Roman had the feeling that it was finally sinking through his stubborn captain's head they were on a foolish mission. It made him happy. While he would certainly have loved a share of the king's treasure, it would be meaningless if they died. And he'd much rather keep his life. Before he could say anything more, Cadie was grabbed by the wave. He nodded his head and once Rhys had tied the rope to the mast, he tied the other end around his waist.

"I'll tug once I got a hold of her, Captain."

He said, not giving Rhys a chance to argue. Of the two of them, Roman felt he should go. After all, if he and Cadie both ended up in the sea, only his father would mourn him. Rhys had fiancee and his whole life ahead of him. Plus, he was the captain. If the captain died on the sea today, it was because he was going down with the ship. Roman ran towards the railing of the ship.

"Cadie! Grab my hand!"

He yelled at her, reaching out to grab her.