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    Even as Corrine had asked her question, she felt the raindrops. They wouldn't be able to avoid getting wet. She gave Tuck a smile.

    "It's okay. I was just wondering we were going to get soaked to our bones before we reached your home."

    Getting a little wet didn't bother Corrine much. After all, a little bit of rain never hurt anyone. The amount of rain this coming storm might bring...Well, that would be a totally different story.

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    "If you only want to get a little wet, then you two had better decide between riding and running. I don't mind giving you a ride, especially in the name of hurrying before the storm."

    Tuck reached behind, and patted the horsey, furry part of his back invitingly.

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    Murkel looked doubtfully at the horse part of Tuck to the ground and back again several times. It looked like a long way to fall - especially for a goblin, since she was shorter and had lighter bone structure than a human - and she was unused to riding mounts. If someone from her village wanted to get somewhere, they had only their own two feet to rely on.

    On the other hand, storms could be dangerous too. They brought lightning and fallen trees, or even flash floods. At least if she rode, she would have some control over whether or not she fell, while she would be completely at the mercy of a storm; a goblin couldn't control the forces of nature, after all.

    "We should ride," she said after a brief pause. "Storms aren't good to be in. But please don't drop us. Thanks!"
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    When Murkel suggested they ride the rest of the way, Corrine nodded her head.

    "Looks like we'll be taking you up on the ride, Tuck. Thank you."

    She told him as she got on his back. Hopefully they'd get to shelter before the sky ripped loose.

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    Tuck smiled at Murkel as Corrine climbed on his back.

    "Well, if you climb on behind Corrine and hang onto her, and she hangs onto my waist, no one should be falling off. I usually try to keep riders on anyway, but hanging on really helps, especially while I'm rushing like I will be."

    He reached out and grabbed the end of Old One Horn's rope. He wrapped it firmly around his hand while waiting for his riders to get settled so he could take off.

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    Dutch replied, raising his own mug to meet Gil's. He took another sip. If the storm was as bad as he felt it would be, he'd probably need a lot of beer. Roman might be grown but he was still his son. He couldn't help but worry about him. Especially knowing what happened to the seas during a storm.

    When Guiles asked if there was something for them to drink, Dutch replied with a wink.

    "Probably tea would be best. I doubt their parents would like them trying your special brew today."

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    "You're probably right."

    Gil Gerhardt said to Dutch, getting up with a sigh. He got two mugs off the shelf, and poured tea into each, then put the mugs before the two siblings.

    "Thank you Mister Gerhard."

    Lizette smiled at him as she picked up her mug, wrapping her hands around it's warmth, since Gil Gerhard's shack did little to keep the cold of the storm out.

    "Yes, thank you, Mister Gerhard."

    Guiles grabbed his mug in both hands and took a gulp of the hot tea. He smiled as it went down his throat. As he'd hoped, it was warm enough to help.

    Before Gil Gerhard could do more than nod in reply, a loud bang came from the shutters. The minikin and Gil jumped.

    "Did something just hit the house?" Guiles exclaimed.

    "Probably," Mr. Gerhard said cautiously.

    "Like what?" Lizette asked.

    "Whatever the wind picked up this time."

    Gil shrugged, and went back to his own mug for another gulp of his special brew.
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    Murkel settled herself awkwardly and secured her pack. Her knuckles were white as she clung, and her eyes were wide.

    "A long way to the ground," she muttered. It wouldn't have been, for those accustomed to riding horses, or even riding in carts or carriages. Murkel was used to seeing the world from the security of her own two feet on the ground, though, and it seemed a long way down.

    She was being very brave today, she decided. She had made friends with a dangerous cowbeast, and now she was riding a centaur! Murkel would bring back many stories to tell in the village when she finally made it home.

    "Ready to go," she said. Murkel screwed her eyes shut tightly... then in another surge of courage, opened them again so as not to miss the journey.

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    When Tuck was sure his riders were seated, he switched Old One Horn with his tail, and took off. He felt his riders shift a bit, as was only expected. If one started to slip too far, he'd try to shrug them back on if he could, but he'd rather not have to, so he tried to keep his gait as smooth as speed would allow.

    This worked... sort of. They were definitely Not Dry when they reached his home and entered the barn where he'd leave Old One Horn until the storm was over. She really belonged in the barn of the farmer his parents worked for, but that was too far away. Besides, this wouldn't be the first time Old One Horn spent sme time in the barn. She had a particular knack for finding holes in fences and taking advantage of them.

    "Well, we aren't drenched. Is that close enough? And you can dismount now; I promise to hold still."

    Tuck turned his head to grin over his shoulder as he waited for his riders to dismount.

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    Corrine got onto Tuck's back first and gave Murkel a smile. She could tell the goblin was terrified.

    "We'll be okay."

    She tried to reassure her companion, holding out her hand to help her up. It was true, walking would take longer. It was best to get inside as soon as possible. Corrine held on to Tuck and braced herself for however tightly Murkel was going to hang onto her waist. It was good they had taken Tuck up on the ride, it had began to rain. Not heavily, not yet. But it was becoming more then just a passing sprinkle. It was unavoidable to be shifting around, but Tuck did a good job at keeping them safe. She nodded her head when they arrived at the barn.

    "This will work."

    Corrine said and waited for Murkel to dismount first. She had to, since the goblin was hanging on to her.

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