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    Not really, just supper and drinks with the neighbours (a hug and a peck with Jenny's glamorous next-door namesake is always rather exciting, though...)

    Do you do serious New Year resolutions?
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    Not formally, although New Year and Lent both prompt me to look around and see if I'm dissatisfied with anything. If so, I do try to figure out how to fix it, but that doesn't lead to official resolutions, somehow.

    What's for supper?

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    Beef stew (well, Bourguignon, officially) - delicious, too

    What's for breakfast?

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    Scrambled eggs and cold cereal. We haven't had hot cereal in quite a while, and while Dad occasionally fixes French toast, he doesn't have any of the Portuguese sweet bread he likes to use for that. So it will be scrambled eggs and cold cereal again.

    What do you plan to do next weekend?
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    Not a lot: domestic duties (we both work during the week) and supper on Saturday with our neighbour Tom, whose birthday it was yesterday.

    Do you play the lottery?

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    Nope. My state is one of only two that has neither lottery nor any other legal form of gambling. (The other is Nevada.) Folks insist it's a matter of time. I'm not so sure; Hawai'i seems to have no consensus about making gambling more respectable, and our politics -- both official and social - are consensus politics. {Odd Smile}

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    And your question?

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    Oops! (Actually, double-oops. Nevada is very free with gambling; it's Utah that's also not into it. )

    Any recent excitement?

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    My soccer team reached the FA Cup final on 21 May. It's a rank outsider for big trophies, of which the Cup is one. Exciting game, if not the highest quality.

    What's the favorite team sport in Hawaii?

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    For watching, basketball. For playing, softball on land, and outrigger canoe racing on the water. (Since all paddlers have to work together closely to get the canoe going with any speed, the last really ought to count as a team sport, shouldn't it? )

    That doesn't feel like a proper question for this game, so what are the favorites sport(s) in Britain?

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