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    I'm glad I don't have to have a picture; while I know what she looks like, I don't know where to find a picture that looks right.

    I don't think I'll have trouble with limited point of view. What I'm more concerned about is writing in a shared world. That may seem crazy, but the few times I tried to write fan fiction, it turned out flatter, deader, and more wooden than anything else I've written. I'm hoping shared world will be better for me. {cross fingers}

    I know minikin wear shoes, value family highly, and may have a little magic... but beyond that, I'm looking forward to learning more about them, too.

    Either way, Jenny. I'm still new enough to this to not be quite sure how to proceed.

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    I understand. For us, pictures help us with visualizing our characters better. But either way is fine.

    I'm interested to learn about the minikin. A shared world isn't too hard. The most important thing to remember is your character might not know everything you know.

    We can start the IC (In Character) thread if you want. Corey and I are willing to post first too, if you would like. A story like this needs some build up to the tsunami. So, I think it would be best that we start just before the storm begins.

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    If you'd start it, that would be great.

    I agree that this story should start with some build-up. I've read some disaster stories, and I notice they have three basic segments: before the disaster, setting up and describing what normal was before. Then there's during the disaster, when they cope with the problems the disaster poses. Then there's after the disaster, when things have calmed down enough for them to search for a new normal. The true disaster story feels complete when the characters find a new normal, whether the details of that new normal are worked out yet or not. Fortunately, this can be followed by other stories of rebuilding and such if we like the characters enough to keep going after they find the end of the disaster story itself.

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    I'll try to get the IC set up in the next few days. The last few days have been a little busy.

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    So, I have a question. Did we want this set up on an island or on a coast line? I plan for Corrine to be the only doctor of a small village.

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    A few days is fine with me. I might get another character set up by then. Lizette really needs to be in a fair-sized town. Most villages don't have enough demand for brass instruments to keep her father in work. But I might have an idea for one whose background is more flexible.

    {thoughtful look} How about a coastline of a continent or larger island, with a few small islands off-shore a bit? That gives us more flexibility as to what the communities are like; we can choose what fits our characters.

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    You are welcome to have as many characters as you like.

    Either one works well to me. I was thinking there would be different communities and the tsunami is what brings to them together. Meeting people they might have never met before.

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    Then let's make it a coastline of a peninsula, with several small to tiny islands well within sight of land. We can worry about whether the peninsula is attached to a large island or a continent when it affects the story. The main road out can be right on the coast the tsunami hits, so it gets washed out. Instant isolation, especially if the main port gets damaged enough, too. The communities would need to pull together then, with their outside contacts out of reach.

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    That works for me. It'll give us some options to work with.

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    The IC thread is finally up.

    Cyrch is Corrine's village and I'm thinking it is mostly a farming community. I went with spring for the season.

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