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    Corrine nodded her head to Fleta.

    "I am. I was trained by Manuel."

    Manuel had been her mentor. He was retired now. But before he had retired, he had taught her everything she knew. She wondered if he was safe. The storm was getting bad and she knew he was man who lived by simple means. He didn't want for much and his house wasn't very luxurious. It might not be strong enough to hold up against a storm of like this.

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    "Thanks!" Murkel said when Tuck opened the door for her.

    She made a beeline back toward the fire, nodding acknowledgment to Fleta but otherwise seeming oblivious to the fact that she was in someone else's home. She was more intent on getting dry than on observing social niceties. Murkel wished she had something else to wear - or even was in a situation where she could strip down and dry her clothes by the fire. Neither option would be forthcoming anytime soon, though.

    "Glad you didn't die," she commented offhandedly to Fleta. "Or the cow."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Fleta and Tuck

    Fleta smiled at Corrine. "I like Manuel. He fixed my knee when I fell down and did more than just skin it. He gave me something to numb it so he could sew it shut without it hurting too much." Then she turned, startled by Murkel's quick entry. "Thanks, I think. I don't think we were in danger of dying. Well, not unless Brownie got so scared she ran into a river and drowned."

    Meanwhile, Tuck dashed in and closed the door. He looked around the kitchen at the three gals, and cleared his throat. "Do we need introductions here? I think all of you know I'm Tuck, but do some of you need to be introduced to others? I could try to handle introductions if you want; I hope I've got everyone straight."

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    When Guiles tried to ask who Cora was but Lizette stopped him, Dutch smiled at the siblings. He thought it was amusing and he didn't mind them being curious about who Cora was. He raised his mug to Gil's toast and nodded.

    "I agree with that one."

    He took a drink and told the kids.

    "Cora was my wife. She passed away three years ago."

    Knowing that the next question would be how she died, he added.

    "She was sick and there was nothing the healers could do for her."

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Lizette looked solemnly at Dutch. "I hope she passed gently."

    "Isn't that what Mama always says when someone brings up the dead?" Guiles asked quietly.

    "Yes, and it seems a good thing to say right now," Lizette said.

    "I guess it does at that," Guiles agreed.

    "Healers can only do so much, can't they? I hope you and your boy are managing well these days." Gill looked sympathetically at Dutch over his mug.

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    Corrine smiled back at Fleta.

    "Manuel is a good man. I'm glad he was able to make you better."

    He truly was a good man. He was a good healer, very kind to his patients. And he had been a great teacher to her. He was always very patient with everyone he encountered. Patient or colleague. She hoped he was safe. She knew he lived in simple means. He helped people not for money, but because he had a gift and wanted to help others. She wasn't sure if his simple could withstand a storm. And that worried her. Just like she was worried that Rhys had went out to the sea after all. She didn't like not knowing what was going with people she cared about it. It made her feel powerless.

    When Murkel and Tuck joined them, she said.

    "Yes, it is good no one died. Fleta, this is my friend Murkel."

    Corrine wasn't sure if Murkel considered them friends but Corrine thought of themselves as new friends. After all, they were all in this together now.

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    "Nice to meet you," Murkel said, taking a seat by the fire in the hopes of drying out her sodden clothes.

    Yes, they were friends, Murkel decided. In the short time they had known each other, they had already faced many obstacles together. Murkel would have gone out in the storm to help anyone who needed it - but not necessarily without hesitation, as she had today. And it was not just anyone she would have chased a cow for, either.

    "It'll be alright," she declared. "Storm gonna pass quickly. Hope so, anyway."

    She had no way of knowing that the storm was just a prelude to the real disaster that would face them.

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    Fleta and Tuck

    "Let me get some towels for Murkel and me." Tuck went into the back, and came back with a very large collection of cloth indeed. It was fuzzy and absorbent like towels, but it separated into three huge pieces of cloth, instead of the ten or so that might be expected. Each did look like a towel, just a very large one that could probably dry more than one human or goblin. He held out to Murkel, and handed the other to Fleta. When his hands were empty, he started to dry himself off with the third.

    Fleta did likewise, quickly taking the towel her brother offered and starting to rub herself dry with it. "Thanks. I might need more than one, tho. It's really raining out there, and Brownie insisted on wading whenever possible."

    "I'll probably need another one, too. Whoever finishes with theirs first gets the second set." Tuck smiled, and winked at his sister.

    The two centaurs proceeded to dry themselves off very thoroughly. Neither seemed to be in the least hurry to get more towels.

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    Dutch gave Lizette a sad smile.

    "She did. The healers gave her medicine that helped her not feel the pain."

    That was the one thankful thing of the ordeal was that she was able to be made comfortable during it all. He missed greatly, especially in times like this. When he was worried about Roman. He should have argued more for him and Rhys to stay. But Rhys was the captain of their crew, a title he had inherited from his late father. And a good sailor never argued with his captain. No matter how wrong the other person was.

    He nodded his head to Dutch and took a sip.

    "That they can. And we're okay. Some days are better then others. Time heals wounds but it still leaves a scar."

    He said. He would never truly get over Cora dying. She had been the love his life, he didn't see himself ever loving another woman. He missed her greatly but was also happy to know she was no longer in pain. He knew she was at peace. Although he also knew if her spirit was around, she would angry at him for letting Roman go out to sea. He hoped that Roman would return home safely. He was far too young to be with reunited with his mother.

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    "Oh, that's some relief." Lizette smiled when Dutch assured her that his Cora hadn't been in pain. She hated it when someone was in pain.

    Guiles just nodded solemnly.

    "I'm glad you and your boy are okay. That's what matters. And yes, time doesn't erase the scars. I know all about that. I still can't forget The War." Gil stared moodily into his mug, then downed what was left in one long gulp. He reached out to refill his mug, and top off Dutch's. Then he went over to the kids, to top off their tea. When everyone had a full mug, he raised his. "To friends and relatives long remembered!" He said, and took another drink.

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