing with? I ought to crush you and forget the whole thing."

    Lissix flicked his wrist, and his golem grew ten times larger than he was before. His skin began to glow from a fire underneath his rocky outer texture. Lissix smiled at the demon lord who would be his bride. "I'd like to see you try."
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    All present can't help but turn at the booming voice and watch as Lucifer, ancient demon from a faraway planet known as Earth makes his presence known. The amount of demonic power and strength is so strong in him that he seems to eminate evil, vileness and corruption. The lesser known demons fall to the ground in prostration and even Melicchior and Lissix are forced to bow by the sheer might of Lucifer's powers. With a flick of his hand, a throne that is double the size of Melicchior's erupts out of the ground sending a minor tremor through the dying moon. Once he is seated, he responds, "Lissix's conditions are satisfactory. We will give him a hundred thousand demons in return for a portion of his planet."

    As Lissix straightens, he gives Melicchior a haughty smile. Melicchior responds, "Yes, father," and snarls at Lissix.

    "I am not finished," Lucifer adds, "Lissix, in return, you will also pledge that as a part of this partnership, you will assist us in matters of war if the need to go to war should ever arise."

    Lissix seethed inside. He was never a god that accepted having other impose restrictions or conditions on his activities. However, he knew that though he was still strong enough to win in a battle against Melicchior, he was no match for Lucifer. Besides, even in a war not of his own choosing, there would be many opportunities to torment and torture souls which would give him great pleasure, he bows his head in assent, "I pledge it will be so."

    Lucifer looks at Lissix for a few moments. Whatever his mind is thinking, nothing shows through on his face or how he holds himself. Finally, he claps his hands together and says, "Then, let the arrangements be made and the invitations be sent out. We have ourselves a wedding to plan."

    "Yes, father," Melicchior says, calling to her chief messenger, she sends out instructions for the plans of the wedding to commence. Then, straightening her gown around her, she sits upon her throne next to her father and looks out at her groom, "We will send for you when the wedding is ready, Lissix. Unless you would like us to set up a room for you here."

    Another tremor rocks the surface and causes Lissix to nearly fall. "No, that will not be necessary, my dear. I shall return to my planet and await your messenger."
    turning to Renuzis and his golem, he announces. "Come, we shall leave." Once the three were grouped together, Lissix opened a portal and they returned to Tarturus.
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    Time passed as the arrangements for the marriage of Lissix and Melicchior were made. The wedding was to take place on Tartarus since Lissix had the room and the moon was soon going to fall apart. Many demons were responsible for making sure that the move to Tarturus happened smoothly. The place where Lissix had given Melicchior was more than enough room for the demons and their belongings. While the demons saw to the move, Melicchior had kidnapped a very talented wedding planner. She was determined to make the wedding as lavish and perverse as she could. The flowers were to be decayed black tulips that had been magically preserved at the height of their decay, their stench filled the air to the point it could be smelled throughout the planet. Black ribbons were hung between the entrails of victims long dead but lingering because Lucifer had wished for their putrid bodies to adorn his daughter's big day. Many demons had slaughtered each other for the honor of being named a member of the wedding party, and Melicchior could not be happier.

    The day finally arrived, and the guests were beginning to arrive. Melicchior was in her new room at the palace that Lucifer had created for her. She was being attended by a human female who's body was wasting away, her hair was matted to her skull, and her teeth kept falling out every time she opened her mouth. That was a special spell that Melicchior only used on her favorite torture slaves, the slave's teeth would continue to rot, fall out then grow back to start the process all over until the day that Melicchior decided to grant the slave death.

    While Melicchior spent her wedding morning getting ready, Lissix was attending to the final training regiments that he had assigned his new demon generals. Renuzis would oversee the generals' movements for the next few months to make sure that the generals used the words and incantations that Lissix had given them to corrupt the most souls. Once Renuzis was satisfied that the generals were sufficiently trained, each general would train a hundred demons. That way, Lissix was expecting to have his army restored by the end of the year.
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