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    Paloma & Jacinta Sandoval

    Sean smiled to Dipak.

    "Thank you for having me."

    He had been happily surprised to be invited to Paloma and Dipak's wedding. He hadn't expected that. Of course, he hadn't expected to ever meet his daughter in person either. Today was becoming a great day for him. He was excited to meet Duncan once they got back to the community.

    "We couldn't imagine having the wedding without you here."

    Paloma told him honestly and Sean smiled in reply. Once they were on the helicopter, he told them.

    "When you emailed me about my opinion about immortals, I had a good idea that's where you lived."

    Not that he had told anyone else. He meant it when he said he didn't think the prejudice against immortals was right.

    "I believe you. I doubt you invited me here to eat me."

    "Definitely not."

    Jacinta said with a smile. Of course, Sean did have some questions and they tried his best to answer all of them. Paloma felt good by the time they made it to the community. Sean was surprised to learn she, her sister, Dipak, and even little Duncan were all immortals but he wasn't afraid. Maybe because he got to know their personalities before being told what they really were. He was still able to see them as people. Sean told Jacinta.

    "I'm glad I know."

    "You are?"

    Jacinta asked, a little surprised. Sean nodded his head.

    "Yes. Now you and the rest of the family won't feel like you have to hide what you are from me. Families shouldn't keep secrets."

    Jacinta nodded her head to her father.

    "Yeah, they shouldn't."

    She knew from first hand experience how bad secrets could be.
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    Dipak smiled at that answer. He agreed - and he felt a lot better knowing that they didn't have to try to hide their true nature from Sean. That would make the wedding far too stressful. All Dipak wanted to do was celebrate their marriage with family and friends, not try to hide secrets from their guests.

    The community had been made aware that Sean was coming, so no one was surprised by the new arrival. Everyone they ran into offered friendly greetings, though some were understandably shy around the new human, and would be until they got to know him better.

    Dipak introduced Sean to Duncan... and before long, last minute preparations for the wedding were underway, then the moment was at hand.
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    Paloma & Jacinta Sandoval

    Both sisters were happy with Sean's answer. It made things so much easier to know that he wasn't judging them just because they were immortals. Instead, they all just enjoy spending time together and getting ready for the wedding. Once their friends realized that Sean wasn't here to judge them, he was welcomed with open arms and he adored Duncan. Doting on him like a grandfather. Honestly, he liked it here. It did take some getting used to see immortals who couldn't hid their true selves. But he also realized he was right. They were like people deep down. He thought it was a good home for his daughter. He was also very interested in the school they had. It made him think. While he had a good life in Seattle, his daughter and her sister were here. For the first time in a long time he was part of a family again. Maybe, if Helen approved, he could teach the kids here. They might be different types of immortals but they were still kids. Kids all had important things to learn and he could teach anywhere. Of course, he didn't want to overstep his welcome either.

    Paloma was so excited for her wedding. Marrying Dipak was a dream come true to her. Her sister was her maid of honor and Duncan was going to be the ring bearer. Even if he couldn't actually walk down the aisle. Jacinta would be carrying him.

    "You both look beautiful. Your mother is surely smiling down from heaven on you."

    Sean told Paloma and Jacinta as he looked at them in the bride's room. Both were dressed in beautiful gowns and Duncan looked adorable in his little suit. He felt like a proud father to both of them.

    "Thank you, Dad."

    Jacinta said with a blush.

    "Yes, thank you."

    Paloma replied with a smile of her own. She hoped her mother was smiling down on them today. Jacinta told Paloma that she and Duncan were going to get in their spots. Soon the ceremony would start. Sean knew he should go head to his seat, but, instead, he said.

    "Paloma...I know no one is going to walk you down the aisle down today."

    Paloma would be walking herself down the aisle. Her father was dead and even if he wasn't, Paloma would never want Benito to give her away. Paloma nodded her head, wondering why Sean was bringing that up. It made sense as he continued.

    "I was wondering if I could. I....From my short time here, I've seen that family isn't just people who share your blood...."

    The community was a perfect example that family was people who loved each other. It didn't matter if they looked alike or even were the same species. Family was love.

    "....It is people who love you. I love Jacinta but I also love you, Dipak, and Duncan too. When I was with Lilah, I used to imagine being your father. I know she's gone but I can't help but think she brought us together. I want to be your father too, if you let me."

    Paloma was surprised but happy. Having a father, a good one, was something she did want. She had to fight back tears as she nodded her head.

    "I'd really like that...Dad."

    Sean smiled and hugged her. Jacinta, who had been outside the door, grinned. Paloma looked over at her.

    "Are you okay with that? I mean...I know he's actually your father and not mine."

    "I'm definitely okay with it."

    Jacinta said, her grin being bigger.

    "Let's get you married so we can all be a family."

    Jacinta suggested and Paloma nodded her head.

    "You're right, little sis."

    She took the arm that Sean offered her. More then ready to walk down the aisle and become Dipak's wife. Today was going to be an awesome day. Her family was becoming official today. Not only was she marrying the man of her dreams, she also gained a father in the process.
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    Dipak couldn't help being misty-eyed as he watched Paloma walk down the aisle. She was so beautiful - not just today, but always. He was so lucky that she was going to be his wife. Seeing that Sean was holding her arm made Dipak all the more happy. They had truly become a family, and it was good for all of them. He couldn't have been more full of joy than he was right now.

    Then on top of the wedding, they had the happy news that Sean would be staying with them. Helen had been thrilled to have another teacher sign on to assist with the growing number of community children who needed an education, and everyone had been very welcoming once Sean made clear that he intended to live peacefully with them.

    They would have been a family either way, of course... but Dipak was glad they had become a family living together, no longer a family far apart. This truly was a joyful day, and the first of many more to come.
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    Jacinta Sandoval

    Paloma tried but she ended up crying a few happy tears today. Marrying Dipak was a dream come true. He was everything she ever wanted and more. It was a beautiful ceremony and the one of the best days of the Hybrid's life. The reception was a lot of fun as well. Sean was thrilled when Helen offered him a job at her school. He loved being a teacher but he also loved being a father and grandfather. Although the last two jobs were totally new for him, he was enjoying them. While Paloma danced with Dipak, Sean danced with Jacinta. He told her about his new job.

    "...So, do you like that idea?"

    He didn't want to push himself into their lives, but living across an ocean from his daughters didn't sound appealing at all. Jacinta grinned at Sean and told him.

    "I love that idea!"

    Today was great for Jacinta too. Not only was her sister truly happy, but it felt like they were all a family now. Dipak was officially her big brother and learning her father wanted to stay in the community to be with them, made the day even better.
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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel clapped happily for Paloma and Dipak. It had been a wonderful wedding ceremony and she was sure the couple would have many years of happiness together. Just like she and Chase did. She was also sure that there would be more couples joining those two in making it official soon. Weddings around here always seem to be week long events and that was a good thing. One thing about the community, it brought people together. Whether it was couples or it was families. She smiled as her three older children played with their friends. All three had been through a lot but they were healing and happy. Rafe was with his grandparents. Her and Chase's families had both moved into the community. It was great to have everyone together. Although immortals would always have to be cautious in a world of suspicious humans, it was times like this that made it all worth it.

    Rachel was glad that she and Chase had come here. Even if they had originally sought out the community to try to "cure" him. Rachel was glad that Chase didn't want to be cured anymore. She loved him just the way he was. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they danced at the reception.

    "You know, I'm really glad we found this place. If we hadn't, we wouldn't have made all these great friends that feel like family. Or have Ming, Piao, and Levi."

    She wouldn't trade those three for anything.
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    Chase Bardou

    It was a nice wedding. Of course, most weddings were nice. Especially when you could tell the couple truly loved each other. Chase had no doubt that Paloma and Dipak would be as happy as he and Rachel were. He had a feeling his kids liked wedding receptions more, though. That's when they could have lots of fun with their friends. All kids were thriving in the community. His older children were healing from their pasts and his and Rachel's infant son was growing like a weed. It was hard to believe that Rafe had been born premature. Chase was also getting used to wearing a hearing aid. At first it had been annoying but he was getting used to it now. Plus, he'd rather wear it and not miss his family's voices.

    Chase also had no doubt that the community's tradition of weddings would continue on. There were lots of couples engaged and they would always be adding more people here. It was a great place to live and it was ironic to think he sought out the immortal community originally to be "normal". Well, this place was definitely home to him and his own family now. There was no where else he'd rather live. Chase smiled at Rachel.

    "I'm glad we did too. I definitely wouldn't trade what we've got since we joined for anything in the world."

    Especially not his older children, who loved as much as his biological child. He gave Rachel a kiss as they danced.

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    Millie couldn't believe how much life had changed for her since finding the community. She met her husband's eyes and smiled. She and Lukas had been so happy together, and had been blessed with a large family. To her, the children they had adopted were perfect. It was wonderful to watch them grow day by day, and to fall ever deeper in love with Lukas. And there would be many good years ahead.

    She looked over at Asif - when she met him, he had thought himself a widower, forever aching for his dead wife. Now not only had his precious Lina been restored to him, but they had a family too, with their three nieces, and sweet baby Taara with the bright eyes and inquisitive nature.

    They weren't the only ones. It seemed everyone in their community had come a long way. Life would never be perfect, and danger would never be entirely gone... but to the extent it was possible in this world, they had peace.
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