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    Fleta and Tuck

    "Oh good!" Tuck grinned and trotted across the kitchen to get the bread.

    Fleta trotted ot a different spot in the kitchen. "I'll get the butter." She came back with fresh butter and a butter knife.

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    "Good girl. We're almost out of this."

    Roman told Cadie, he could tell she was scared but he was proud of her for fighting through her fears. He needed her help to save her. He squeezed her hand and used his other hand to tug at the rope so Rhys would know he was ready for them to come back up. The storm was far too strong and he didn't see the point of yelling. It wouldn't do any good. He doubted Rhys or the rest of the crew would be able to hear him over the storm.

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    Corrine smiled at the centaur siblings.

    "Thank you."

    She told them and while Fleta and Tuck were occupied for a few minutes getting the bread and butter, she said quietly to Murkel.

    "I don't want to worry them, but I trust your gut. I have feeling we're in calm before a very large storm."

    Which was saying a lot, since the storm outside was already terrible.

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    'Come on, Roman...Get her.' Rhys said quietly to himself. He couldn't lose two of his crew. Especially when Roman was one of his closest friends in the world. He was barely remembering to breath as he held onto the rope, waiting for Roman's tug. He felt it and told other two men with him.

    "He's got her, men!"

    He yelled over the wind and the three of them began to pull Roman and Cadie up. Chanting 'heave, ho' as they did it.

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    Dutch nodded his head at Gil and said.

    "May we never forget."

    He took a drink and laughed at the story the minikin talked about it. He told Lizette quietly, against her ear so her little brother could not hear.

    "Now, the next snow fall, you'll just have to dump some snow down the back of his shirt when he least expects it."

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    Murkel nodded when she was offered food. "Bread, yes," she said, looking excited. Despite her skinny physique - or perhaps because of it, since food was often scarce - Murkel enjoyed eating and never passed up an opportunity to enjoy food. "And... butter. What's butter?"

    She tossed the strange word around in her head, and then remembered that she had seen such a thing on her trading trips to the village.

    "Oh, right, hardened cow squeezings - solid milk. Yes, butter too."

    If she liked milk, butter had to be good too, didn't it? Especially if someone braved the bovine dangers to obtain it.

    As she anticipated her meal, she briefly forgot how much was amiss... but then she felt something wrong in the ground again, much worse this time. Murkel shrieked and flattened herself against the floor.

    "Very bad!" she managed to squeak out. The ground had shifted and shaken in a way that did not bode well.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Cadie sighed in relief as she felt the rope begin to move, and Roman's grip good and strong on her hand. She hung on tight as the others pulled them back up. She's been so afraid when she went over the edge, but now she had hope.

    "Thanks, Roman. I thought I was a goner."

    She just hope that her words carried of the storm. They didn't have to go far.

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    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Gil nodded. "Yes. May we never forget." He smiled thankfully at Dutch.

    Lizette turned to grin at Dutch. "I like that idea!"

    "What idea?" Guiles asked his sister curiously.

    "Don't worry. You'll find out in time." Lizette just couldn't stop grinning.

    Guiles wondered about the not worrying part.

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    Fleta and Tuck

    "You're welcome," Tuck told Corrine.

    "Oh, yes," Fleta agreed.

    Tuck brought the bread over, while Fleta fetched the butter.

    "This is butter. You spread it on bread. It's good." Fleta told Murkel earnestly.

    "It's made from cow's milk," Tuck added.

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    Roman thanked the sea gods that Rhys had felt his tug and got him and Cadie up to safety. He kept a tight grip on the rope and his crew mate as they got back on the deck of the ship. He smiled at Cadie, barely hearing her over the storm.

    "You're welcome. Now, don't make a habit of making me rescue you."

    He said with a wink.

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