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    The OOC Tsunami Thread

    The OOC Tsunami Thread

    Thanks for setting it up so quickly, Jenny.

    I'll have to choose the characters I want to work with. Yes, of course I have ideas; I've been thinking about this already, but time to finalize at the starters.

    Also, two questions: what's the tech level, and how about magic? Yes, of course we could do realistic modern day, but we don't have to. The only inherent requirement is that neither technology nor magic can prevent the disaster. Helping a little here and there would be fine, but not preventing it from causing enough problems to get labeled "a disaster."

    Oops: I also suggest that this hit a stretch of coast long enough to have a few rural communities, at least a couple of larger towns, and at least one proper city. That way, we have options for where folks are during the tsunami. We can always have out characters move to where they can meet up with others during the cleanup phase.

    Also, we need to decide on the waves within the tsunami, since an earthquake-generated tsunami is a series of waves, some worse than others. They tend to start small, get bigger, and taper off, but this isn't perfectly even. 20 minutes apart is a good spacing for the waves, but we'll still total number of notable waves, and which are worse and worst than their neighbors. Any preferences?
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    You're welcome.

    Well, I'm game for whatever type of setting you want to do. If you'd like to explore magic, I agree that it can't be strong enough to stop the tsunami. We could also do a story set in the past. The characters could have some tech but not advanced enough to even warn of the storm, let alone stop it.

    I like the idea for the coast line. As for the storm itself, I think at some point, the characters think the worst part is behind them and then a really awful wave hits.
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    I'm sure you've realized by now, me and Jen tend to have our characters romantically involved.

    I was thinking my character is on a boat, he could be a fisherman or something, when the storm begins (the small waves). His goal would be to get back to land to get to his family.

    I'm fine with magic, if we want, and whatever era we pick. I definitely think this tsunami should be the worst one to ever hit the place our people live in.

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    Thanks, Jenny. I like the idea of at least allowing magic, but nothing to stop the tsunami or even warn them. Depending on how the waves arrive, they could get a tiny amount of warning when the water recedes before crashing in, or they could not even get that if the water simply surges onto land all of a sudden.

    As for tech, I like the idea of them being after the printing press, but before the internal combustion engine. That covers a few centuries, so we could get more specific if you'd like. Or we could leave it nebulous; I haven't noticed many technologies clashing within that time frame.

    Yes, I've noticed you like romantic involvement, Corey. {Smile} If he's out at sea, he might want to stay out until the tsunami was over, since a boat far enough out to sea - before the wave breaks - can ride over it without getting hurt. Then later he could get involved in trying to rescue some of the people who got pulled out to sea in his area. That can involve romance, depending on who's rescuing whom.

    Yeah... they could have previous tsunamis, but not one this bad. Then they could think they'd reached safety before they were really clear of the danger.
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    The magic could be more useful in healing survivors and moving rubble then being able to prevent the disaster. The time period sounds good. We don't have to set an exact year.

    Corey (who is at work tonight) and I were thinking of our characters were already a couple. A fisherman/sailor and his fiancee who was left in one of the towns. Waiting for him to come back.
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    That sounds like a good use of magic. We could also include not-quite human characters, like fauns, and centaurs, and shorter folks. Somehow those tend to turn up when I'm writing. Even if we have a year, it could be unrelated to our calendar. A lot of the technology doesn't have to line up perfectly. I think there's often no reason a particular clock or sewing machine turned up exactly when it did. They could have turned up in reverse order as easily; they just didn't.

    That they're engaged reminds me of something that actually happened in the April Fool's Tsunami (April 1, 1946), at Laupahoehoe a little village up the coast. The teachers' cottages near the school got hit badly by the biggest wave of that tsunami. One teacher, Marsue McGinnis, got pulled out to sea, but didn't drown. Her fiancÚ, Leabert Fernandez, wasn't a fisherman like Corey mentioned, but a doctor. Still, he was heavily involved in local rescue efforts, including helping in the boat they went around in to pick up people still floating in the water... including Marsue. Yes, she actually got rescued by her fiancÚ. No, it's not the same, and it doesn't need to be. Your and Corey's idea sounds pretty good, too. Still, if you want to check out their story, whether for ideas or just because it sounds interesting, her name got the best results in the Google searches I just did, and his name also pulled up the story.
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    Your ideas for the time period sound good. If we have magic and the possibility of fauns, centaurs, etc...Then we definitely don't have to worry about it all being historically accurate.

    That's a pretty interesting story.

    I think my character will be a healer.
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    Exactly, Jenny. With fauns and centaurs and some sort of Halfling type around, it's more a matter of making sure the technology is historically plausible than historically accurate. If a sewing machine came before a typewriter instead of after, then the inventors involved just thought of them in a different order.

    Yes, I like that story, too.

    It will be nice letting someone else be the healer for a change. I usually played them when we had a tabletop game, unless I was taking a turn at being dungeon master. This time, I have a pretty short seamstress ready to go. Not a traditional adventuring class, but she seems pretty determined to get her tale told. I think I'd be wise to cooperate.
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    With Nero, we just didn't want to have modern technology, but we never set an exact time since it was a different world. We just didn't want cars and computers running around. So I think as long as we don't have the characters pulling out cell phones, we'll be fine.

    It is wise to let the characters have their stories told. We're ready to create bios, if you are.
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    I think I am. Let's do it.

    That sounds good. No cellphones, no computers, no radar, and no satellite imagery giving them warning ahead of time.

    {pause} Not that that would necessarily help, anyway. They had the basic equipment for a tsunami warning system decades before someone suggested organizing a warning system, and it was a couple more decade before they managed to organize a usefully large network of scientists and government workers.

    As for the waves. how about... 19 waves of notable strength, with 11 the biggest, and 3,5,8,15, and 17 also being particularly large. I mostly pulled the numbers out of the air, just making sure the biggest was close to the middle, but they should do as well as any.
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