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    "Hello Mr. Rhys. I'm just heading back home. Ma wants me back before dark 'cause Pa spotted a cloud that's supposed to be a bad omen."

    Tuck shrugged. He really didn't understand his Ma's fuss about the cloud, but she normally wasn't too unreasonable, so he'd humor her.

    "What about you? Are you heading out to sea again soon?"

    Tuck hoped so. Mr. Rhys knew lots of stories about the sea, and would sometimes share them while Tuck helped carry stuff and the like.
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    Lizette was almost to her house when her brother Guiles stuck his head out the front door.

    "There you are, Lizette! Mama says to hurry up. The food's almost on the table, so don't make it get cold!"

    Lizette sighed as Guiles ducked back inside. He was 24 and a half, and growing like a weed. Of course, he did need to; he was particularly small, even for a minikin in his mid 20's. Maybe that's why he was particularly annoying when hungry. He didn't want to wait an extra second for food these days! Cornie, a human friend of her said her teenage brothers were just the same. Of course, Mama wasn't much better. She wasn't growing, but she was the cook, and hated the food to get cold. Linette shook her head as she picked up the pace. She'd never hear the end of it if she was late to dinner!
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    Rhys nodded his head to Tuck and looked up at the sky. Just a little while, it had been a beautiful sky, now, he did see the cloud. It didn't look too bad, though. Perhaps Tuck's mother was just being cautious, just like the flower dealer had been.

    "Well, it is best to listen to your mother. You wouldn't want to worry her."

    Rhys replied, it was never wish to worry a mother. He knew that very well, although given his profession and how his father had died, Rhys couldn't help but worry his mother each time he went to sea. Rhys nodded his head.

    "Yes, I'm heading to Donla tomorrow."

    He had told Tuck many stories of his times on the sea. The young centaur seemed very interested in them all and Rhys loved to tell him stories.

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    The sun was high in the sky by the time Murkel made it to Cyrch, and she was tired and overheated. It had been a long walk, and she hadn't wanted to take the time to stop and locate drinkable water too many times on the journey from her home village of Gizdaq. Her braids felt sweaty on the back of her neck, and she was afraid her skin - which was dull green in color - might be starting to sunburn.

    Still, it had been a productive day so far. She had managed to sell her rabbit meat, clams, and some of her berries to a merchant she passed along the way. That was good, because she had no way to keep the perishables cool on her long walk other than to wrap them in wet cloth and leaves and hope for the best. She still had the rabbit pelts, smoked fish, and the remaining berries to sell here in the town of Cyrch. Cyrch wasn't large, but the market still provided far more commerce opportunities than she would find nearer to home.

    As Murkel entered the town, a guard gave her an odd look. She glanced up at him warily, then realized he was looking at the spear slung across her back. "For fishing," she explained in a half-mutter, and scurried off in the direction of the marketplace.

    It had been generations since there was any large-scale open conflict between humans and goblins, but old suspicions died hard on both sides. Still, Murkel wasn't going to risk losing a fishing opportunity by leaving her spear back in Gizdaq... or to risk being attacked by a wild animal or brigand during the trip with no means to defend herself.

    She sidled up to a merchant selling tailoring supplies. "Wanna buy some rabbit skins?" she asked him, and the day's negotiating began.
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    "Tomorrow? Your usual early start? I don't know if I can see you off; depends on Ma's mood. If it's like today, I might not get there in time, but maybe I can help you dock when you get back."

    Tuck grinned. He'd like to help dock the dinghy Mr. Rhys took to Donla. Helping always seemed to earn him a story. Mr. Rhys hadn't run out of them yet. Mostly they were about life on the sea, which was fascinating. It seemed like the sea was always changing in the stories, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse... but always in ways that made it sound far more exciting than life on land -- far, far more exciting than life on a farm ever seemed to get. Well, except for the time they had to rush to get the wheat harvested and into the barn before a storm, but that had only happened once. Most of the time, it was just work.
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    Rhys nodded his head to Tuck.

    "Yup. After breakfast tomorrow, Smitty and I are heading to Donla. We'll be setting sail by high noon."

    Tuck would probably remember that Smitty was his first mate. He enjoyed telling the young centaur stories, like Rhys did. He nodded his head in understanding when Tuck said he might not be able to see them off like he normally did.

    "It's all good. I wouldn't want you to upset your ma. It's never a good thing to upset any lady in your life."

    Rhys told him with a wink. Although the two most important ladies in Rhys' life would be upset with him if they knew he was going out tomorrow to look for that treasure ship. Corrine and his mother both told him they were perfectly happy with the way their lives were and they didn't need to be rich. He just wanted to make sure they were both taken care of. He gave Tuck a smile.

    "You know we always appreciate your help."

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    Murkel had finally sold all of her goods, but she wasn't entirely satisfied with her trading. She'd parted with her items for less than they were worth... but no one was offering more, so the only other alternative was to carry them back to Gizdaq and get nothing at all for them, which would be even more of a waste. The goblin village could always use food, but it was easier to catch more fish and gather more berries than to try to figure out how to buy things in town with no currency.

    As self-sufficient as her tribe was, some things simply had to be purchased. The biggest resource Gizdaq lacked was a reliable supply of metal or the ability to get a forge hot enough for serious metalworking. They were also limited in the local ingredients for medicinal drafts and poultices, so the villagers who traded in other towns always tried to pick up extras on their journeys, because you never knew when an illness or injury would befall someone.

    Murkel sighed at the lightness of her coin purse, and started the portion of her negotiations where she would be the buyer, hoping she could gather a decent supply of arrowheads, spear tips, and healing supplies. This time there probably wouldn't be enough money left over for a book, which was a disappointment. She would just have to try to catch more rabbits for next time.

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    Murkel was full of anxiety by the time she reached the healer's shop. Although Cyrch wasn't big, it was a lot larger than Gizdaq, which basically consisted of a few huts grouped around a common area of space for socializing and building cooking fires. By comparison, Cyrch had a lot of people and many buildings. Murkel was feeling overwhelmed by the town's moderate bustle, especially since there were so many humans and she hadn't seen another goblin face all day.

    The healer was busy making medicines and Murkel didn't want to interrupt, so she just browsed the shelves while she waited, trying to decide what she needed to buy. She had left her fishing spear by the door - she shouldn't need it in a shop, and she didn't want to accidentally knock something over with it if she turned around too fast. Murkel kept her arms carefully folded so no one could accuse her of trying to steal things while she tried to make out the labels on the bottles to figure out what medicines or herbs would be the best to bring home.
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    Corrine was about half way through the medicines she needed to prepare for her regular patients, when she heard the bell ding. She had a bell installed above the door to let her know when she had a visitors when she was working in the other room.

    "Be right with you!"

    Corrine called from the side room where she made the medicines. She needed finish the one she was working on before she saw who had come to see her. Making medicine was a delicate process and once she started making one, she didn't want to stop in the middle. Luckily for Murkel, Corrine only had two more steps to do before this one was done. She finished up and walked into the main room. She smiled at the goblin.

    "How can I help you?"

    She asked her, Corrine was a human but had no prejudices against other species. She was the only practicing healer between here and Donla. She saw many people from the small villages. Goblins didn't come as often other species, but Corrine treated them all the same, with kindness.

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    "Umm..." Murkel said awkwardly, her mind suddenly blank. As soon as the human healer addressed her, suddenly all her plans and calculations went out of her head, replaced by a fear of strangers that had developed over a lifetime spent entirely in an isolated village, raised by people who had a long memory for the conflicts of the past.

    "Need a potion for people who get sick or hurt."

    Her shortage of coin sprang to kind again, and she hastily added. "A cheap one."

    Any embarrassment about her lack of income was far overshadowed by how much more embarrassing it would be if she were offered item after item that she couldn't afford. Better to admit straight away that she didn't have much to spend, and maybe the healer would have something that didn't cost very much.

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