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    Tsunami: Before the Tsunami Waves (IC)

    Tsunami: Before the Tsunami Waves (IC)


    It was a beautiful spring day in the Village of Cyrch. The children were having fun playing and it the weather was perfect. It was good weather to enjoy being outdoors or on the sea. The village was located about half up the coastline of the peninsula. It was a small village, most of the people who lived here were farmers. Harvesting the plentiful lands outside of Cyrch for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Although not many called Cyrch their home, they did supply food to many neighboring villages and towns and to the islands that were off the coast.

    Corrine was the daughter of a farmer but she did not grow up to become one, like her older brother had. Since an early age, she had showed that she had healing gifts. Manuel, who in the time of her youth by been Cyrch's only doctor, mentored her. He had trained her to become his replacement. He was like an uncle to Corrine and she valued his opinion greatly. People had been sad that Manuel had decided to retire but they quickly accepted Corrine as his replacement. In the Village of Cyrch almost everyone knew everyone else and the older people had known her since she was a small child.

    While Corrine could have probably healed everyone's bumps and bruises quite easily with a touch, Manuel had taught her that wasn't wise. Healing was a draining process and it was better for a patient's immune system to learn how to fight illnesses on their own. Instead, he taught Corrine how to create medicine from herbs and dress wounds. He told her it was only best to use her gift if someone was close to death. There were only a handful of times that Corrine used her healing power to save someone's life. One of those times had ended up being one of the best decisions she ever made. She smiled as she looked down at her left hand. One her ring finger was a simple engagement ring. It wasn't super fancy but she didn't need to have big expensive things to be happy. And she was very happy. She was excited to see Rhys tonight.

    Corrine finished preparing a tonic and handed it to a young mother, who was holding her infant daughter. The poor little baby had a cold and the first time mother was obviously very worried.

    "Nicola will be fine. Give her a teaspoon of this twice a day. If her cough continues or gets worse, see me right away, Francesca."

    Francesca nodded her took a hold of the tonic.

    "I will, thank you, Miss Corrine."

    "You're very welcome."

    Corrine replied with a smile and wished the mother and daughter well.
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    It was a perfect day, Rhys thought, as he walked in the small marketplace of Cyrch. This wasn't his hometown, he had moved here over a year ago, but the locals seemed pretty accepting of him and his widowed mother. He supposed it was because the fisherman was Corrine's fiancee. The people loved her here and if she and her family accepted you, you must be okay too. Two years ago he had almost died. Rhys and his father were looking for sunken treasure when a terrible tsunami had hit. His father had been killed and he was badly injured. He had the scar on his face to prove that. He had arrived on the brink of death here, passing out on the docks. The villagers of Cyrch had brought him to Corrine and she had saved his life. She was everything he could ever want in a woman and he couldn't picture his life without her in it.

    Rhys decided to move from his town of Donla, which was a port community full of fisherman and boats, to be closer to Corrine. Especially since he had spent most of his time when not on the sea in Crych. He brought his mother along with him when he decided to was time to move. She seemed to like it here, it helped that Corrine's parents had quickly become friends with her once they realized his intentions with their daughter. It was good for his mother to make new friends, the change had helped them both deal with their mourning. He wasn't one to be kept on land too long, Crych had a small port and he was the only professional fisherman here. There were people who liked to fish as a hobby, but Rhys made it his living. He still hunted for that ship too on the side. He was just more careful since his accident. He wanted to find it, the story was it was king's ship from the mainland. It had sank in the worst tsunami in the world's history centuries ago. Lost was gold, silver, precious gems...So much money, the finder would be as rich as a king. He or she would never want for anything again. It had been his father's dream and now it was Rhys. He, Corrine, his mother, her family, their future children...None of them would ever have to worry about material needs again. Someday he would make his father's dream come true and find the king's ship.

    Rhys stopped at the flower vendor's cart and picked out a few flowers for Corrine. An elderly woman ran the cart and asked Rhys as he paid.

    "You heading out to sea again?"


    Rhys replied as she handed him back his change and wrapped the stems of the flowers with a ribbon.

    "Best be careful, a storm is a brewing."

    Rhys looked up at the sky, it was a beautiful spring day. Not a cloud in the sky and calm winds. He didn't think a storm was going to be coming anytime soon. He wasn't going to be rude, his parents taught to him the respect his elders, but he thought she was wrong.

    "Hopefully not, but I'll be careful."

    Rhys said and the woman handed him the flowers.

    "Good idea. Safe travels, Rhys."

    "Thank you."

    Rhys replied and headed towards Corrine's office.

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    "Lizette, go home. You can finish the pinning tomorrow."

    "But Missus Pryor, I'm almost done with this hem!"

    "But the light's fading. I'm not staying up here long enough to light a fire. You can finish pinning the hem in the morning, when the light is good again."

    "But Missus Pryor..."

    "Especially since your mother complained about you being late for dinner. She mentioned it when she dropped by during lunch again, and I promised I'd send you home before dark."


    Lizette sighed. She really wanted to get this hem pinned, but Mama didn't like Lizette to be late to dinner. She gathered the pins and such she was using into a box for the night. She didn't want to make it too easy for Missus Pryor's cats to scatter them overnight. Then she trotted down the stairs, and headed towards home.
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    Rhys wondered if the old woman was right, that a bad storm was coming. His father always said the older the person, the more likely they were right. He hoped not, though. He had been going out to see as long as he could remember. The weather seemed to be perfect right now for going out to sea. He hoped so, he wanted to find the treasure ship that his father had lost his life looking for her. Rhys headed to Corrine's office and knocked on the door. He greeted her with a big smile.

    "Hello, beautiful."

    Rhys told her, to him, Corrine was the most beautiful woman in the world.

    "I have something for you. Close your eyes."

    He requested and once she did, he handed her the flower.

    "I hope you like it. I'm going to miss you when I have to head to Donla tomorrow."

    Donla wasn't a far trip from Cyrch. His ship and his crew, other then his first mate who had decided to move to Cyrch as well, still called Donla their home. Cyrch's docks weren't big enough to house his ship. He would have to head to his old home before he set sail for the treasure while they were also fishing.
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    Corrine saw out Francesca and her daughter and went to preparing some tonics and medicines that she knew a few patients would be picking up soon. Some of her older patients had to take certain things every day to feel better and she didn't like to make them wait. She grinned when Rhys came to see her.

    "Hello, handsome."

    She replied and closed her eyes for her present. She opened them up and her smile got even larger seeing the beautiful flower.

    "Thank you, Rhys! I love it."

    She replied and gave him a kiss, before she went to find a small vase or something similar to put the flower in. She nodded her head.

    "I'll miss you too. I hope you won't be gone long."

    Corrine replied, she would miss her fiance when he went out to sea. She knew it was his job but given the way they had met...She hoped he would be careful.
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    Tuck trotted thru the marketplace. He hated to head for home so soon, but his Ma had insisted that he come back before it was dark today. Something about Pa spotting a cloud yesterday, while patrolling the fences to check for breaks. The cloud was suppose to be shaped like a fish or something... Tuck frowned, trying to remember. A shark; that was it! The cloud was shaped like a shark, and that was supposed to be some sort of a bad omen. Not that Tuck usually cared about omens, but his Ma cared about this one. She wanted him back at the farm with them before dark. So back he'd go, even if it felt too soon. She normally wasn't unreasonable, after all. So Tuck shrugged, and trotted out of the marketplace, up the road.

    "Hello Tuck."

    Tuck looked up to see a lady holding a baby just to his left.

    "Hello Missus. Going to the marketplace?"

    "No, I'm going straight home. My Nicola has a cough. I just saw Miss Corrine about it, so I'm taking her home. Shopping will just have to wait until I don't have a sick baby."

    "Good idea, Missus. Now you get well, Nicola. Get rid of that cough. It's trying to interrupt your ma's conversation. You need to get back your giggles; they're better at interrupting."

    Tuck checked the baby under her chin, making her smile. Then Tuck trotted on. He wondered if he'd spot anyone as he passed Miss Corrine's office, since it was right on the way home.
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    Lizette walked down the street towards home, wondering what Mama was fixing for dinner. She spotted Mr. Gerhard, Papa's draughts partner. From the way he wasn't walking quite straight, Lizette suspected that Papa had sent him home as being "too drunk for good draughts" again. She wasn't quite sure why Papa put up with him; most people in Donla didn't. But Papa said it wasn't Mr. Gerhard's fault the war left him better able to collect bottles than hold a job. Besides, he was better at draughts than most of Papa's opponents, as long as he was sober.

    "Well there, Missy. Heading home again?"

    "Yes, Mr. Gerhard."

    Lizette looked up at the human, marveling yet again at how tall he was. Why, he was closer to six feet than five, which meant far above her 3'3". That made it harder to talk to him than to other minikin like Missus Pryor.

    "Tell your Papa I'll see him tomorrow after lunch, without the booze this time."

    "Yes, Mr. Gerhard, I will."

    Lizette nodded solemnly, turning to watch him go up the street only slightly unsteadily. She sighed in relief: he wasn't so drunk she needed to find another human to help him home this time. She turned back and continued on home.
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    Rhys grinned at that Corrine loved the flower. He happily returned her kiss.

    "You're welcome, love."

    Rhys told her and watched his fiancee put the flower in a vase. He ran his hand through his hair as he replied.

    "I hope not to be."

    Of course, the sailor did hope that when he returned home to Corrine it would be with the king's treasure. Then they would never have to worry about money again, they would have a good start to married life.

    "Of course, I'll be counting down the moments until I'm reunited with you."

    Rhys hated being apart from Corrine, but being apart from her made his heart grown fonder too. He looked at the medicines she had to prepare for her patients.

    "I'll let you get back to work. What time do you think you'll be finished?"

    As much as he wanted to spend time with her, he also knew she had work to do. His presence would only be more distracting.
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    "I will be too."

    Corrine promised Rhys. She did hate being apart from him but it wouldn't be healthy to spend every waking moment together. Even people who loved each other needed time apart. Being apart from time to time made them appreciate the time they had together even more. As much as Corrine did enjoy spending time with Rhys, she did have work that needed to get done. His presence was very distracting to her and it wasn't fair to make her patients wait for things they needed.

    "Give me about an hour."

    Corrine told Rhys and gave him another kiss before he left her to finish her medicines.
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    Rhys smiled when Corrine said she'd miss him too and would be counting down until his return. He knew that was true, but it was always nice to hear. He nodded his head and returned her kiss.

    "All right then. I'll be back in an hour."

    He promised. He needed to go find Smitty, his first mate, anyway and make sure he was ready to head to back to Donla. Someday, he thought, they would have to get a bigger port here in Cyrch so his ship could stay here. He saw himself out. He smiled when he saw Tuck walking by.

    "Hi, Tuck, how are you?"
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