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    So, tomorrow I'll start physical therapy in Life Care Center's outpatient program. Wish me luck. I'm nervous. I wonder whether I should just cut back on my exercises tonight, or take the night off entirely to make sure I'm not too tired for them on Thursday... but mainly I'm just nervous. I'm wondering what to expect. {tentative smile}
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    Basically, carry on as usual until you can be guided by the therapist.
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    Thanks, Xetal. That's what they told me when I asked yesterday. They said that would help them get a baseline for me. So that's what I did: as many of my normal exercises as I could. I showed the therapist the exercises today, along with outlining my balance history. He recommended dropping one salsa move as "too dangerous." So I skipped it tonight. I hope I can add it back eventually, but we'll see.

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    I've been gone several months, I think Mostly that's been distraction from a chat world I discovered shortly before New Year's and spend a lot of time on. But it was also spending time with Dad in his nursing home daily. that is, until early last month, when Dad died of advanced heart disease. I spent the day with him from just a bit after breakfast. Mom joined us after lunch, when we had first rights with our priest. We stayed until mid afternoon. when we decided we all had to leave despite the nursing home's offer to let me sleep in the bed next to him. they couldn't keep my insulin the way my doctor had instructed me to, so I, a close friend, and the home nurses who were with us decided I needed to leave with Mom. As we were getting ready to go, Dad breathed his last, so we were with him to the end. {bite lips}

    We're burying Dad this coming Saturday, because that's when the relatives who wanted to come could do so. {faint smile}

    Since Dad died, I've been adjusting, and hanging in there, adapting to running the household on my own. It seems to involve going to church every Sunday, and meeting with one to two friends each week to get out, go places, and do things. It only took a little nudge from Xetal to make me think I should try to fit poking my nose in here to my new circumstances.

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    So sorry for your loss, Anne!

    It's good to see you back. We hadn't wanted to bug you about RP when you have so much real life stuff going on, but we have missed you!
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    So sorry for your loss, honey. I'm not good at saying things, but I'm good at lending a friendly ear if you ever need one!

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    Hi Anne! It's so good to see you here again! Thank-you for sharing what you've been going through and honey, of course we're here for you. I hope everything goes well on the weekend.
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    Welcome back! It's been ages. Thanks for keeping me up to date with the sad news as it happened.

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    Had news from my son today: we're going to be grandparents early next April if all goes well.

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