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    Cid's Past: Mount Olympus and beyond

    Cid's Past: Mount Olympus and beyond

    Zeus & Hera

    It was not easy to be king, especially when your own queen hated your guts, Zeus thought. He had the life many would envy. He had power, wealth, immorality, and no shortages of beautiful women constantly throwing themselves at him. Just to say they touched the King of the Olympian Gods. Perhaps his problem was he never could control the urge to give those ladies their wishes and some fond memories of him. Usually that resulted in some children that his wife, Hera, wanted dead along with their mothers. He once thought Hera was the most beautiful of all the goddesses, and physically she still was a beautiful goddess, but she had grown cold to him. Long gone were the days she'd look at him with anything else except pure hatred. Just like she was right now. Hera found him and she had that same mixed look of contempt and hatred on her face.

    "What is it this time, Hera?"

    He asked, knowing he would not care for what she had to say.

    "You are needed, darling, to decide the fate of Persephone. Who your stupid brother kidnapped."

    Zeus' eyes narrowed at the way Hera said "darling". The way she said it was in contempt and he closed his eyes to not yell at her. The issue with Persephone was a huge one since her mother, Demeter, had refused to allow the crops to grow since Hades had taken the girl. Humans and gods alike were angry that their world was cold and dead. Of course, everyone expected him to fix with it. After all, he was the king and all their little problems were now his solve. He swore no one could do anything for themselves at times.

    "It's not my fault Hades thought she'd make a perfect wife for him."

    "Well, if you hadn't slept with Demeter in the first place, the damn girl wouldn't exist, and this would never have happened."

    Hera retorted back and Zeus glared at her. Like he knew what Hades was going to do.

    "I'm so sorry, my dear, that the gift of foresight was not with me that night."

    "The gift of logic is never been with you."

    Hera replied with a glare back and Hermes coughed to interrupt the king and queen. Demeter and Hades were ready to go to battle in the council room over Persephone and Zeus was needed to decided the girl's fate. The last thing they needed was for Zeus and Hera to have another one of their fights again. Zeus barely acknowledged Hermes before he told his wife.

    "We can continue this conversation later."

    "Oh, we will."

    Hera promised and Zeus knew she meant it. Hera was hot on Zeus' heels to deal with the girl. After all, she was queen and had every right to be present at any decision he made. She never held back her opinions, especially if she thought he was making a stupid choice.
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    Eris & Hebe

    Eris and Hebe were two of Zeus' daughters. The King of the Olympian Gods had fathered many children, children with goddesses and children with mortals. These two young goddesses were actually children he had fathered with his wife, Hera. Which meant she showed them some affection when she wasn't arguing with their father or making plots against him or his other loves. Eris was far more favored in Hera's eyes then Hebe. Eris was similar to their mother, while Hebe had a much kinder heart. Hebe felt love from Zeus, despite his flaws, he did love his children but he was a king and had many children and people who demanded his attention. There was not enough time in the day for even a king of gods to give everyone the attention they deserved everyday. Hebe always felt that her mother thought she was weak and often she was treated as more of a servant then a princess. Eris, however, enjoyed chaos and discord. The more trouble that could be caused the better and Hera showed her far more love then Hebe could ever expect to get from her.

    "Sister, what do you think Father will decide?"

    Hebe asked Eris. Despite all their differences, they were full blooded siblings and Eris seemed to love Hebe more then Hera did. Even if she did view her sister as far weaker then other Olympian gods and goddesses.

    "I don't know. I think he should just let Hades keep the girl forever."

    "You do?! But Demeter has made the world suffer for it! "

    Hebe replied, shocked that Eris thought that. Their world had no plant life on it now and people were dying. Without plants there was no food for mortals or animals. Eris shrugged her shoulders but as she spoke a cruel sneer appeared on her face.

    "I know and it's fun. The mortals are fighting so vivaciously over such tiny amounts of food."

    Hebe shook her head and thought Eris was cruel. She wondered why she bothered talking to her. Maybe because Eris was one of the few other gods she could talk to and have some sort of relationship with. Hera prevented so many of their other siblings to come here since their products of their father's many infidelities. Hera refused to acknowledge them and often plotted to kill the children and their mothers. Plus, Eris didn't look totally down on her like others did. Many in Mount Olympus treated her the same as Hera. Especially when Zeus was not around. Luckily Hebe didn't have to think of a response to her sister's comment about mortals since Hermes announced it was time for everyone to gather and hear Zeus' ruling about Persephone.
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    A long time before Zeus ascended to the throne of Olympus to become king of the gods, there ruled another set of gods, the titans. The titans would sire the olympian, but there would become a war between the titans and their children that threatened to bring about the destruction of the world. At the head of it all was Cronus, the king of the titans who devoured almost all of his children because he was afraid of a prophecy that told that one of his children would slay him. To say that Cronus was mad was to say the sky was blue. When Zeus, the only child that Cronus did not consume rose up against the titans, one would have expected that all of the titans would side with Cronus against Zeus and the Olympians. That expectation was false.

    Just as the titans would give birth to the Olympians, titans also gave birth to other sons and daughters who remained titans. However, they suffered just as much as the Olympians under the rule of Cronus, so many of these children of titans agreed to join the war against Cronus and his siblings. One such ally was Styx, a lovely young titan who was as one with the rivers as she was with land. Though many may not be aware of it for none have reported the sight, Styx is capable of merging with the river and becoming one with it. This has allowed her to become a purveyor of secrets, since she can travel to anywhere there is water and remain invisible as she spies on whoever she targets. This was what gave her such a high esteem with Zeus when the war was over that he would name the river Styx after her and would require that all oaths by sworn by Styx.

    By being a goddess of the river, Styx has also often been mistaken for a water sprite. She has never done anything to dispel that assumption because it serves her purposes well. Many years has she served Zeus as his chief gatherer of secrets and information. It is in that role that finds her returning to Olympus during the current meeting to determine the fate of Persephone, though the fate of Persephone is not what brings her back to Olympus.

    Ripples appear on the surface of a spring just outside the palace walls. As the ripples gain substance, they also begin to grow up out of the water. Before long, a silver shape that looks like a young woman steps out of the spring and as it takes steps on the bank, the silvery quality slides away to reveal a humanoid woman, a goddess name Styx. As soon as she is solid, she flings her brown hair back letting water droplets fall to the ground with a splash. With a smile for she does so enjoy spending time in both the water and on ground, she loves her transformation from one element to the next the most because it combines the sensations of the two.

    Clothed in her usual garb of a red cloak with a hood, she steps forward to the palace walls and announces her presence. When the guards open the door, she informs them that she is here for the meeting with Zeus. They nod and open the doors. As she walks, she barely makes notice of the grandeur of the palace for she has been here so many times before that the palace almost feels like home to her. She makes her way to the throne room just in time to hear Hermes announce that Zeus is ready to announce his ruling.

    ETA: I'm taking some poetic license with Styx. So far, there's not much about her that I've found. I'm winging it as I go along.
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    Eris & Hebe

    Eris and Hebe headed into the council room when Hermes announced to all the gods and goddesses gathered that Zeus was ready to make his decision about Persephone. Hebe saw Styx and whispered to Eris.

    "I wonder why she came."

    While a Titan, Styx was considered a valued friend to Zeus and she usually came when she had something of great importance to tell him. Eris shrugged, not really caring why Styx had come.

    "Well, what Hades did is the talk of the planet. She's probably here to hear what Father decides."


    Hebe replied but she had a feeling Styx wasn't here just to hear Zeus' ruling. Eris sighed in annoyance.

    "Who cares? We'll hear Mother screaming that she's here in no time anyway."

    Hera hated just about any goddess near her husband. Her rage and jealously were well known and she made no secret about it. Styx was a pretty goddess and Zeus trusted her. Eris assumed her father was sleeping with Styx and no doubt Hera would go off on him for having Styx in their palace.

    "If you want to know so bad, why don't you ask her?"

    Eris said and Hebe's face turned red. She was far too shy to ask Styx why she had arrived today. Plus, her father probably didn't want her to know.

    "I couldn't dare...I..."

    "Then stop worrying about it, Hebe."

    Eris replied, tried of sister's questions. She could only tolerate Hebe for so long before wanting to shut her up. Hebe nodded her head and let the subject drop. They took their places inside the council room and saw that Demeter was ready to kill Hades for kidnapping her daughter.
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    Styx took notice when Hebe and Eris walked past her. She knew that Hera was distrustful of her and would have a fit to see Styx in the palace, which was why she wished she did not have to sit in the meeting for Persephone's fate. It was really a matter of poor timing for if she had known about Persephone, she might have either insisted to see Zeus before he went in to pass judgment or she would have held off until a later time. However, she and Zeus had decided years ago when she became his spy that she would report to him on the same day every month no matter what she had to report. Today's report would be similar to others, but there was one development that she had heard about that disturbed her. Zeus must be made aware. That thought was what steeled her nerve, especially when Eris gave her a disdainful look as the sisters walked by.
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    Zeus & Hera

    Despite their terrible relationship, Zeus and Hera always put on a show in front of the other Olympian Gods. They would act as united front in front of their subjects, even if everyone knew what their marriage was like. Zeus' affairs were no secret, nor was Hera's hatred for him. Hera entered the council room on Zeus' arm and her eyes narrowed in jealously seeing Styx was here.

    "Why is she here?"

    Hera hissed at Zeus, she did not care for the Titan at all. Actually, Hera did not care for any other goddesses then her own daughters. Although, Eris got for more love from her then Hebe. Hera was queen, thus she viewed herself as the most important of all the goddesses and didn't like her husband near any of the others. She didn't trust him but she also didn't want any of the harlots to think they could take her rightful place as queen. Zeus knew Styx was coming and he hadn't told Hera. He never told her his plans. She always reacted like this and he'd rather deal with her wrath after he had taken care of business.

    "That is a matter to discuss at a later time, my queen."

    Zeus whispered back and Hera glared at his response. Before she could say more, Zeus' voice boomed in the council room.

    "Enough, Demeter."

    They would resolve things as civilized gods, not with fists and powers. Both Hades and Demeter were essential gods to their world and Zeus saw no benefit of allowing the two kill each other over the girl. He ordered everyone to sit and listened to the case before him. Demeter declared she would not allow crops to grow. Without her beloved child, she was only in sorrow. Hades claimed they were in love and that Persephone could not leave his kingdom, even if she wanted to, now because she had eaten food from the Underworld.

    "Is that true, Persephone?"

    Zeus asked and Persephone nodded her head.

    "Yes, I was hungry..."

    She said and Hades presented the remains of the pomegranate the girl had eaten. She had tried to resist food but she could not go forever without eating. Hades declared by Olympian law that Persephone was thus his because anyone who ate from the Land of the Dead belonged there. Demeter wept as Zeus studied the pomegranate for moment and Hera said with a sneer.

    "Perhaps we should just cut the girl in half and then you'll both be happy."

    Persephone gasped at the comment and held her stomach. Hades glared at Hera as did Demeter through her tears. Zeus gave Hera look for her comment and then said.

    "That will not be necessary. Since she has ate half the seeds of this pomegranate, Persephone will spend half the year with Hades as his queen and the other half of the year with her mother. I hope that is considered fair to both of you."

    Zeus said looking at Demeter and Hades, the look in his eyes suggested that it would not be wise to argue with him. Hades reluctantly nodded his head. Half a year with Persephone was better then nothing at all.

    "Nothing will grow while she is with him."

    Demeter declared, her eyes were daggers as she looked at Hades. Zeus nodded his head.

    "That is understood."

    He was happy that at least Demeter and Hades were willing to compromise on this. Hera asked.

    "So, who gets the girl first, darling?"

    That was a good question and Zeus had no doubt that Demeter and Hades were both ready to argue they got Persephone first, when the girl, who this whole meeting was about, spoke.

    "Father, if I may, can I decide?"

    Hera's eyes narrowed in anger that Persephone called Zeus her father, he was but she didn't like that any of his other children called him that. Zeus nodded his head.

    "Of course, my child."

    He said, ignoring the looks Hera was shooting. Persephone smiled and said to Hades.

    "My feelings for you are growing but Mother is making the world suffer in her grief. I cannot allow the people to starve, that would be selfish. Six months isn't truly that long and then we'll be together."

    Hades nodded his head, although it wouldn't have upset him too much to add to his own kingdom in the meantime. He respected his new queen's wishes, though. Persephone gave Hades a kiss, happy he understood and then told her mother.

    "I will go home with you, as long as you allow the plants to grow immediately."

    "I will, sweet child."

    Demeter promised and hugged her daughter. Pleased that Persephone would return home with her. Although she thought six months would be far too short and Zeus knew she'd keep her promise that nothing would grow while Persephone was Queen of the Underworld.

    "Then it is decided. Today starts Persephone's six months with Demeter."

    Zeus ruled and the meeting was adjourned. Zeus immediately went to Styx and told her.

    "Let us talk in a more private place."

    Which meant far from Hera. Which did not please the queen at all.
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    Styx avoided Hera's gaze as she followed Zeus. She knew that there was nothing romantic happening with her and Zeus. She admired the man, which was as far as her emotions went when it came to the King of the gods. She was also eternally grateful to Zeus for giving her life purpose. Ever since Pallas was killed, Styx was afraid to give her heart to another, god, titan or mortal. Styx had lost the only one that she felt she could love. That had a large number of children together and though Styx was an immortal with plenty of time to find love and create a new family, she realized that she did not know how to move on past her husband a the children they had together.

    It was especially difficult to think of finding another lover when her children, constant reminders of the life she had with Pallas, were close companions to Zeus. Whenever she arrived at Olympus to meet with Zeus, she would run into one or more of them. Her daughter, Nike, was the only one she rarely got to see because Nike served as an advance General for Zeus preparing the battlefield for whenever Zeus prepared to intervene in mortal affairs. Other times, much like her mother, she did a lot of traveling surveying the world and keeping Zeus apprised of any threats or plots that he should know about. The other three took turns accompanying Zeus around whenever Zeus was not in Olympus. It was the fact that Zeus had also given her children missions and direction for their own lives that had earned Zeus her undying loyalty.

    When they reached the location Zeus had chosen for her report, she began her report with, "My lord Zeus, before I begin my report of all I have heard, I must take a moment to once again thank you for giving Zelus, Nike, Kratos, and Bia, my wonderful children, a place in your palace and stations within your kingdom that they might have purpose in their lives," she bowed her head to him before kneeling at his feet and planting a kiss on the top of each foot in supplication. This was a ritual that she had repeated verbatim and without fail every month that she returned to the palace to report to Zeus her findings.
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    If looks could kill then Styx would be dead or least very injured. Hera trusted her husband with no one and with good reason. People often wondered why she stayed married to Zeus and the answer was simple, power. She loved being queen and the power it gave her. She would give that up for nothing. She didn't like Styx's relationship with Zeus, she wouldn't have been surprised if he had fathered some of her brats. He claimed he didn't, which Hera actually believed. He never denied any of his children. With a hateful look on her face, she watched Zeus and Styx head off to talk in private. Like clockwork, Styx would arrive at their palace to talk privately with Zeus. He never told Hera what is about but Hera wanted to know. She saw Hebe and told her younger daughter.

    "Your father has a guest, go fetch them drinks."
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    After the ruling of Persephone, Eris was bored. She decided to go see what chaos she could cause for some poor village. Hebe felt bad for whatever poor souls would get to experience her sister's idea of fun. She swallowed hard when her mother told her to fetch Zeus and Styx's drinks.

    "But, Mother...Father doesn't like to be disturbed when Styx visits the palace."

    Zeus never discussed what ever he and Styx would talk about when she visited. Everyone knew to leave them alone.
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    Hera gave Hebe the look she would often give Zeus. She didn't care that Zeus didn't like to be disturbed. She was angry that he dared to have monthly private meeting with the Titan and never tell her what they discussed. She was queen, she had every right to know what was happening in their kingdom.

    "Perhaps not but he is being rude. Now, be a good girl and offer them drinks."

    Hera said and gently patted Hebe's cheek with her hand.

    "Please, don't make me angry, child."

    She said, her patting started to become a little more forceful. She did love Hebe, she was her daughter, but Hera would not stand for anyone disobeying her. She would not hesitate to slap the younger goddess across the face and teach her a lesson in respect.
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