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    What are the limitations on "new" accounts (Accounts with a small number of posts)?

    What are the limitations on "new" accounts (Accounts with a small number of posts)?


    I am having issues with my Myst account. When I log in to the account after a little while of not logging into it, I can post to a thread with no problem, but if I try to post again in a short period of time, I get a "Your post is being moderated" message. And suddenly I don't have posting permissions to any of the threads. Is this a glitch? Or is this something to do with how new accounts are handled until the account has a certain number of posts attached to it. I see that she only has like 30-something posts attributed to the account, so I'm wondering if the issue has to do with it being considered a "new" account with moderation strictures on it or something.
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    I approved your posts, I'm not sure why it would do that to you, though...

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    Thanks, Jenny. I have no idea. Then, suddenly it decided to lock the account altogether. Oh, well, I hope there's nothing wrong with the account. I'll check it again, then if so, I'll send Jason a PM.

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    That's weird. I checked the Myst account and it said it was awaiting email confirmation. I have no idea why, though. I tried to change it back to normal. See if it'll let you log in.

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    That seems to have done the trick, Jenny. Yeah, I had changed the email associated to the account in the hope that maybe it was just a deal where I never confirmed the email for the account (I couldn't remember the original email attached), but I never could get an email from the board where I could confirm the account. *shrugs* Oh, well, hopefully this is the fix I needed.

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    I'm glad it's fixed and hopefully you won't have a problem again. If you would like, I can change the email associated with the Myst account. Just send me a PM.

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