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    Answer the Last Question, Ask the Next

    Answer the Last Question, Ask the Next

    Another from the CGMB...

    What was the last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here by Lairston Titled Answer the Last Question, Ask the Next

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    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here

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    Good enough for the purpose of establishing what's copyright and what not, but hopeless if you're an old rocker living off the proceeds of sales/replays of your back-catalogue and the internet or pirates give the songs away free.

    Are you following the Rugby World Cup?
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    Nope; I never really got into sports. I do love competitive dance, and by extension the assorted types of figure skating, gymnastics, and synchronized swimming, but those all seem like types of dance to me anyway.

    Which sports do you like?

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    I played and greatly enjoyed rugby at school (though I wasn't a Touchdown Teddy type of player and our touchdowns are called tries) so I enjoy watching that, and just about any other team game

    Will Russian intervention help or hinder in Syria?

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    Good question. I have a sneaking suspicion it will do both, no matter which side of the conflict you're on.

    What do you think of the situation in the Mideast?
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    I wish we could just stand aside and let the various madmen slaughter each other, because there's no way they're all able to live in peace for longer than a few days at a time. Luckily for America, it can afford to take a back seat because it no longer depends on the Middle East for oil.

    What about Venezuela?

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    I'm not as familiar with the situation there as I probably should be, but it looks like they have quite a few problems, especially with drugs and politics. As usual. {wry chuckle, Smile}

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    And your question?

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    Oops! Not again!

    Are you looking forward to Halloween?

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