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    "I know," Dipak said. "But I don't think she'll be angry. She still grieves for your mother, and speaking of it is painful for her. I think she'd understand, though, why you want to know your biological father. I think she could put aside the burden of sadness and loss to help you. She loves you, Jacinta, and she wants what's best for you. We both do. If this is what you need, I'm sure Paloma will want to help, too."

    Dipak couldn't help worrying that Jacinta would decide to leave them and go live with this man. But 'this man' was, after all, her father. One thing at a time, though - and if she needed to go, Dipak would do his best to be supportive instead of selfish. The truth was, though, he thought of Jacinta as part of his family and didn't want to lose her.
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    Jasmine Sinclair


    Jasmine replied to Fatima. She knew what type of man Asif was and he didn't need to be tricked into thinking he fathered a child to help take care of it.

    "He and Lina will help you because despite what a bitch you can be, you're still family and family helps each other."

    At least real families do, in Jasmine's human life she could have never expected anyone to help her but now she knew it was true. She had a real family, not just one she had created with Bruno, but she was part of a bigger family in the community. She had no doubt if she needed help, she would get it. Fatima and her baby wouldn't be alone and Jasmine knew exactly why Asif would always choose Lina over Fatima. Fatima tried to change who she was to make others happy and Lina was her own person. She had never changed herself for her husband.

    "Fatima, I get it. I used to pretend to be someone else to make others happy. It wasn't until I stopped did I get true happiness and real friends."

    For the longest time only Bruno had ever saw her true self. When she finally stopped being what Nathan wanted her to be, did she find her real happiness.

    "If you want to be happy, to have a good life for your baby, you need to drop the act. Stop being what you think others want you to be and be yourself."
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    Jacinta Sandoval

    Jacinta knew Dipak was right, Paloma was still mourning their mother too. Since their mother had died, it had been horrible. The sisters were not only mourning the loss of a parent but also dealing with the after effects of what the woman's lie had done to her children. Paloma was good big sister, she had almost died confronting Benito about what he had done. She often put Jacinta's needs before her own.

    "I just don't want to upset her."

    She didn't want to cause Paloma more pain but she also wanted to know who her biological father was. She didn't know yet what she wanted from him, but knowing his name would be better then knowing nothing at all.

    "Will you help me ask her?"
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    Fatima gave Jasmine a long, slow stare. Her brown eyes were hard as steel... but then something changed. It was almost as if something had shattered inside. A wall that had been built around her heart had cracked suddenly, unexpectedly.

    She had never been able to accept compassion from her sister. Not that Lina hadn't tried to offer it, but Fatima had never believed it. She had always seen agendas behind every word from her perfect sister who seemed to succeed so effortlessly at everything - agendas she realized in a flash of insight might never have been there in the first place.

    Somehow, she could accept the caring of this virtual stranger more easily than her own flesh and blood. Maybe because Jasmine reminded her too much of herself. Maybe from the hormones of her early-stage pregnancy. Or maybe because she'd reached a breaking point where keeping the wall up was too much effort.

    Unfortunately, it was too late.

    "They're coming," she said abruptly, in a low voice. "The HPL. They're going to ambush you on the way to the airport tomorrow. I was supposed to be the bait. I'm sorry. Now that you know, you can stop them."

    Fatima knew they would kill her now. There could be no redemption for intentionally leading them into a trap, even if she'd changed her mind just before it sprang closed. She didn't care anymore. There was no future for her, or for her baby even if it had lived long enough to be born. At least now there was the slightest chance for Lina and those dear to her.
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    Dipak gave Jacinta a reassuring smile. Moving slowly so as not to startle her, and giving her plenty of warning before making contact, he slipped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a brotherly squeeze.

    "Of course," he said. "Whatever you need. I'm here for you, kiddo. You won't be alone in this."

    She had him, and once she told Paloma, Dipak was confident that Jacinta's sister would have her in her corner too.
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine returned Fatima's stare with one of her own. She had been this person before. It felt like a lifetime ago when she had been a cold heartened bitch and one of the chosen few in Nathan's inner circle. Anger flashed in her eyes when Fatima told her the truth. A truth she suspected. Fatima's actions in the airport...Her throwing herself at Asif....It all made sense now. She hadn't wanted to be 'saved'. Fatima had wanted to be an enforcer after all. Jasmine wasn't sure what caused her sudden change of heart.

    "You're lucky Claudia confirmed you're with a child and I'm not that bitch I used to be. Because if you weren't pregnant, and I was still that person, I'd blow your damn head off."

    Jasmine told her in anger and she meant it. She was tempted to still do it. She could be dead, leaving her children without a mother, thanks to this bitch. But yet, Jasmine knew deep down it would be wrong to do it. She had done a lot worse then Fatima in her past and the community gave her a second chance. Fatima deserved that too.

    "Asif and Lina will decide what to do with you."

    Jasmine said and sent Asif and Fritz's texts about Fatima's confession.
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    Jacinta & Paloma Sandoval

    It was good that Dipak went slow before making contact. Jacinta was still healing from what Benito did to her and didn't like any sudden movements. She returned his hug, with a smile.


    It meant a lot to not be alone. Especially when she felt so alone when the abuse had begun. She knew Paloma loved her but she didn't want to upset her sister either. They were both dealing with their parents in different ways. Paloma had been running, Larissa told her it helped her clear her mind from her past and honestly it was helping Paloma as well. She imagined her feet stomping on the faces of the people who had hurt her and her loved ones in the past. She was still adjusting to becoming a Hybrid. She wasn't sure if she liked it yet. It had been a huge change and she missed food. Still, being a Hybrid was better then the alternative. She wondered what happened to Elektra and her leftover Coven. The bitch would need to be taken out, someday. Paloma was wiping sweat from her forehead when she came in and saw Dipak reassuring Jacinta.

    "Is something wrong?"

    She asked, wondering if Jacinta was having a bad memory. Jacinta looked nervously at Paloma and then to Dipak. She was too nervous to start the conversation and hoped her big brother would be able to help get it started.
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    Fritz Yeats

    Fritz looked at the text Jasmine had sent about Fatima and almost broke his phone. He was angry, she had planned to lure a group of them into an ambush. She would have left four families without a parent. What an ungrateful...He looked over at Asif.

    "What do you want to do with her?"

    It was pretty easy to guess what they would do with the HPL. They'd take them out. Fatima was a different manner, though.

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    Asif was silent for a very long moment. He wasn't surprised by the betrayal. That part, he'd expected from the moment Fatima came back into their lives. What surprised him was that she'd changed her mind, even if she'd waited till the eleventh hour to do so. It would have been so simple to let them die. He wondered why she hadn't.

    This proved without a doubt - if there had ever been doubt in the first place - that Fatima was dangerous. She had nearly gotten them killed.

    And yet...

    The idea of gunning down an unarmed woman was distasteful to him. Asif had killed before. He had killed in war, first as a human soldier and then as a Lycan... but he did not consider that he had ever murdered. How could harming Fatima after she had surrendered be considered anything else? And she was, after all, his wife's sister.

    "One chance," Asif finally said. "As we have given to others who have erred before coming to us. If her repentance proves sincere, she will have an opportunity to earn the trust of the community with time. If not, if she betrays us again... we will do what is necessary, and she will have earned her fate."

    In spite of everything, Asif couldn't help hoping that Fatima would choose to do the right thing.
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    Dipak hadn't expected to be the one to convey the news, but if that was what Jacinta needed, then that was what he would do.

    "Jacinta has been thinking about trying to locate information about her biological father," he said calmly. "She understands that there is a risk she will not like what she finds, or that he will not turn out to be someone she should allow into her life. It seems that this is what she needs to do to grow and move forward, though. Jacinta has been anxious about telling you because she knows you have your own grief, and she doesn't want to hurt you. She hopes for your support, though. She needs her big sister."

    He glanced over at Jacinta to see if he had summarized the situation adequately.
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