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    Kin and Amber

    Amber bit at her lower lip when she heard Kin's words. "I... um... I know... but I couldn't help it. We meant no harm by it, honestly!" She looked between Kin and Sebastian apologetically.

    Kin simply shrugged and dropped the branch she had been twirling onto the ground. "I'm Kinpatsu Benzaiten, and yeah, I'm here for the test too."

    Amber skipped over to Kin with a smile on her face. "Hi, Kinsutap... Kinpa..." Her smile turned to a frown. "You mind if I just call you Kinnie? Much easier to say. I'm Amber Artemis." She held out a hand and the bright smile returned.

    "It's Kinpatsu, not Kinnie," Kin said with a sigh, ignoring Amber's hand. She walked past Amber toward Sebastian. "Do you need some help?"

    Amber turned and put her hands on her hips. "Well, you don't have to be rude about it, Kinpar... Kinpa... Kin!"
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    Having another girl show up and approach him was enough to make 'Bas stumble again. Thankfully his scroll beeped and he quickly grabbed for that, catching it on the third try. He looked at the text and shook his head. "I'm good. It seems if others are showing, it may be transfer students so I guess we'll just have to start. Oh, and I guess I should hit the button."

    He looked around and started checking his pockets. "Now where did I put that?"

    And his scroll beeps again. "I left it in the dorm?" Sebastian face palms for a second before turning towards the cave and the rocks in front of it. "Well, if it was the standard explosive dusts, it should be...." He gestures with his staff that opens up with a slight hum. ".... right about.... there!" And he fires a red blast at one point in the rocks.

    For a moment nothing happens. Sebastian sighs and starts to lower his staff when the whole rock slide explodes and knocks him on his backside again. "I'm OK! And it worked! Oh, wait. It worked." And with that a dozen or so small camazotz fly out. They look like a skull atop a black ball with wings and each gives a screech as it dives for any targets standing.

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    "Oh, bother...I don't suppose this test gets graded on a curve for us being short-staffed..." Albina sighs as she whips her staff up and it expands to form the gaping maw of a Dust-powered Baazooka. "Oh, well. The best defense is an overwhelming offense. At least it wasn't beowulves, those are just boring." She fires into the cloud of Grimm bats, turning one into a pair of wings flopping off in the breeze and making the rest scatter.
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