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    Corrine smiled when Murkel didn't disagree with her that they were friends. They may have just met, but the human considered Murkel and the two centaurs her friends now. Times like this tended to bond people. Corrine nodded her head.

    "I hope so too."

    She agreed, she did hope the storm would pass soon. She was worried about how Manuel and his simple home were holding up. And she was very worried about Rhys. She knew he had planned to set out to sea. She hoped he had stayed inside, instead. Once the storm passed, she'd have to make a trip to Donla. She hoped the roads weren't going to be damaged and flooded from all the rain. Although the human healer had no idea that the current storm was going to be the least of their problems.

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    "Yes, I agree."

    Dutch replied to Lizette, with a sad smile. It had been relief to both him and Roman that Cora hadn't been in much before the end of her life. They missed her dearly and it had been awful for them to lose her. But there had been some comfort that she hadn't been in much pain when the end had finally come.

    He nodded his head to Gil.

    "Some things you never do forget in life. You kids will understand that when you're older."

    Especially when you got as old as he and Gil were. Dutch raised his newly refilled mug up.

    "Hear, hear."

    He said, taking his own drink.

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    Murkel dried herself off as best she could. This was much larger than the usual towel for her smaller goblin frame. Once she'd wicked as much moisture from her body as she was able, she wrapped herself in it like a small blanket, with only her face peeping out. It was warm in her little cocoon, and she felt a lot less miserable.

    "Storm easing a bit," she said, listening to the wind and rain lashing the house and perceiving that it was starting to dissipate. There was something else, though. Something her sensitive goblin senses were picking up on at a level that was not quite conscious. "But there's something else wrong," Murkel added with a frown.
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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Lizette looked at Dutch. "Some things I hope I'll never forget. Others... I'd rather forget than remember."

    "Me too. Is that normal?" Guiles asked earnestly.

    Gil sighed, and took another swig from his mug. "I think so, both good and bad. There are friends I made in the War who I hope I never forget, but... trying to forget their deaths got me drinking so heavily." He stared at his mug moodily, then shook himself, and looked up at Dutch. "But this is too much to think aobut on a day wit a storm like this one. Do you have any good tales to share with us?"

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    Fleta and Tuck

    Tuck grinned. "I hope the storm is over soon."

    "Me too." Fleta nodded earnestly.

    "Something else wrong? But what?" Fleta stopped toweling her hair, and looked up, startled.

    Tuck stopped drying his back to look at his sister. Then he turned to Murkel. "I don't notice anything. Are you sure? I mean, it's not that I don't believe you. it's just... are you sure?"

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    Corrine nodded her head that she hoped the storm was gone. She had people to check on and she was already tired of hearing the rain fall. She frowned at Murkel's comment.

    "What do you mean?"

    She asked the goblin girl. She had heard goblin's senses were more sensitive to some things. Things, that as a human, Corrine would have no idea about. It suddenly made her more worried about Rhys and Manuel.

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    Dutch nodded his head.

    "It's important to remembered the ones we love and the memories we made with them."

    There were certainly things he'd like to forget but his life with Cora, or his friendship with Rhys' father, no...Those were things he never wanted to forget. He smiled at Gil.

    "I got a few..."

    He began to tell a story of himself and Rhys' father, when they were younger. About the time they had been in the mainland and almost got into a bar fight because the bartender thought that Dutch had hit on his dog. It hadn't been intentional, just a language barrier and some words sounded similar but meant totally different things. While Dutch had meant to say he loved the decor of the bar, it had came out that he loved the bartender's dog.

    "...That's the problem with traveling where you don't speak the language. I almost got my lights knocked out. That guy really loved his dog."

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    Murkel was silent for a moment, then shook her head. What she had felt was gone.

    "The ground felt wrong," she said. "But it's fine now. Probably nothing."

    She was still frowning, though. It hadn't just been in her head, she knew that. There were things goblins could just feel. A connection to ground and soil through ancestral memory. The feeling wasn't something she could explain, though. If she couldn't put it into words, she couldn't convey it to her companions.

    Maybe it wasn't significant...
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    "I see."

    Was all Corrine could think to say when Murkel tried to explain what she felt. Corrine was frowning as well. Although Murkel didn't know the words to exactly convey what she felt, Corrine was sure it wasn't 'nothing'. She was a human but her parents had made sure she knew about the other species that shared their home. Goblins had a strong connection to the ground. If Murkel was troubled by it, it made the human healer concerned. Perhaps the storm wasn't the least of their problems.

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Lizette and Guiles laughed at the story.

    "He didn't want you to love his dog?" Guiles asked, grinning

    "Some people are funny that way, Lizette said, winking of the head of her younger brother. She thought she got what Dutch meant, but... maybe Guiles would get it better when he was a little older.

    Gil smiled. "That is a good one. I have one, too. One day, Mrs Granville served a pie at a church potluck I attended. She asked folk what they thought it was. Most said it tasted like apple, but the texture wasn't right. Some wondered if it might be pear? No, it was a soda cracker pie. Tasted very much like an apple pie, but the filling was all soda crackers. Can you imagine that?" He grinned.

    "Wow! I wish we knew stories like yours and Dutch's!" Guiles looked very impressed.

    "I hope we get our own some day." Lizette agreed with a smile.

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