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    "While I would not put it past my son, or his mother, do such a thing, neither would take Atlas' place and they don't have lackeys willing to do it either."

    At least as far as Zeus knew. While Hebe and Hera were as different as night and day, the same could not be said for Ares and Hera. Hera adored Ares, which meant everyone else pretty much hated him. While Zeus loved all his children, Ares constantly angered him. As the God of War, Ares enjoyed creating wars between mortals and taking the spoils. It often put him at odds with Athena, who tried her best to keep the peace. Zeus could see Ares being bored of the wars between mortals and wanting to make it "more interesting" to have another war between the gods but he would never take Atlas' place and he wasn't usually too cunning either. Zeus and Athena could usually see through his plans very easily. Still, someone wanted Atlas free and that was not good. Atlas had led the Titans that did not want Zeus as king. It was a decade long war and in the end, Zeus had won. It was one of the few times in his long life that Hera had actually been on his side. Zeus sentenced most of the rebellious Titans to Tartusus but Atlas, being their leader, got a special punishment. He was to forever hold up the heavens.

    "Plus, neither would risk their own power positions by freeing him."

    Hera and Ares might not always like him as their king but with Zeus being king, that meant things were good for them. Freeing Atlas would start another war and neither would start something they didn't think they could win. Which meant someone more dangerous was around. Zeus stroked his beard, deep in thought.

    "I must send out spies."

    He mused out loud. He couldn't go investigate himself, then this person or persons would know he knew. Athena and Hebe could look, though...

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    Styx nodded in agreement. "That's my thought as well. While I suggested Hera or Ares, I know they would only do this if there was some way they could remain unscathed and that they would remain unblamed." She strode to the other side of the room lost in thought. It was only after her son, Kratos, appeared in the doorway that Styx was brought out of her reverie. Seeing her younger son brought a bright smile to her face. He was as handsome as his father had been, and she was proud of his strength and nobility. That he had become a faithful servant to Zeus had made Styx's heart swell with pride. He took one brief glance at her, gave her a soft smile, then he faced his king.

    "My lord, forgive my interruption, but I'm hoping you might grant me a moment of my mother's time... when your business it through, that is."
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    Zeus & Hera

    Zeus nodded his head to Styx. While this was something that many would expect of his wife or his son, Zeus didn't believe either would truly do it. Neither were very subtle in their plots nor would either risk their own positions of power. Which meant someone more dangerous and unpredictable was behind this. As king, he had made many enemies over his long life but he could not think of one that would want to free Atlas. He was lost in his own thoughts when Kratos appeared.

    "Yes, of course. You two can have the room."

    Zeus offered, it seemed his meeting with Styx was at a stand still for now. He headed out of the room to give Styx and her son privacy when Hera quickly found him. She was angry that her plan had failed and had destroyed some rather expensive art work in her private chambers.

    "What has you upset, my beloved wife?"

    Zeus asked, knowing she'd never admit she was angry because she hadn't overheard his and Styx's private conservation. Hera would never dare admit that and yes, she was angry about it. She was angry that Hebe was a naive little fool and had planned to punish her when she had been told by the guards that Hebe was going Athena on her trip.

    "You allowed Hebe to join Athena on trip."

    It wasn't a question but worded as an accusation. Zeus nodded his head.

    "Yes, I thought it would be good for her to get out of the palace and see more of the world."

    "She can't defend herself! She could-"

    Zeus knew his wife well enough to know that she was not upset that Hebe was gone for fear of her safety. While it was true that Hebe couldn't defend herself very well, Athena was more then capable of protecting them both.

    "She'll be fine, Athena will protect her."

    Zeus replied and he couldn't resist to add.

    "Despite your attempts to keep her separated from all her siblings, except for the ones you gave birth to, Athena actually does like Hebe and it will do them both good to bond."

    Hera glared and opened her mouth to yell at him, when he held up his hand.

    "I don't have time for this, Hera."

    He was very tempted to teleport away to where Athena and Hebe were but he waited, he would wait until Styx took her leave. His reply was enough to anger Hera, anyway. She let out a very rude curse and teleported away from Mount Olympus. He knew that some poor mortals would most likely be dealing with her soon and summoned Hermes.

    "Hermes, keep an eye on her and try to keep the damage her rage will cause to a minimum."

    "Yes, Father."

    Hermes replied and left to keep an eye on Hera and make sure she didn't cause too much trouble.

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    Styx nodded her thanks to Zeus for allowing her time with her son. Another complication in their life was that she was never truly free to spend time with her children. They had all pledged themselves to Zeus for saving them the fate that befell the other titans, but the were some that still didn't trust them. Styx knew that if she were to hang around the palace even to spend time with her family, someone, namely Hera, would make it difficult for the river goddess.

    Styx coveted her time with any of her children, and Kratos was still her baby boy. She stroked his hair and listened with delight as he spoke of the things he was doing for Zeus. Styx could tell something was wrong, but Kratos refused to tell her anything. With a sigh, she let it drop and spent the rest of their time telling him what she could about the many things she was hearing from the river.

    After her meeting with Kratos was finished, she stepped outside to find Zeus. Once she found him, she asked him, "Is there anything else you need of me, my lord?"

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    When Styx rejoined him, she could see some stress on Zeus' face. Not only did he have this Atlas problem to deal with but also Hera's rage. Eventually she'd calm down enough to come back to her comfy palace but who knew what she did in the meantime. He hoped Hermes would keep her behaved. He gave Styx a smile but that didn't hide all his stress.

    "Not at this time, Styx. Thank you for telling me what is going on and please keep me informed if you find out any more."

    He would locate Athena and ask her to keep an eye on things as well. She was well respected by the people but she was also wise. She could look around and ask the right type of questions without seeming suspicious.

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    Styx nodded nodded as she walked to the fountain and dissolved into the water. It was a quicker way to travel than by foot, and she wanted to get back to her home river as soon as she could. There were a few nymphs and water sprites that she could entreat to help her figure out what was going on with Atlas. She knew that the sooner she could provide Zeus and answer, the better his chances of holding off another war with the titans.

    As soon as his mother left, Kratos turned to his lord and liege and asked, "Is there anything that I can do for you right now, milord?"

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    Zeus bid Styx farewell and asked Kratos.

    "Would you like to accompany me? I need to talk to Athena about someone news I have found out and she and Hebe are in Athens right now."

    He needed to get the bottom of this Atlas' situation right away. The first thing he would do would be to talk to Athena. He didn't like the idea of worrying Hebe too much and thought that Kratos could keep her accompanied for a few minutes while he and Athena chatted. Hebe was so innocent and Zeus always tried to keep her that.

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    Kratos bowed his head. He would be happy to accompany his king.

    "Whatever you need, my king, your will is my will."

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    Zeus & Athena

    "Excellent, Kratos."

    Zeus replied with a smile. While he was king and generally liked what he wanted carried out, he didn't try to be a dictator. It was important for people to feel they had a choice.

    "While I talk with Athena, please keep Hebe company."

    It didn't take long to find two of his daughters. They had just started their trip to tell the people around the world of his ruling about Persephone and how it would affect them. Athena was a wise goddess and knew that her father wasn't coming to check up on them. He knew her well enough to know she could handle telling the people his rulings and easing their fears. No, something more was going on. Zeus and Kratos found the half sisters in the city of Dion. Athena had been answering questions that people asked and was encouraging Hebe to answer them as well. She knew thanks to Hera that Hebe wasn't used to talking with mortals or having them literally worship her, but perhaps it was good for her younger sister to interact with others besides just the queen. Zeus waited until the sisters took a break for lunch before making himself known. He was the king and he'd never get a chance to talk to his daughter alone if he arrived in a public place in a city full of his people. Athena and Hebe had a private room set up for them to have lunch when Zeus and Kratos arrived. Athena was surprised to see them.

    "Father, what you brings you to Dion?"

    "I'm sorry to interrupt your lunch but I just remember something I should have told you before you left, my dear."

    Zeus replied but Athena could tell from the look in his eyes it was something that Zeus didn't want everyone else to know. She nodded her head and gave Kratos and Hebe a smile.

    "It's fine. Kratos, it is wonderful to see you again. I'm sure Hebe will be excellent company for you while we chat. Excuse us."

    She said and followed her father into another room and her full attention as he told her what Styx had reported about Atlas.

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    Hebe wasn't used to people admiring her. She ranked pretty low on the Pantheon and she was used to the other gods looking down on her. The people in Dion, the first city she and Athena were visiting, did not do that. Instead, they admired her and worshiped her. After all, she was a goddess as Athena gently had to remind her. It was already fun spending time with Athena. She was so smart but also kind. She treated Hebe as an equal, something Hebe was not used to. With Athena's coaching, Hebe broke out of her shell a little and started to talk to the people. Helping her older half sister reassure them that although Demeter would not allow plants to grow while her daughter was with Hades, they would survive. They just needed to take the time to prepare for those coming months. When they took a break for lunch and Zeus appeared with Kratos, Hebe was surprised. She immediately assumed that he had come to take her back to the palace. That Hera had been angry that she was gone and demanded her home. When he said he just needed to tell Athena something, she nodded her head. If it was something she needed to know, either her father or sister would tell her.

    "Would you like something to eat or drink?"

    She asked Kratos. She was used to paying hostess in the palace. Kratos served her father and Hebe had seen him many times in her home.

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