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    I agree.

    By the way, my main source of knowledge about tsunamis is this incident: http://www.heritage.nf.ca/articles/p...unami-1929.php
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    I hadn't heard of that tsunami. Thanks for the link - that was interesting reading. {Smile}

    I'm a little surprised... Until the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, I often heard that only the Pacific Ocean had tsunamis. I was dubious, since I couldn't think of a natural process preventing them from happening elsewhere. With this happening less than a century before in the Atlantic Ocean, the folks who said that really should have known better. {Smile}

    My favorite source of tsunamis is Hilo, my home town's own Pacific Tsunami Museum: http://tsunami.org/index/index.html

    Particularly notable are the Feature Story Archive http://tsunami.org/10feature_story/f...y_archive.html

    and the survivor narratives http://tsunami.org/8stories/08_narrative_overview.html

    and the Survivor Video Interviews http://tsunami.org/8stories/08_video_overview.html

    in their story section.
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    By the way, MK, the article you linked to said there were three waves? I think that by that way of figuring, you'd count four major waves in the one I just designed: 1 and 2 because they are the biggest, and 3 and 4 not just because they're almost as big, but because they have relatively little waves just before them, making them seem bigger and scarier in comparison. Just in case you were wondering why I mentioned so many. Some just aren't as memorable for most folks.
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    I am tempted to rename the current in-character thread something like "Tsunami: Before the Tsunami Waves" so that when we've finished with the storm, we can start a new thread for during the tsunami itself. Because that would be a good place for people to join in who don't want dive in just anywhere. They could simply come out of a different storm refuge than the three we have going.
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    That sounds like a good plan, Anne.

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    Thanks. I just did. I had to remember where I'd seen the ability to rename a thread, but I found it.
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