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    Fleta and Tuck

    Fleta looked puzzled. "I don't understand what you mean, Murkel."

    "Neither do I, but I hope it's nothing. That sounds like the option, somehow." Tuck said.

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    "Nothing," Murkel agreed, but she wasn't so sure.

    Much as she liked her new friends, she wished she was back in Gizdaq. The shaman would be able to explain what was going on, and she would be surrounded by villagers she had known her entire life. Instead, she was confused and out of her element, wondering if her people were alright back home. It was an awkward situation... and the storm was delaying her enough that she likely wouldn't make it back home before darkness fell on this day either. The other goblins would start to worry.

    Murkel wrapped her towel-blanket around herself even tighter and hoped for the best.
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    Dutch laughed with everyone, glad they enjoyed the story. He had lived long enough to have both funny and sad ones. He smiled when Guiles was too young realize exactly what type of 'love', Dutch had accidentally had implied for the dog.

    "Yes, apparently, he was very fond of his dog and didn't want to share him."

    He said with a wink to Gil and Lizette. He laughed along with Gil's story as well.

    "I'm sure she was quite embarrassed."

    He said and then told Guiles and Lizette.

    "You both will, stories like this come as you get older and experience life more. Although, I'm sure you both have a story or two right now you could share."

    Sharing fun stories was a good idea. It would help pass the time and keep his mind of Roman's safety during the storm. Hopefully the storm would pass soon enough and everyone could forward. He had no idea that the storm was just a warning of what was yet to come.

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    Corrine doubted it was nothing. Not when she looked at Murkel's face. Sure, she hadn't known the goblin long but...She could tell Murkel was troubled by what she felt. Even if she couldn't explain it and the young centaurs hoped it was nothing. Corrine did to but...Corrine sighed and placed her hands in front of the fire.

    "Well...Hopefully the storm lets up soon."

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    Fleta and Tuck

    "You've got he right idea, Corrine. I hope the storm lets up soon, too." Fleta nodded enthusiastically.

    "It would mean having to catch more cows." Tuck looked questioningly at his sister.

    "Don't remind me." Fleta wrinkled her nose at her brother.

    Tuck smiled "I wish it would stop, too, but I'm really not looking forward to catching more cows, either. So I do hope you're right, Murkel, and it's nothing."
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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Lizette looked down at the table. "All my stories are about learning to sew better, and those just aren't as much fun as yours."

    "Not even the time the hem turned out all crooked when you put the dress on, despite being straight on the dressmaker's dummy?" Guiles looked slyly at his sister.

    Lizette glared at her brother. "Especially not the time that hem turned out all crooked despite being straight on the dressmaker's dummy."

    "Well, I thought it was funny." Guiles tried to wide-eyed innocence, but really didn't succeed.

    Before Lizette could do more than stick out her tongue at her brother, Gil said, "When I was in the army, we tried to take Christmas day off, but the other side had their own idea. They came over and started a snowball fight that lasted half the day, and ended with everyone having hot chocolate together, despite being on opposite sides on other days."

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    Cadie hung on tightly to the ship's railing with one hand, and just as tightly to the spy glass in her other hand. She stared out to sea, trying to see something thru the rain and the waves. Finally she turned to where Rhys and Roman stood, talking. "Look, captain!" She called to Rhys, actually managing to be heard over the wind.

    Just then, a wave hit the boat, making it pitch and yaw, sending the wave right over everyone on the deck... and throwing Cadie right over the railing. She managed to hang on with the hand that was already holding railing, but that's all that kept her from going right into the ocean after the spyglass, which flew out of her hand.

    As she started to call for help, one of the other sailors called "SAILOR OVERBOARD!"
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    "Now, don't say that. Everyone has good stories, even if they are embarrassing ones."

    Dutch told Lizette with a smile and smirked when Guiles brought up the story about her sewing a hem all crooked. Young ones were fun, he thought. He laughed at Gil's story about the snowball fight.

    "That is a good story. It is nice when people can stop fighting for Christmas."

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    This was bad, Rhys realized. He should have listened to Dutch. They should have never went out to sea. This storm, it was worst the one that had almost killed him when his father died. Rhys cursed himself. He had put his whole crew in danger. They needed to turn around, but it was so difficult. The rain, the wind, the waves...Nothing was going his way.

    "Cadie, what is-"

    Rhys turned to Cadie, but before he could ask her what she wanted him to look at, another wave hit them. And she was gone! Rhys cursed and looked at Roman.

    "Come on!"

    He grabbed a rope and tied it against the mast. They needed to help their fellow sailor.

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    "Well, I suppose we'll find out soon."

    Corrine replied to the siblings. She did hope the storm would pass soon and that Murkel's feeling was just a feeling. Nothing more. Only time would tell.

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