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    Kratos bowed his head to Zeus as he and Athena went into the other room, then he turned his attention on Hebe. He smiled genuinely at the goddess. He has spent many years in service to Zeus. Not only because he felt he owed it to Zeus after what his family had done to the Olympians, but also because he respected Zeus. That respect also included Hebe, perhaps her more than any others aside from Athena. But, even though he like Hebe, she had never had much to say to him, and he was a little at a loss for what to say to her. When she offered him something to drink, he smiled and said,

    "Thank you. I will have a little wine, if you please."

    After he had the wine, he sipped it slowly. Then he thought of a topic of conversation that he hoped would turn into a longer conversation.

    "How are you enjoying your trip with Athena, Lady Hebe?"
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    Hebe watched her father leave with Athena and was sure that if she was to know what they were discussing, she would be told. She was a little curious but knew her place and knew not to ask. Kratos had served Zeus for many years and Hebe often saw him at the palace. She didn't know him well but she didn't know many of the gods and goddesses that would come to the palace very well. Her mother had done a fine job of sheltering her from most of the other gods. Including the siblings that Hera did not like. She nodded her head when Kratos asked for a glass of wine. Serving people was something Hebe was very good at. She poured him and herself a glass. She told him he was welcome and nodded her head when he asked about the trip.

    "It's been fun so far. It's amazing how much respect the people have for Athena. Although...I'm a little shy around the mortals. It's kind of weird having worship me."

    She admitted to Kratos. Hebe wasn't used to anyone admiring her. She was used to being treated like a servant around gods. The way the people in Dion had acted around was not something Hebe was used to. She blushed a little when she belatedly realized how much she had revealed to Kratos. He was probably just making polite conversation and didn't care that she found it odd for mortals to worship them. Athena had told her to get used to it, the rest of the cities would be the same.

    "Does my father have you doing a special mission today?"

    She asked, not that she expected to be told the mission if he did. She was used to being out of the loop on most manners around their planet.

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