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    It all sounds good ot us. Sorry, we haven't replied sooner. Work has been busy for both of us being so close to Christmas.
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    Yes, a very busy time of year. Especially with Christmas so close. Your plans do sound good, Anne.

    Here's a basic character profile, we can add more categories if you want:

    Magical/Special Abilities:
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    It worked fine. You gave me time to finally catch up in the other word games Xetal and I like to play.

    You both must be in retail. At least my other friends who are started complaining at least a week before Thanksgiving. It really is quite a busy time of year.

    Thanks a lot, Corey. That outline will help. I'm brand new to this sort of character profile. I started looking over some in other games here last night. I closed up for the night thinking I'd better ask what's usually useful. I think this is more complicated than it looks at first.
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    That's good.

    Jen works retail, I work in a restaurant. From November to January both industries are usually pretty busy, especially with all the Christmas shoppers out and about.

    We can modify the profile how ever you want, it is just a basic one to give us a start.

    Edit: I added a spot for magic/special abilities.
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    I guess restaurant would be pretty busy too, at least as long as folks spend more time out shopping and less time at home.

    That's good. I tried it out with the best-formed character I have for this so far. {pause} Just posted her to a new thread. I'm sure she and/or her thread will need revision... and I can move her if we need to redo the thread from scratch. It's late enough, I reached the post now/fix later stage...
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    Your bio looks good. Don't sell yourself short, you can always edit later. We'll come up with bios soon.
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    Thanks, Jenny. I'm still figuring this out. I have role-played before, tho our old table-top group was always bigger on problem-solving than playing roles. I've written before, too, of course. I just haven't combined them like this, so it's learning a new format.
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    One thing to remember is in this type of roleplay, you are telling a story, but just from your character's perspective.
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    I think you'll do fine, Anne. We post pics with our profiles all the time, but don't feel required to do it for your character.

    Also, we are both curious to learn more about Lizette's species sometime.
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    Did you want to do more plotting, Anne, or head into the story now?
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