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    Roman had the feeling that it was finally sinking through his stubborn captain's head they were on a foolish mission. It made him happy. While he would certainly have loved a share of the king's treasure, it would be meaningless if they died. And he'd much rather keep his life. Before he could say anything more, Cadie was grabbed by the wave. He nodded his head and once Rhys had tied the rope to the mast, he tied the other end around his waist.

    "I'll tug once I got a hold of her, Captain."

    He said, not giving Rhys a chance to argue. Of the two of them, Roman felt he should go. After all, if he and Cadie both ended up in the sea, only his father would mourn him. Rhys had fiancee and his whole life ahead of him. Plus, he was the captain. If the captain died on the sea today, it was because he was going down with the ship. Roman ran towards the railing of the ship.

    "Cadie! Grab my hand!"

    He yelled at her, reaching out to grab her.

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Gil grinned a rare, open grin. "That snowball fight was a really good day in a mostly not good war. They took our fort three times, but we took theirs five."

    Guiles grinned at Gil "One time I took a snow fort in a snowball fight all by myself. Lizette was one of the defenders."

    "He cheated. He put snow down the back of my blouse!" Lizette complained.

    "All's fair in love, war, and snowball fights," Guiles shot back.

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    Cadie reached for Roman's hand, but it was high for her, and she sank back down.

    She hung for a moment, then gathered herself. She tried to kind of lunge towards Roman's hand again, pulling herself up with the hand that clung to the railing for dear life. She touched his hand, and manged to grab his hand... barely. She hoped he could get a stronger grip before hers slipped.

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    Fleta and Tuck

    "I suppose we will," Tuck agreed.

    Fleta nodded.

    They sat in companionable silence for a while.

    Then Tuck looked up. "My ma baked bread yesterday. Would you like some?"

    "Don't worry about taking too much. Ma will have our heads if we don't offer it to guests," Fleta added.

    "That you will. So you'd be saving our heads to accept some bread and butter." Tuck nodded.

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    Rhys was the captain and his plan was for him to be the one to grab Cadie, not Roman. But his old friend beat him to the punch.


    Before he could object, Roman already had the rope around his waist and heading to the ship's railing. He sighed in annoyance. It was his fault they were all in this situation to begin with. Because he had made the wrong call. He should be the one rescuing one of his crew, but Roman made the choice for him.


    He said, not that Roman probably heard him over the wind and rain. He yelled at two nearby sailors.

    "You two! Come here!"

    He ordered and they replied.

    "Yes, Captain!"

    Rhys was sure with the storm around them and how badly the ship was rocking in the waves, he would need some extra sets of hands to bring Roman and Cadie back onto the deck. He just hoped the girl held on until Roman got there.

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    Dutch saluted Gil with his mug.

    "At least our boys won in the end."

    He said with a wink and laughed as Guiles told them about a snowball fight he had with his sister.

    "Well, brothers do like to cheat sometimes."

    He told Lizette with a wink and nodded his head to Gil.

    "Very true. I'll drink to that."

    He said, taking a drink and hoping the storm would pass soon.

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    Roman knew Rhys well enough to know he would have been the one to try and rescue Cadie, which was why he had to go before Rhys could argue with him.

    "Come, Cadie! I know you can do it!"

    He yelled at her, stretching himself down as far as he could. He needed her help to rescue her. He held onto the rope with one tightly gripped hand and reached out for his crew mate with his other hand.

    "Don't give up!"

    He yelled over the wind and rain, trying to encourage her to find her inner strength. When she touched his hand, he gripped her hand tightly, pulling her up.

    "Good girl, put your arms around my neck and I'll have the captain pull us both up!"

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    Unfortunately there was not much any of them could. None of them could control the weather. All Corrine could do was hope the storm passed over soon and that Rhys and his crew were safe. Hopefully their ship was still in the harbor. When Tuck brought up that his mother had baked some bread, Corrine smiled.

    "Well, I wouldn't want her to have your heads. Especially since you offered me a safe place to wait out the storm. Some bread sounds wonderful, thank you."

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    Cadie nodded, terribly relieved when Roman grabbed her hand. Then she pulled on the hand to lunge up enough to grab him around his neck with her other arm. She hesitated to pull the hand Roman was holding from his grasp, but she certainly held on fiercely with her other arm.

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Gil sighed when Dutch pointed out that they'd won. "True, but I refuse to like what that win cost us." But then he joined in laughing at the snowball fight the minikin told about.

    "But it was cold!" Lizette protested.

    "So drink your tea. That's warm," Guilles told her, taking a big gulp from his own mug.

    Lizette sighed, but she did drink some more tea.

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