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    Perhaps it was rude to not offer a guest drinks but Styx was here often enough. Hebe and Hera both knew it wasn't for a social visit. Hebe visibly shrank back in fear at the look Hera gave her.

    "I...I will get the drinks right away, Mother."

    Hebe replied, she knew Hera would slap her, or worse, if she didn't listen. This was not the first time Hera had threatened her. She just would never dare do it in front of Zeus.
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    "That's my good girl."

    Hera said with a smile that seemed evil in appearance. She kissed Hebe's cheek and told her.

    "You don't have to go far."

    She held up one hand and waved her other hand above it. Suddenly a golden tray appeared with a bottle of the finest wine in Mount Olympus and two golden goblets that matched the design of the tray.

    "Here you go. Now, be off. Don't keep your father and Styx waiting."

    She handed Hebe the tray and headed off to her private chambers. What Hebe would not know or even if she did, not question, was that Hera had cast a spell on the items. She would be able to hear everything Zeus and Styx were discussing.

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    Styx would always be dear to Zeus, even if he didn't love her nor had he ever had her in his bed. She and her family had aided him when he took Olympus from Cronus. She was and would always be a valuable ally and a dear friend. He smiled at her when she thanked him for giving her children a place in his home.

    "You are always welcome, my dear Styx."

    He bent down and took her hand to rise her to her feet once she had finished her ritual of kissing his feet.

    "What news-"

    He stopped when he heard the sound of someone entering his private meeting room. He turned and saw his daughter Hebe at the door.

    "Hebe? What brings you here?"

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    Hebe's eyes got wide when Hera made the tray appear. Obviously Hera had something planned but Hebe would never dare to ask her what. She took the tray and said.

    "I won't, Mother."

    She turned and quickly went to where she knew her father would meet with people in private. She was nervous interrupting her father. He was kinder to her then Hera but his temper was still legendary. Luckily she didn't anger him often.

    "Forgive me, Father. Mother thought you and Lady Styx should have drinks."

    She said looking down at the floor.

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    "Did she now? How thoughtful of her."

    Zeus told Hebe. He knew Hera did nothing out of kindness. She clearly was up to something. He also knew his daughter and didn't think that Hebe had a cruel or deceptive bone in her body. She was obviously a pawn in Hera's little plan and that made Zeus angry. He hated when she tried to use one of his children against him. He gave Styx a look that said to not reveal anything too secretive right now.

    "Shall we have a drink before we get to down to business?"

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    Styx was thankful that Zeus allowed her this ritual without making a big deal out of it or forbiding her the ritual. As one with the river, Styx knew that the nature of keeping things going in the flow that they've always gone is often good for the sake of nature. She was about to open her mouth to speak when she heard Hebe at the door.

    Like nearly everyone who knew her, Styx liked Hebe. She was sweet, nurturing and did not seem to have a duplicitous bone in her body. She was certainly nothing like her father to the point that she almost suggested to Zeus one day that someone must have switched out Hebe for Hera's real daughter without anyone noticing. However, Styx knew better than to suggest something like that. In fact, had the goblets and wine come from Hebe alone, Styx would have paid no mind to taking the wine. But, since Hebe mentioned that it came from Hera, Styx was automatically suspicious. In a silent gesture, Styx cast a spell to allow her to speak with the liquid. It may not be water, but it was part water, which made it something of Styx's domain. The liquid appeared to be clean, but there was the acrid scent of Hera's magic on the goblet. Without making a sound, Styx took the goblet and shook her head at Zeus to indicate that it might not be a good idea to drink from the goblet. Then she took both of the goblets and the tray to a fountain that appeared in the center of the room. As silently as she could, she dumped the goblets and tray into the water to let her river wash away whatever magic that Hera had imbued the items with.

    As soon as she was sure that the items were clean, she spoke to Zeus. "It's good to see you, my king. I bring you news from Atlas Mountains. Someone seeks to free Atlas from the burden that you gave him to carry. I'm afraid that if Atlas were freed, he would seek to free his brothers and sisters from Tarturus. You must do something at once!"
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    Hebe was the Goddess of Youth and often times she was very naive. It was not in her character to be deceptive but she should have known it was in her mother's. Often people were shocked that Hera had given birth to such a sweet goddess. She would never dare question her mother, she tried to be a respectful daughter, but she realized that her mother would be angry for blurting out that the drinks had come from her. Her face turned as white as a ghost and she knew Hera would make good on that threat to slap her now...She wondered if Zeus would be angry as well.

    "I'm sorry, Father...I wasn't thinking..."

    She said looking down in shame. Surely her other siblings would have realized that Hera was pulling some kind of trick but Hebe was very naive at times.

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    Zeus sometimes wondered how he and Hera had created someone as sweet as Hebe. She didn't play manipulative games and he wouldn't have thought twice about drinking from one of the goblets she had offered if she had not mentioned her mother. He knew Hera well and knew that she would be angry that he and Styx had not fallen for her trick. She wouldn't dare say anything to him but Hebe...No, he would protect his child from her mother's wrath. Unfortunately he could not keep an eye on her all the time. The duties of being a king prevented that. He gave Styx a slight nod when she took the goblets to see what Hera had done, he would not have put her pass her to try to poison him, and thought a moment. He wrapped his arm around Hebe's shoulders and told her.

    "It is okay, my dear child. I'm not angry."

    He was angry at her mother but not her. Hebe rarely ever made him angry.

    "I'm actually glad you came by."

    He was sure that would surprise her. He really should spend more time with her. She was so kind and sweet and often got pushed to the side when other things demanded his attention. Like what Styx was surely here about.

    "Your sister, Athena, is preparing to leave to tell the people my ruling about Persephone..."

    He was sure if Hera could hear that part, she'd be angry. She hated him talking about his other children and referring to them as siblings to the ones she had given birth to. They were all his children and thus half siblings but Hera refused for them all to be a family. Athena, one of his older children, was the Goddess of Wisdom. If anyone was to be heir to his throne and take his place when his time as king was over, she would be the one he would choose. She was wise and beloved by the people. There was entire city named in her honor. Athena put the people first and used her powers to help them, not hurt them like some of his other children did. She had agreed with his decision about Persephone and told him that she would see to it that the mortals knew what would happen in six months time. She would make sure they were prepared in time and there would not be a repeat of what happened when Hades kidnapped the girl. Her trip would take a few days, she was planning to visit every town on the planet and even a goddess couldn't do that all at once. He trusted her totally and knew she liked Hebe, even if Hera didn't let them socialize much. Athena would protect Hebe from her mother's wrath. By the time Hebe would return, Hera would surely forgotten about this trick and move one to being angry about something else. He told Hebe he wanted her to go with Athena and tell the people what his decision about Persephone meant for them.

    "....I am sure Athena would like your company. She has told me many times she wants to spend more time with you. It'll be good for you to get out of the palace as well."

    He said with a smile and after Hebe agreed to go and left to find Athena, he gave Styx his full attention. The smile on his face quickly died when she told him that someone was trying to free Atlas. His eyes turned dark in anger and outside the skies began to rumble with thunder.

    "Oh, he would do that and I will not let that happen. Styx? Do you know who is behind this?"

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    Hebe & Athena

    Hebe smiled, relieved that Zeus was not angry that Hera tried to use her for whatever her newest scheme was. She watched Styx quietly break the spell that Hera had cast on the goblets and was surprised when her father suggested she join Athena on her trip. She did like Athena, she was smart and a good person. Always helping their people, not hurting them like Eris and Ares liked to do. Someone Hera did not like very much but Hebe respected greatly. She just would never tell her mother that. Zeus knew his daughter well and Hebe was going to refuse. She didn't want to be a burden but she did nod her head.

    "If you are sure she will want me there, I will go."

    She said and gave her a father a hug and told Styx bye. She would leave them alone for their private meeting. Hebe hoped Athena wouldn't mind and told herself to not get too excited. Athena might not want her to go at all. She didn't need Hebe to go town to town and tell them what would happen to their world when Persephone was Hades' queen. She found Athena preparing for her trip. Athena always dressed sensibly and had her long blonde hair braided up. Less fuss and much easier in a battle, she would always say. Athena always tried to use words before brute force first but that didn't always work. Athena was a strong warrior as well as a wise goddess. It often put her at odds with Ares. Her half brother and Hebe's full blooded brother. Hebe would never tell Hera but Hebe liked Athena much better then Ares. Athena gave her a smile and a hug.

    "Hebe, it is so good to see you."

    "And you..."

    Hebe replied, happily returning the hug. Zeus was right, Athena did like Hebe and wished to spend more time with her. Unfortunately that was hard thanks to Hera. Hebe told Athena what their shared father had suggested and said.

    "...If you don't want me to go, I understand."

    She was used to be forgotten about at times and didn't want to burden her half sister. Especially not one as important to Mount Olympus as Athena. Athena surprised her when she replied with a smile.

    "Oh, Hebe, I'd love for you to join me. We'll have fun."

    Athena was wise and knew her father very well. Zeus didn't just suggest Hebe to come with her for bonding. She correctly assumed he was trying to make sure dear Hebe stayed safe, most likely from Hera. Athena would protect Hebe with her life and make sure her stepmother did not harm one hair on the girl's head. Hebe grinned that Athena wanted her to come and hugged her again.

    "I'm sure we will too."

    Now that she knew Athena wanted her to come, she was excited for the trip. She rarely left the palace and was excited to spend some one on one time with a sister she truly looked up to. It wasn't to say she didn't love Eris but Eris and her were very different at times and it was hard to talk to her when all she wanted to do was cause chaos with Ares. Hebe quickly packed a bag and she and Athena were off.
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    Styx watched Hebe leave. She did not know what Zeus had told the girl, but he seemed to say what Hebe needed to hear. She was glad for that. Thought Styx was not a close relation to Hebe and had never spent any time with the girl, she had observed her over the years as she visited the palace. Plus, there were many stories being written about the kindness of Hebe. It was actually amazing that Hebe had turned out so kind when she only had Hera as an example. Hera kept Hebe and Eris away from their father because she resented Zeus. Everyone on Olympus knew that Hera resented that Zeus had fathered other children, but Styx suspected that what Hera resented most was the power that Zeus had over the other gods and over the mortal world.

    Styx shook herself out of her musings. It was not her place to speculate over the affairs of her King and his queen. She only wished that Hebe, sweet, kind, Hebe was stuck in the middle. When things went quiet and she could feel Zeus' eyes on her, Styx realized that he had asked her a question. With a quiet flick of her hand, she stirred the waters of the fountain to play Zeus' words back so she could answer him.

    "I wished I knew who it was that seeks to release Atlas. There are rumors that it's Ares. That he's grown tired of the petty wars of man and desires to create another war of the gods. But, then again, Ares is always plotting and planning, but he lacks cunning. There's got to be someone else at play here, because we all know that part of your curse on Atlas was that he could only be free if someone else offered to take his burden, who would be willing to make that trade knowing that it's irreversible?"

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