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    Ruri walks down the hall, ignoring the much and gravity as her shoes have mag lock tech wired in them. One of the easier safety protocols that she was able to get authorized based on pointing out how often people would be sucked through haul breaches before the force fields could stop it. That it helps keep one from staggering around the bridge was just an added bonus. As she nears the hovercraft, the young admiral gives a light jump and lands next to the gear.

    "As I am sure pointing out going low key will not register," She digs into the gear and pulls out a small disguise emmiter on a necklace. "I will just say put this on, its good luck. And with any luck, we won't stand out too much." She slides a second one on her. "Hopefully we can be back before their captain wakes up so try not to cause too much trouble."
    "Idiots, too many Idiots."


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    In the hovercraft...

    "'Low key' is my specialty," the glowing, neon-orange drunk assures Ruri. He slips on the disguise emitter. The device replaces Cloney's wardrobe with a pinstriped suit, a trench coat, and fedora.

    Cloney turns his attention to piloting the hovercraft. The vehicle is soon flying forward at maximum speed, skimming over the tree tops.

    "You worry too much, Ruri," Cloney observes, as he only half pays attention to navigating his way over the swamp. "I'm not nearly as irresponsible as you think. I'm a small business owner now... Or at least I was until someone blew up my inn."

    "I am in a very committed relationship. That's why we're on this quest. My girlfriend needs her book back and I'm the responsible, and handsome, clone that is going to get it back for her."

    Cloney, realizing that being so incredibly responsible is hungry work, turns around so he can reach for whatever snacks might be in the survival pack. While rummaging through the opened pack he doesn't notice the hovercraft drifting downward below the treeline. Multiple warning alarms sound off before the hovercraft ricochets off of a large tree branch. Cloney twists around in time to regain control of the hovercraft and pull it out of a near-collision with a gangster-occupied cabin.

    Cloney pulls the hovercraft back under control and the vehicle is once more speeding over the swamp. The branch that Cloney had hit, however, breaks free from the tree and comes crashing down on Lenny's car. The gangsters car is crushed and left in no shape to be driven out of this terrible swamp.

    The hovercraft finally clears the swamp. Cloney lowers the vehicle so that it can travel a meter above a road that leads to the nearby town. The clone smiles proudly at Ruri.

    "See? The old, irresponsible Cloney would have filled his pants during a crash like that. Not me. No, sir. I am a paragon of safety."

    The hovercraft scanners detect that they are approaching a populated area. The vehicle's artificial intelligence activates its own disguise protocol. To any natives of this world the hovercraft will appear to be a normal and unremarkable car.

    Within minutes the false car is moving into the small, quiet town. This late at night almost everyone is home, safe in their beds, leaving the streets of this town very lonely and very quiet. Cloney looks around at the various buildings, searching for some hint of an all-night liquor store.

    "We're going to need to resupply before we can go any further with this quest. Do you see a bar, or liquor store, or something? Mister Responsible needs his questing-juice!"

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    A cabin, on the outskirts of the swamp...

    Say what you will about Lenny, he could be quick in a crisis. It's this trait that has allowed him to rise to the upper ranks of his gang. It's also this trait that allows him to orchestrate a swift plan.

    Vincent was apparently a living corpse that was dragged out of the cabin by some kind of shadow thing. Lenny was hoping it was all some kind of crazy swamp gas induced hallucination or some such nonsense. In any case, the truck needs to be found and they all need to get out of this horrible place. Lenny leads the way out of the cabin, barking orders to Jack and the three goons as they move.

    Lenny's shouted commands draws the other men out from their shock, and pulled them along with Lenny. He leads, they follow. Lenny's plan is to split up. He'll take Jack in his car back to the city. The three goons can take the truck. There are plenty of guns in the trunk of the car, they can split up that arsenal amongst them. They'll all be well armed and ready for any more craziness. It's a simple plan. Few moving parts. Little could go wrong.

    Halfway to the car everything seems to go wrong.

    First there's a large shape of motion, gleaming metal, and lights that seems to burst out of a tree. This 'thing' seems to explode out from nowhere and speed back out into the night, vanishing as suddenly as it had appeared. This large 'thing' had knocked an extremely heavy branch out of a tree. This branch crushes the roof and hood of the gangster's car.

    The group of gangsters scatters and leaps to the ground. It takes a moment for them to realize that this wasn't an attack. At least not an attack on them. It also turns out that whatever the shape of lights and motion was it appears to be long gone.

    "What was that?!" a goon in a brown suit cries out as he looks up from the mound of mud he had fallen into.

    "A ghost!? This place must be haunted. Maybe that's what took Vincent," another goon worries as he pulls a revolver out from his coat.

    "We're dead. We're all dead," Jack mutters

    Lenny gives Jack a back-handed strike to the face, before approaching the goon with the revolver. Lenny grabs the larger man by the collar and pulls the goon in close.

    "Enough!" Lenny shouts into the man's face. "Whatever is going on doesn't matter! Go grab the guns from the car, and then we'll all take the truck out of here! We're leaving. Move!"

    Lenny shoves the goon back and points at the car. Two of the three goons rush off to recover the weapons stored inside of the crushed vehicle. Lenny then storms his way back to Jack. He takes a cruel hold on Jack's right ear and yanks the man's head to the side. Jack winces in severe pain as his ear is pulled on. Lenny pulls a pistol out of his jacket and pushes its barrel into Jack's face.

    "Where. Is. My. Truck," Lenny demands.

    "It's stashed. Close by," Jack stammers. The crack of a gun being fired silences him. Not Lenny's gun. Nor any gun belonging to Lenny's men.

    The shot was fired from a hunting rifle being wielded by one of the group of men lurking in the shadows of the swamp. Lenny looks up from Jack and notices that they are surrounded. There are at least a dozen men hiding among the trees.

    "Back into the cabin!" Lenny shouts. He wraps an arm around Jack, as the other man goes limp. Lenny can feel the warm dampness spreading from wherever Jack has just been shot. He aims his pistol out towards the men in the shadows and fires several shots.

    Lenny drags Jack back towards the cabin, firing off several more rounds into the swamp. The three goons, with the weapons recovered from the car, rush into the cabin. Lenny drags Jack onto a couch and lays the man down. The goons shut and lock the door. They push a cabinet in front of the door, and then begin dividing up the weapons.

    Lenny inspects Jack, and finds that the man has been shot through the chest. Jack's rattling wheezes and wet coughs lets Lenny know that Jack's end is close. Lenny saw too many wounds like this back in the war.

    "Give us the book and the idol," comes a demand from the swamp.

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    Most people run away from gun fire. Of course, Domingo Flats isn't most people. He'd parked his car outside of most trouble zones and had been slipping further and further into the swamp for a bit now. Some part of him noticed it was easier then a year ago. Of course, a year ago he'd been in Africa and run into some very very weird stuff. Thinking on it made him scratch the scar he had on his shoulder from the spear. It'd healed weird but he was told it would. That it marked him as some sorta champion. He hoped he wouldn't have to rely on the other effects that the mark gave him but he suspect he might. The sight of a figure in a robe snapped him out of his memories and quickly Domingo grabbed the man from behind, covered his mouth and slammed him into a tree. He took the man's robe and weapon as he stashed the cultist's prone form in the shadows. Then it was simply a matter of slipping closer to find out what the heck was going on.

    In moments he saw the cabin, the wrecked car and the faint shimmer of blood on the ground. Yep, this just got ugly. It wasn't much work to pick out the dozen guys around the cabin. Calmly, he moved to the one issuing the demands and leveled the gun on him. "New offer, hoss, send your boys off and I let ya live. Course, if you're willin' to die for you cause, I can grant that and probably take out at least two more before they start shooting. And fine bet that whoever you got pinned will use this to shoot too. End result, a whole lotta dead bodies and no one is happy. So how do ya wanna play it?"
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    "I do hope your dislodging of the branch did not injure any of the local wildlife." Ruri replies dryly before looking around. "While the technology of this era indicates they are less inclined to cater to those active at night, I would expect at least one late night food vendor. I also have yet to see any bars be they respectable or not. Perhaps this world has never invented liquor?"

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    Outside of the cabin...

    Elder Torquent, the cultist leader, glares at Domingo.

    Torquent is a coarse-featured man that has skulked his way through the underbelly of the arcane world until he was finally heaved up into this forsaken place. Middle-aged and running a misbegotten cult in this hideous wasteland. Truly, a pathetic man leading a collection of pathetic men... That is, until the creatures from the sea came here.

    These Deep Ones of the oceans came to meet Elder Torquent and offered him and his cult a chance for great power. Dark, terrible bargains were made, artifacts exchanged, and rituals were begun. The Ritual of the Blood and the Lance was going to bring down great, forbidden power from the stars and deliver it to Torquent. He was to become a god. He was going to awaken the slumbering Old Ones and bring about a new epoch. He was going to be a prince in the pantheon of dark gods he had wasted his life killing and thieving for.

    The ritual, however, needs the sacred book and blessed idol to complete. The same book and idol that these vile gangsters had stolen when they took some of the gold and relics that the Deep Ones had brought up from their underwater hoards. Without these two stolen items the ritual will be incomplete and the power Torquent desires will be forever out of his reach.

    It would seem that Domingo wishes to provide one more obstacle for Elder Torquent to overcome. The cultist leader looks over Domingo, trying to weigh how dangerous this man truly is. Torquent then glances towards the cabin, and sees barrels of three tommy-guns pointing out from three different windows. A shotgun points out of a fourth window. The gangsters inside appear to have enough firepower to kill Torquent and his small group several times over.

    Torquent returns his hateful glare to Domingo. The cultist realizes he should have brought more men. Maybe he could have loaded that Shoggoth, which the Deep Ones had brought up from the depths of their ocean domain, onto a truck and carted it over here, so that the unspeakable beast could lay waste to these petty crooks and mysterious attackers. More regrets to be added to the mountain of bad decisions.

    The cultist steps back and motions to his men to retreat. As he steps away from Domingo he hisses out spiteful words,
    "You will regret this, stranger. Make your peace with whatever pathetic god you may worship, for the time of fire and wrath is upon you. Repent and maybe your end will be a painless one."

    Elder Torquent then ducks behind a tree and begins retreating off into the dark depths of the swamp, along with his cultists. Their forces must be gathered, the fish-people must be consulted, and dark forces will need to be brought in. The thieves must suffer and the great ritual must continue.

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    In the disguised hovercar... Cruising through a small town...

    Cloney slams on the car's brakes, and brings the vehicle to a screeching halt. He turns to look at Ruri.

    "What?!" Cloney exclaims in disbelief. "Ruri, that's impossible. If they have swamps and towns they have to have invented booze. That's just simple science."

    Cloney looks around, redoubling his efforts to find the brain cell killing ambrosia that he desires. He soon spots potential help in this addiction-fueled side quest.

    Deputy Glen Dylan isn't usually out this late. Hardly anybody in town usually is. However, he did promise to look after Agnes' cat while Agnes was up in the city visiting family. Glen could never say no to Agnes, especially when he looked into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. And so, the young lawman has just fed the cat and is now making his way back to his home. That is when the stranger in sunglasses and fedora begins waving and shouting at Glen.

    "Hey! Hey, maitre d', over here!" shouts the clone, as he half leans out of the car window.

    Glen approaches the car. Something seems really odd about the man in the car. Really, really odd. Glen guesses he must be from the big city. The deputy leans over to look into the car. He looks over Cloney and then Ruri. They definitely don't look like locals.

    "Are you folks lost?" Glen asks, trying to summon some helpful cheer at this late hour.

    "Actually, we're thirsty! Where do have your liquor store?" Cloney happily replies.

    Glen blinks at this strange man. Is this a joke?
    "Uh. We don't have one. I don't know how things are done in the big city, but here we follow the law. And the law says that drinking liquor is illegal."

    Something pops in the clone's mind and half his face twitches. This doesn't make any sense. Laws against drinking?! It's like stupidity and insanity got together and had a baby. Then that baby just kicked Cloney in the groin. Cloney shakes his head, like a dog trying to cast off a rain of nonsense. This can't be right. Maybe this man with a badge and gun is drunk and saying crazy words that don't belong together.

    Cloney laughs and pulls out a handful of cash, which he then stuffs into Glen's pocket.
    "Very funny, but seriously, where's your booze? I've got a ship full of dead people out in the swamp, a book to re-steal, and I'm worried that this flying car won't be as fun to drive once I've begun to sober up."

    Glen stares down at the money that has been shoved into his pocket and then at this odd man. A cocktail of anger and embarrassment floods into the deputies blood. He draws his revolver and shouts at the idiot in the car, "Alright, rummy, out of the car. You're going to dry out in jail, and we'll see what Judge Kross wants to do with you in the morning. Get out now!"

    Cloney glances at Ruri. "I think he's talking to you."

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