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    Rhys was a good man but a stubborn one. He wanted to find that treasure ship so badly. It would secure his and Corrine's futures. Plus, if he did find it, he could fulfill his dad's last dream. He and his father had tried to find that ship when the storm hit and his father had lost his life. If he found the ship...Then his father wouldn't have died in vain.

    His stubbornness wasn't allowing him to admit that Dutch was right. They should have stayed in Donla. The weather had taken a turn for the worse about an half hour after the shore was out of the horizon. At first, it was just a little rain. A little rain never bothered him. But then the rain got worse and the winds caused the waves to pick up. It was getting harder and harder to control his ship. He knew deep down he should turn around but he didn't want to. He wouldn't have another chance to look for the king's treasure ship for months. That felt too far away. Especially when he wanted to build a good life with Corrine.

    Rhys' hands were white as he gripped the ship's wheel. He felt soaked to the bone from the rain and waves. But he didn't want to turn back. He couldn't! Not when he was so close!

    He stared ahead as he yelled back to Roman.

    "No! We're so close! Just a few more-"

    Another violent wave hit the ship. Soaking the crew and almost taking the whole ship down to the sea.
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    Murkel understood Tuck's explanation, but not why he seemed nervous about it. Her people had little social stratification, so whether what one had was equivalent to one's position was not really disputed in the same way. Nor, for that matter, was their concept of individual privacy quite as developed.

    "That's good," Murkel said. Latching onto the part that made the most sense to her, she added, "That you're comfortable. It's nice here."

    She flopped down on one of the floor cushions, immediately draping herself into maximum lounging position. If the storm was going to give her the opportunity for a rest, she would take full advantage of it. Murkel sniffed the contents of the mug, then took a big swallow.

    "Good tea!" she said with a grin.
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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Gil grinned conspiratorially at Dutch over his mug before taking another long drink.

    Lizette and Guiles practiced toasting several more times. Right up until something made a loud crashing sound outside. That made Lizette, Guiles, and Gil jump in surprise.

    Gil set down his mug, got up and hurried over to the door. He reached for the door, then paused.

    "Do we really want to know what made that noise? Or should I leave the door closed, and hope the next one is no closer?"

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    Tuck smiled, relieved that neither of his guests approved of his family's house. He knew he shouldn't let the fact that not everyone did bother him, but that was hard to do! He settled down on a couple of cushions himself, and took a sip of tea. He smiled. It was a good temperature.

    "Let me know if you want sugar or milk. I like mine straight, but not everyone does."

    A gust of wind made the kitchen curtains fly up. Tuck set down his tea, and got up quickly.

    "Excuse me, but I need to close the windows around the house before the rain starts driving in."
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    Dutch smiled as Lizette and Guiles practiced toasting. It was becoming a okay night, he thought. Or maybe the beer was telling him it was. Then there was the loud crash. He jumped as well and frowned.

    "Probably not but..."

    He took a long drink and set the mug down.

    "We should find out."

    They had to make sure the little house would hold up and that whatever caused the crash hadn't damaged it.

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    Corrine thought Tuck's house was just fine. She was never one who would have been comfortable in a mansion, anyway. Houses like this were more of her style. She nodded her head when Murkel complimented the tea.

    "She's right, this is very good."

    She took another sip and jumped a little when the gust of wind came through.

    "Did you need any help?"

    She asked Tuck as he got up.

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    Murkel instinctively wrinkled her nose when Tuck offered her additives for her tea.

    She liked milk, but milk was milk and tea was tea. Combining them seemed like a waste. Adding sugar to anything was an alien concept, as sugar was a rare commodity in her village and would never be casually thrown into tea.

    Belatedly realizing this might seem rude, she said, "It's good how it is. Doesn't need anything."

    When Corrine offered to help close the shutters, Murkel stood and said, "I can help too!"

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Gill went to the front window and opened it a crack.

    "Well, it looks like Old Man Willard needs a new boat."

    "What?" Lizette jerked hard enough, her tea spilled over the table. She set it down, and got up.

    "What's that?" Guiles asked, setting his own tea down and getting up.

    The two siblings dashed to the window.

    Gil obligingly opened it a bit further... as far as he could and still keep hold of the shutters in the wind. It was open enough for the siblings to see the remains of a small fishing boat up on the sands of the beach.

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    Dutch had followed Gil to the window and frowned.

    "He might not be the only one who will before this storm is done."

    Dutch said grimly. It was a powerful storm if it threw the fishing boat. Which meant the open seas would even worse.

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    "Thank you both. I'd love help closing the windows. There are five rooms to worry about, after all."

    Tuck smiled a warm thanks to both Corrine and Murkel.

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