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    Corrine could tell Murkel was afraid of her. Corrine didn't see too many goblins, they were isolated by nature. Her mentor had taught her how to create medicine for people other of species. Their shared their home with more then just other humans and everyone deserved to be helped. Corrine nodded her head to Murkel.

    "I will help you, at a very reasonable price."

    Money wasn't a huge concern to Corrine. She charged very little for any of her medicines. She could make more, if she wanted, but she didn't become a healer to be rich. She became one to help people. She had many potions but had no idea what exactly what Murkel was trying to treat. Some things would work better then others, depending on what it was.

    "To make make sure I give you the right medicine, what are the symptoms of the people who are sick? Do they have bad coughs, running a fever, upset stomachs..."

    Corrine began to list some very common symptoms of ill people to try and figure out what was the best medicine to give Murkel.
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    Murkel took a deep breath to settle her nerves and tried still her shaking hands. The human woman had been nothing but kind. There was no reason to fear... but that was easier said than done in what was by her standards was a huge town full of strangers who were as alien to her as she was to them.

    "No one is sick yet," Murkel said quietly. "But they get sick sometimes. The village is a long walk from here. I need..."

    As she spoke of her village, her voice grew a shade more confident. They were depending on her, and this was what she needed to do to help them.

    "...I need some potions for diseases that are common. So that if there is an illness, we can treat them right away. If you have anything that would be good to keep on hand."
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    Corrine nodded her head in understanding. She could tell Murkel was afraid of her. Unfortunately, there was not much she could do about that. All she could do was be herself. It would make sense for the young goblin to be afraid. She was in a town surrounded by strangers. Corrine would be afraid if she was in that situation. However, Murkel had nothing to fear from her.

    "Ah, I see. Yes, I have some medicines I can give you to treat common illnesses."

    She said and grabbed a bag and filled it with some different medicines. They were all marked with labels that would tell the user the name and what they treated. Corrine took the time to tell Murkel what each one was, what it was made out of, and what it would help. She told Murkel the price for the whole bag, a very reasonable price given how much medicine she was selling her. Corrine could have easily gotten more money if she wanted but she didn't become a healer to make money. She became a healer to help people.

    "Any time you come into town, I will give you refills for any of this you need. All for the same price I'm charging you today."

    Corrine didn't want Murkel to think the prices she was offering were a one time only price and that next time she came into town, that Corrine was going to jack up the prices. That was not how Corrine did business.
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    "That's certainly true with Ma and my sister, Lily."

    Tuck grinned back. He didn't have any other ladies in his life yet. Well, unless you counted the ladies at the farm where Pa worked. He didn't think his aunts and cousins visited frequently enough to count. He smiled when Mr. Rhys said they appreciated his help.

    "Oh good. Maybe I can help you when you come back. When do you expect to come in?"
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    Rhys smiled back at Tuck. It was wise for every man, no matter their species, to remember to respect the opinions of the women in their life. Whether they were family, friends, or lovers. It made life much easier all around.

    "If your pa doesn't need you, then you're definitely welcome to help us. We'll be back in about a week."

    Rhys replied. Rhys planned to look for the treasure ship, while also fishing. He would just steer the ship towards the location his father thought they had found it before the storm had hit. The storm that cost his father his life and almost cost Rhys' his. Thinking about his father made him sad. He missed him a lot.

    "Well, I gotta catch up with Smitty. See you later, Tuck."

    Rhys told him.

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    Murkel carefully counted out the coins that would make up the price, and to her surprise, it wasn't even all of her earnings. The healer was truly being generous. Murkel would still have enough left to buy a few tips for their hunting spears.

    For the first time since arriving in Cyrch, Murkel smiled a genuine smile. "Thank you," she said. She wished she had something to offer in return, but the only object she had of any value was her fishing spear, and she couldn't give that away if she wanted to continue her livelihood, nor was a healer likely to have any use for it. There was only one form of repayment she could think of, though she wasn't sure if Corrine would take her up on it.

    "Hey. If you're ever near Gizdaq, come to the village and tell them you know Murkel. That's me. If you say my name, they'll know you're a friend. We'll cook up a nice meal to say thank you."

    The people of Gizdaq were very wary of giving their names to strangers. Even many of the traders Murkel had done business with for years didn't know what the villagers called her. Strangers were not typically welcome in Gizdaq, but a healer who had done a good service for them would be shown appreciation. Murkel would see to that.
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    Corrine knew there were greedy healers out in the world. The type that would try to make a sick person go broke for a cure. Corrine could never do that. She wanted to help people and she wasn't going to take all their money to do. She smiled at Murkel and handed her the small bag of medicines.

    "You're welcome. Stop by any time when you need more."

    Corrine would keep her word, she'd charge Murkel the exact prices every time she stopped by. Corrine wouldn't jack up the prices the next time. Once Murkel left, Corrine planned to write down what she charged the goblin girl in ledger. At her offer, Corrine replied.

    "Thank you, Murkel. I'll have to take you up on that someday."

    She knew that it was a rare offer. While other species socialized, goblins generally kept to themselves. To be invited to Gizdaq was a rarity for anyone and Corrine was honored to be offered it.
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    Murkel grinned when her offer of hospitality was accepted. "See you there someday, then!" she said.

    She carefully tucked the precious bag of medicines into her pack, wrapping it in cloth to make sure the bottles didn't break on the journey back to Gizdaq.

    A journey which, given how long her earlier trading had taken, she was not going to be able to make today. She wouldn't make it home before nightfall, and it was safer near a settlement than somewhere on the open road once it got dark. She could start out first thing in the morning.

    In the meantime, she would need to sleep somewhere. Inns cost money, and she didn't have much to spare, but that was alright. The weather was clear, and she doubted it would rain before morning. There was plenty of open land not far from the town. The cloth binding she had used to carry her merchandise had cords on either end; she could stretch it between two trees and use it as a hammock far above the ground, as she had done many times in the past. With her spear and the medicines tied safely in the tree beside her, everything would be secure and no wild animals could get to her.

    "Thanks," she told Corinne again. "I'll be back next time I come to town."

    She wasn't sure exactly when that would be, but now that she had a source for medicines, she would certainly return.
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    "Yes, you will."

    Corrine replied with a smile. She was sure Manuel would be willing to watch the practice a few days. After all, he was basically retired but her mentor did offer to watch her office twice a week so she could have days off. She wondered if Murkel and her people would object if Corrine brought Rhys too. She didn't get to see to always spend as much time with him as she liked. He was out at sea and she was busy with her patients. But she'd better to not push her luck with that, she thought. The offer was for her and probably only her and she'd respect that.

    "You're welcome. I'll see you later."

    Corrine told Murkel, seeing the goblin out. She had a few more things to take care of and then she planned to spend the rest of the day with her fiance. Once he was done taking care of what he needed to do for his voyage.
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    Murkel might not know much about humans, but she did know that you couldn't just stretch out your hammock and sleep in the middle of a human town. She wasn't quite sure why, but you couldn't. Maybe because the towns didn't have enough trees for everyone to hang up their hammock.

    But no matter. There were plenty of places near enough to Cyrch to take advantage of its protection without getting in anybody's way. Truth be told, Murkel breathed a faint sigh of relief when she was back in the open, away from the unaccustomed bustle of town.

    She chose two trees appropriately spaced apart and a short distance from Cyrch, shimmied up the first one and secure the hammock cord with tight knots tied by nimble fingers, then repeated the process with the second tree, making sure that she left enough slack in the cloth that if she moved in her sleep, she wouldn't roll out. Then she tied her bag and spear near where her head would rest.

    Murkel's makeshift "bed" was about seven feet off the ground. That was good. If a wild animal tried to get to her, she'd wake up from the noise of its ascent well before it reached her.

    She curled up in her hammock, closed her eyes, and fell into an exhausted sleep until the first rays of dawn started to show pink and red on the horizon.
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