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    Not so much since the little so-and-so's stopped accepting my home-baked razorblade cakes

    Would you dress up for it?
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    If I'd had something to dress up for, but I didn't go to any parties. I'm not even sure I went out shopping. With no one to dress up for except Dad, Mom, and Valentine, Resident Cat, it doesn't seem worth the bother.

    What's the next notable holiday on your calendar?

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    Christmas (we don't do thanksgiving over here)

    Do you get your Christmas presents ages in advance or have a last-minute panic?

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    (I didn't think you did Thanksgiving. Tho according to one of my other British friends' complaints, you're starting to do Black Friday in spite of not have Thanksgiving to go with it. Which does seem odd. )

    Usually I avoid either, and just get them out late. Then I catch something, or Dad's shoulder goes bad, or whatever, and they're late again. {spread hands, gentle headshake}

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    And you next question?

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    How's the Christmas decorating going?

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    We only put up a tree, so done on 4th December

    How's the parcel-wrapping going?

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    Well, I've so far been forgetting to get around to that. It's kind of been one of those years. I'll get there eventually...

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    Like you will to your next question???

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    Ah... yeah, that's right. Like my next question.

    Anything exciting happen for New Year's?

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