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    What's going on?

    What's going on?

    Hey, all.

    This week it seems that the site has been going offline for most of the day and only shows up a little at night (like right now). I don't think this is a local issue on my end, because I've spoken with Sil and she's been having the same issue.

    I just thought I would create a post about this, and check if anyone is around to look into this matter.

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    This is the first time I have been able to visit this site in a week. I emailed Jas about it and I am assuming he fixed it.

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    Okay. Thank you, Jenny. Things seem to be working now.

    I don't really have contact information for anyone except Sil. Otherwise I would have tried contacting Jas.

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    You're welcome, Q. Jas is actually one of the only people I have contact info for.

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    I wonder what the problem was, not that I need to know, but I'm curious.

    Actually, I'm mainly sorry I missed it. I fell sick late last month, and didn't get around to getting back here until Xetal mentioned in an email that the site had been offline for about a week. Whatever happened, I'm glad it's back. I've been catching up elsewhere; I think I'm ready to catch up here, too.

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    Well, I'm sorry to hear you've been sick, Anne. The problem was that the site was totally offline and couldn't be accessed at all.

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